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Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal December 28th 2013

They grow coffee, but why don't they also drink it? Traditionally I, Ake, always go abroad over Christmas. Over the last 10 years I have only spent one Christmas at home. This year I went to Uganda and I went on my own because Emma was not able to get time off from her work. I started this journey by visiting a small village named Kibiro. The village is located on the shore of Lake Albert and the people in the village make their living mainly from two businesses, fishing and salt production. The fishing of course comes naturally for them because of the proximity to the lake. The salt industry however might need a bit of an explanation. In the village there are at least two hot springs and the water from these springs is ... read more
Fishing boat

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal October 18th 2012

Queen Elizabeth National Park We have recently done a safari at queen Elizabeth national park. It included both a game drive in the park and a boat cruise. The trip was started by an early morning ride in a matatu 100km from fort portal. We stopped at the equator on our way which was a cool thing to check out. After photos we continued on and went into the park. Upon entering we drove around on route to our boat cruise. We saw elephants, cob (Ugandan deer with large horns), Ugandan buffalo, and warthog. On our cruise we set out for a 2 hour journey which we saw many interesting birds, hippo crocodile and other animals drinking from the lake. The boat was good because we we're able to go above the roof on a deck ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal October 18th 2012

Africa time.. We have begun to realize the differences in the cultures. First noticeable difference is what they call Africa Time. Basically time hardly exists here,people walk almost everywhere and take their time. If your to meet someone at 4 they will begin to show up at 5 maybe 6 and at is completely normal. For us it's so different because we are used to drive throughs and I being late is one of mine and Sams biggest pet peeves. We find ourself hundreds of meters ahead of the group who are walking at African pace. It is going to take some time to adjust hah. Weather.The weather is quite random. One minute its super hot, the next it's thunder storming and then back to sunny. We like the weather because unlike other areas in Uganda ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal September 15th 2012

Hello everyone! I cannot believe it has already been two weeks since we started our adventure! I can defiently say that I was not prepared for all of the the things that Uganda has to offer! It is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen! We are living right by the Ruwenzori mountains amongst the hill side, banana trees, chimpanzee and lush green countryside. Inside of that Beauty lies the ugly truth of the current state of the country. The immense poverty that we see everyday is unbelievable I am currently studying how HIV/aids effects women in rural Uganda. The last two weeks I have been given an intensive orientation and begun doing community outreach. The first day of orientation really put things into a harsh reality for me. We went to visit ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal September 7th 2012

The beginning! We arrived in Kampala and begun with a whole new world. Broken down houses, small crowded homes and small very busy roads. The initial shock sunk in as to how different this world is. We stayed at a guesthouse which we thought wasn't the nicest place..little did we know what was to come. We packed into a matatu which is the local taxi. It fits in north America about 5-8 ppl and in Africa fills 15. They had our luggage tied to the top of the minivan and we begun our journey to fort portal. It is a 300km drive and took us about 5.5 hours to get there. Along the way we were periodically stopped by their roadside police who are fully stocked with ak-47's. I sat in the front and had to ... read more
Huge bird

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal November 10th 2011

Continuing from the past blog, we arrive to some shades of paradise in the small part of the world. After few days, we buried the hope to get back our money and began to accept the fact that it is now long gone. Now we have faced what happened and what we went through which was a terrible, corrupted and never ending road, we began to laugh about the past and how the police work in the country. Well we are travelling through a third world country where hardly any norms, rules or laws exist. Everyone is doing what they want and if you have a few more Uganda shillings in your pocket than others, you’ll go far. We think our problem has been a great lesion to everyone – try to avoid Africa police. During ... read more
A butterfly in the jungle
Big load on boda-boda
Blue chickens

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal November 9th 2011

Or maybe you can translate the word ’mist’ into German and you can get the real meaning of the heading.. This really is how about things can go from bad to worse with the help of the Ugandan Police Force. To start things off we got mugged, all our cash was gone from backpacks etc. Fair enough since we are travelling in Africa and these things happen, and maybe would be strange if it didn’t happen since we are travelling with locals and making own path through Africa. Now come in the police and something that seemed should take a day or two to figure out turned into a weeklong nightmare. It turns out that the police are very keen on bribery and as we got to go further into this and got talking to more ... read more
Statment time
mini-IMG 8121
mini-IMG 8116

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal November 8th 2011

This place is absolute amazing and the scenery is indescribable, and it is why Fort Portal has been called the mother of pearl (if Uganda is Pearl of Africa), but our bad experiences, which we will describe in next blog, hasn’t changed our view of this amazing place on the earth but definitely changed our opinion about Ugandans. In the middle of Uganda’s mountains surrounded by crater lakes you will find lush forests, wild animals and view towards Democratic Republic of the Congo, there is a small village where did we stay with a family for one week. Fort Portal is a small town but the biggest in this area and it isn’t a big deal. When you need to charge your mobile phone, laptop, make shopping or you have some troubles to figure out (which ... read more
Playing and dancing
Wedding flowers
African bride

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal September 24th 2010

I recently trekked the chimps in Kibale Forest National Park. It was my 6th trek and by far my best chimp encounter. We arrived the night before and were notified by the camp staff, that we'd just missed the chimps as they moved through the back of the camp. We were staying at Primate Lodge, (not very good this time and I dont recommend it till the standards improve) which is located a mere 3 minutes away from the Kanyatele Park Headquarters. Its very convenient staying at this lodge, but not worth what they charge. None the less, next day we were woken to the chimps pant-hooting from not far off. This was a good sign as it meant that the community of chimps was in the area and our walk might not be too long. ... read more
Up in the trees
30% of their diet is leaves
Crossing the road

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal March 14th 2010

Friday 12th March - Last day of coaching As our time in Uganda drew to a close, we headed back to the Nyakasura School to host a tournament for the primary school children who had been with us during the previous two days. Four zones - each with four teams were set up to play a round robin format. Fortunately, the teachers had listened to instructions given to them the day before and we had about 140 children only. The winners of each group were to be decided according to the number of catches they took whilst fielding in the continuous cricket games. The standard of catching in my group was outstanding, and in one game the score was 12-11. However, during the drinks break, there must have been some serious team talk on tactics because ... read more
Giant Aussie
Arrival of the mattresses
One of the dancers

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