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Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi January 7th 2009

As the more geographically aware amongst you will have realised, in our quest to get to Hong Kong we have thus far only succeeded in travelling in roughly the opposite direction! Therefore, one month into our trip it seemed like high time we started heading back through Uganda and hence in the right direction. After an enjoyable, but not particularly relaxing Christmas we went in search of some serious R&R and succeeded in finding a couple of excellent spots for putting our feet up and doing not much at all. First stop was Lake Bunyonyi, located some 80km to the east of Kisoro. Here we found an excellent place to stay on an island on the lake, which was reached by a complementary dugout canoe transfer from the mainland, the only catch being that we needed ... read more
Sunset - Lake Bunyonyi
The Sun Sets on 2008 - Ssese Islands
Lake Bunyoni

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi November 17th 2008

Getting on the bus to Uganda to find it almost empty I was thrilled at the thought of a journey where I didn't need to fight for a seat and wasn't going to have someone near sit on my lap. Ten minutes on I was wondering if the missing passengers knew something we didn’t! Our driver was a mental, even by African standards, zooming along narrow winding roads, rounding blind corners in the middle of the road and turning almost everyone a nasty shade of green in the process. A young boy opposite held on tight as he struggled to throw up out the window, but his efforts were in vain and more ended up running down the inside than outside. The sole redeeming factor was that this was a relatively short journey and a few ... read more
Murchinson Falls
Sunset over the Nile at Jinja
African Buffalo

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi September 18th 2008

Peeking out from over the yellow grassy bank, seven little sets of brown eyes widened, eyebrows and mouth corners arching upwards in unison as the rest of their bodies whipped into motion, waving, pushing, laughing, and running down to the road. “Mzungu!!!!! Mzungu!!!” Having rallied dozens of their fellow red and blue uniformed classmates with the call, a fusillade of high-pitched “OW are YOU?”s rained down on us. When a camera surfaced, their unbridled vivacity displayed itself in alternating games of one-upping each others’ ridiculous poses and silly attempts at hiding. As our share-taxi rounded the bend and their baby-toothed grins were slowly veiled behind the curtain of dust kicked up from our wheels, my heart thawed. On our way back around the Rwenzori Mountains from the Congolese border we finally broke free of the hostility ... read more
Watching the market float in
On the road to Rwaihamba

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi July 9th 2008

My family has spent every Fourth of July since I was a young child on a lake somewhere in the Midwest United States. This year Darren, Ben and I tried a lake in Uganda. There weren’t the fireworks that typically accompany this holiday, there was certainly no Miller Lite, and the nearest bratwurst is probably half a hemisphere away in Germany, but the scenery made up for these shortcomings and Nile Beer with fried chicken provided an excellent substitute. Lake Bunyonyi is a beautiful lake with many inlets and coves and islands dotting the interior. The hills surrounding the lake are a brilliant lush green and criss-crossed with trails through innumerable farm terraces. Agriculture is an enormous part of the economy in that area, so there are plenty of locals in the hills keeping you company ... read more
Lake Bunyonyi
Local Kids
Local kids dancing

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi July 31st 2006

31st July Monday DAY 10 NKURINGO to LAKE BUNYONYI Left Nkuringo around 9am to head back down the winding mountainous bumpy road. We saw the crested crane in some paddocks, the national bird of Uganda. Once back with the truck Chobe I washed all the dishes that we took with us and cleaned out all the food crates. Cat and I then went for a refreshing swim in the lake, which was cold and it was hard not to scream as our feet touched the slimy lake floor. We had a little bitch about the lazy people of the tour, then sunbaked for a while. We even saw some sea otters in the water. We had a buffet dinner again and Dave came to sit with us later. He had yet another girly moment when he ... read more
Quick stop for a photo
Beautiful Uganda
Beautiful Uganda again

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