Lake Bunyonyi — Day 3

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November 6th 2017
Published: January 1st 2018
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It was pretty dry the entire day, only for the rains to start up in the evening. The only problem was that there was a party being held in the garden at the lodge, where they put up large speakers, and the music blasted -- alternating between gangster rap and Celine Dion. I'm not kidding. And it was a mostly older crowd in attendance. The music was so loud, it sounded like the speakers were up against your ears, and everything vibrated. This was one day that I actually wished for rain! The front desk was surprised that the speakers were brought in, and told me not to worry, as the rain would put an end to the outdoor music. No rain. I then switched my way of thinking and hoped this was a sign that the rain would come to an end, or at least for tomorrow's activity. Tomorrow's activity is what brought me to Uganda. Finally, the rain started falling hard again in the early evening, and the music stopped with it. I was able to go to bed early, as I would have to be waking up early for that day's activity.


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