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Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal March 3rd 2010

Thought: Uganda is so lush and green, the rich red earth so fertile, that if your feet got stuck too deep or for too long in the post rain mud, I think that you, too, would start to grow, sprout leaves, or simply burst into bloom!... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal May 21st 2009

I leave Kampala in a torrential downpour on a bus that, despite having a supposedly fixed departure time, waits around until it is full. The first two hours have competing attractions. A well-dressed salesman somehow spends this entire period giving a pitch for various Chinese medicines. Unlike in the UK or US where he would be ignored - and quite possibly requested to shut up - by all passengers, here most are actually paying attention and he makes a few sales. The competition is the series of amusingly amateurish music videos playing on the bus's lone TV. The nadir is reached by Rude Boy Devoh, whose apparently serious rap entitled "Man-U" sees him name-checking various players who've represented Manchester United over the last 20 years. It's truly appalling. We lose the salesman at the half-way point ... read more
Street scene
I feel like a (bleep) ing idiot

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal November 18th 2008

Whether due to language barriers or cultural differences the randomness of some conversations with Fort Portal… (ites? Fort Portalans?) is always perplexing, but often times downright amusing. I had just spent the evening at Farrah and Emerald’s house; all three of us crowded around a small laptop trying to hold our breaths - straining to hear the pirated DVD through the computer speakers. Recently, this has become our favored pastime, especially when the power is out. After a few episodes of the Office Emerald concedes she doesn’t understand British humor and we decide to call it a night, a fitting end to the slow weekend. Em suggests I stay but my semi-comfy bed and frozen snickers bar in the freezer at home persuade me to decline my hostess’s offer. Lately, frozen snicker bars have become my ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal October 12th 2008

To me the real enjoyment of traveling is getting to know a place, not just superficially, but really getting to know a place. It’s about the relationships one builds, the ordinary daily occurrence one sees, and pulse of the community one feels. Ironically enough, no matter where you are in the world, there are a few human experiences that afford an outsider a unique cultural perspective, a window, into the world others live in. One of these is a wedding, and this weekend I was lucky enough attend one in FP. It was another great reminder how living in a community affords you opportunities you would never had if you were blowing threw town trying to see everything in a week during a whirlwind tour of the country. A friend of ours invited us and I ... read more
The Wedding Couple
Gifts of Beer and Soda

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal September 23rd 2008

9/21/08 What is happiness? Right now, happiness is finding the perfect pillow and having a western toilet. My living situation was getting a little worrisome; I didn’t want to be living in the Hostel my whole time in Uganda, nor, did I want to be spending that kind of cash. So, when I found out two Mizunga girls were willing to share their house I was absolutely thrilled to say the least. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, I had already been interviewed when they had stopped by Y.E.S. to introduce themselves. Amanda and Janis are both Masters students who are essentially studying public health in developing countries. They came back around the compound an hour later after discussing over lunch and offered me a room in their house. I told them I was more then happy to ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal September 23rd 2008

9/19/08 It is passed my bedtime and I am exhausted, but here we go anyway… As I am sure you can tell, because of the lack of internet access, these are probably not written at the same time they are posted. I am only able to write entries when I have time at night and then upload them when I get a chance to drop into a internet café. For the last few days we have had a group from the states help us with some projects. The program is called Carpe Diem and they are made up of college age students who are spending three months in Africa doing service projects and fun activities. I am a bit jealous their next stop is a Safari in Tanzania. At the same time, I know I am ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal September 18th 2008

My first day in Fort Portal (from hereon FP) was… interesting. After arriving from Kampala late the night before I quickly found an empty room in the Y.E.S. hostel (It is used to house groups of volunteers or welcome weary travelers, providing another revenue stream for the organization). I dropped my oversized pack, threw my camera case and day pack under the bed, wrestled with my mosquito net as I tried to crawl under my sheets and promptly fell into a deep dreamless sleep. I awoke this morning to the rhythmic beating of rain tapping on the metal roof and the large flat leaves of the trees around the compound. After getting up and washing I got the chance to meet the Y.E.S. staff. I also inadvertently broke my first common cultural practice, well at least ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal September 16th 2008

Hey everyone, I am in Fort Portal alive and well. The power is out and i am running out of batteries so i will have to make this quick. The travel was long and hard but everything worked out well. I will expand on this more once i have stable internet and power. ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal June 14th 2008

Even een kort berichtje om jullie te laten weten dat alles goed gaat. Nederland zal wel aardig oranje gekleurd zijn nu! Ik heb de eerste wedstrijd kunnen zien tegen Italie, was echt goed! Ik heb inmiddels ook gezien dat we van Frankrijk gewonnen hebben, 4-1! Het is echt niet normaal meer hoe ze spelen! Nou geniet dus van de wedstrijden zou ik zeggen, want het moet niet vervelend zijn naar dit oranje te kijken denk ik. Voor mij houdt het kijken een beetje op nu...want hier terug in Mainaro is geen tv, en ik kan zelfs geen zender ontvangen die de wedstrijden uitzend op de radio. Best jammer...maar ik mag niet klagen, want verder is het leven hier hartstikke goed! Mijn werk loopt lekker en het is leuk om met de anderen hier samen te werken. ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal May 20th 2008

I didn't expect to have the change to write here so soon after my last writings, but since I have the change... Saturday I met the director of FACE foundation and the director of Climate Care, both from Holland, in Kampala. The place where we met was the Speke Hotel, in one of the richest parts of town. Is is an incredible wealthy place. A small bottle of water is there 2000 USH, while the normal price anywhere else is 500 USH. But they paid for me so it was no problem to me! After dinner we drove to Kibale nationalpark, of course with a private driver...These two people, Eveline and Denis stayed there from saturday till monday morning and in this time we had several meetings with the staff members of UWA(Uganda Wildlife Authority)/FACE, and ... read more

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