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October 18th 2012
Published: October 18th 2012
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Queen Elizabeth National Park
We have recently done a safari at queen Elizabeth national park. It included both a game drive in the park and a boat cruise. The trip was started by an early morning ride in a matatu 100km from fort portal. We stopped at the equator on our way which was a cool thing to check out. After photos we continued on and went into the park. Upon entering we drove around on route to our boat cruise. We saw elephants, cob (Ugandan deer with large horns), Ugandan buffalo, and warthog. On our cruise we set out for a 2 hour journey which we saw many interesting birds, hippo crocodile and other animals drinking from the lake. The boat was good because we we're able to go above the roof on a deck which made it a lot better to see the wildlife. We also passed a local fishing village which is situated on the lake in the national park. It was very interesting because the local ugandans all live their life amongst the wildlife. For example a group of fisherman, kids and mothers doing washing were all by the water with a bunch of hippos extremely close to them. Our guide informed us that there is issues that arise in these villages with people being killed by the hippos. They become extremely vicious when in the water as they are extremely sensitive with personal space and anything threatening its space results in a mad hippo! After our boat cruise we set back for our campsite. It was very cool and consisted of a greeting tent, restaurant tent, and Banda huts overtop of a pitched tent. We slept in single beds inside the tent and for tenting it was pretty nice! Being right in the national park our night consisted of an interesting supper of bats, geckos, and spiders resulting in a large portion of the people we were with becoming very scared! Tis group of course included my princess sparkles. After a scream filled walk back to the tent we prepared for bed. The night also had no shortage of odd ness which included hippos I which felt like they were outside the tent making growing noises, more small lizard like creatures crawling on our tent and, one hippo apparently made it into our campsite which had a guard on duty all night (no chance they were awake) and was deterred from the campfires that were light. After surviving we did our game drive and saw much of the same from the first day. It was a very cool experience and we loved the very hot weather and lack of rain.


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