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November 10th 2011
Published: November 10th 2011
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Continuing from the past blog, we arrive to some shades of paradise in the small part of the world. After few days, we buried the hope to get back our money and began to accept the fact that it is now long gone. Now we have faced what happened and what we went through which was a terrible, corrupted and never ending road, we began to laugh about the past and how the police work in the country. Well we are travelling through a third world country where hardly any norms, rules or laws exist. Everyone is doing what they want and if you have a few more Uganda shillings in your pocket than others, you’ll go far. We think our problem has been a great lesion to everyone – try to avoid Africa police.

During this trouble time and when we were not in negations with the police we still managed to see some wonderful sights. Maybe the highlight for us was a walk we done by ourselves on the very last day to Kibale Forest NP. Lucky for us it is within a three hour walk from our hosts place to the entrance and what is even luckier is that the walk itself goes along some amazing scenery such as the crater lakes, tea plantations and the local farm land. When approaching the NP it really surprises you that you virtually see ending farm land and then the forest. When we got close enough, right away we could see the rare black-and-white Colobus monkeys jumping around.

Now we were not really supposed to be wandering around the NP since we did not have a guide and secondly we didn’t pay (90 USD). But as our host told all we need to do is walk along the main road which runs right though the middle (and as long as you stick to it) to a town on the other side and you get yourself walking safari. The main thing we noticed in the NP was the amount of butterflies flying around and the size of them. They are simply huge in that place and also full of wonderful bright colors. Some people have seen the chimpanzees in this way but we could hear them in the deep forest. The main road in the forest is around 10 km and you’ll have a great walk in this beautiful rain forest, and always you can take a motorcycle back to your place.

Another hike we got to was to go to Mahoma Waterfall which is a day trip by foot from where we were staying. One of the fellow travelers had recently been here and said that it is a great spot to have a shower underneath. Welllll maybe this was well before the rainy season had come to visit and on our arrival there was absolutely no chance that we were going to go near it. It was certain death if this time we attempted to have a shower this time and we just stood back in amazement. But we did get to see something really weird in this hike, blue chickens! Yes they are blue and not painted! We could not believe it, of memory there were around six of them following the mother (which looked like a normal hen) around. Actually Ugandans said that these kinds of chickens are quite rare and not everyone knows them either.

One thing that is really nice about this area is the walking tracks that you will come across going through banana, avocado, sugar cane fields etc and you really feel like you have stepped back in time. No machines around these parts, it is all brute force and hard labor. It is even possible here to hire our prisoners (you can see them in the orange) doing the absolute crap jobs on the farm and they get pain a pittance of what others would get.

Oh and the avocados are everywhere, every morning for breakfast we would be greeted by a four massive avocadoes, two tomatoes and an onion. All mixed together to make grocomoli which is spread over freshly made chapatti. All washed down with some hot African tea, it is easy to see why we were looking forward to breakfast every morning. The prices here for fruits and vegetables is incredibly cheap, avocadoes are 10cents each and a bunch of bananas will set you back around 20cents.

This place would have easily been one of our favorite places during our trip to date, scenery just amazing, but with the events that happened, it had certainly put a damper on our view.

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11th November 2011

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