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Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal May 16th 2008

I hope you all are fine! I read that the weather in the Netherlands is very good last weeks. That's good to know, cause it means probably that you're somehow having a good time. At the moment I'm back in Kampala. But that is however only for one night. Tomorrow I'll meet the director of the FACE foundation in Kampala and we'll travel together to Kibale national park, about a day of traveling from Kampala if everything goes well. I am very exited about what awaits me there. At this moment the only thing I really know about it is that I will be there on saturday, sunday and monday, when the director will leave again. What will happen after is still a surprise. I will receive my instructions the coming weekend. Last 2 weeks however ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal February 16th 2008

It takes close to an hour to negotiate the traffic of downtown Kampala and make it out of the city, but soon the country opens out around us: lush, undulating, endless, with sheets of smoke rising from the burning crops in the distance. It’s a beautiful, bumpy drive. We stop in small towns for passengers to get off: men with battered suitcases, women with burbling, bleary-eyed babies on their backs. Young boys approach the bus waving skewers of goat meat and packets of peanuts; women suggestively wag a few bananas or bunches of small red onions. I grin and wave but would rather hold off till we reach Fort Portal; there don’t figure to be many bathroom breaks for upset stomachs. Tea plantations cover the hills, broken by small bursts of banana plants and clusters of ... read more
Fort Portal

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal January 27th 2008

A weekend break away from the bussle of Kampala leads me to Ndali Lodge... "The Kingdom of Uganda is a fairy-tale. You climb up a railway instead of a bean-stalk and at the end is a wonderful world. The scenery is different, the vegetation is different, the climate is different, and, most of all, the people are different from anything else where to be seen in the whole range of Africa." My African Journey- Winston Churchill 1908.... read more
The pool
View from pool
Golf with the lovely Clare

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal September 1st 2007

From Kampala we had a fairly uneventful bus ride to Fort Portal in Western Uganda on our way do the Chimp tracking in Kyambura (Chambura) gorge in Queen Elizabeth Park. In Western Uganda the countryside is much more hilly and the road wound its way through terraced farms and tea plantations. Fort Portal itself isn't much to look at, and there is no fort, but there is plenty to see in the surrounding area. Situated at the Northeastern tip of the Rwenzoris, Fort Portal is a good base to explore the 'Mountains of the Moon', the various national parks like QE, Kibale, the Crater Lakes, and the reason for our visit, the Chimps of Kyambura gorge. With a supposed 85% chance of seeing the Chimps, Kyambura gorge is a 19 km long gash in the plains ... read more
Hippo in Kyambura...but no Chimps

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal July 23rd 2007

Hey folks, just a quick update, mostly sending along some photos that pertain more to the last blog than this one. First thing's first, in my haste to tell you all about my camera getting swiped, the weeks of safari, and scanning all those mind maps, I forgot to tell give you perhaps the most important link pertaining to the safari. Thanks to the link, it's not such a tragedy that my camera was stolen after all. The family featured on that web page went on a very similar safari, including a visit with Jane Goodall (or at least her alter ego), as well as lots of pictures. The similarities are uncanny! Okay, hopefully you enjoyed that link. But in truth, this photo link is probably more relevant, as well as url="http://picasaweb.googl... read more
Kalinzu Forest Education Center

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal April 9th 2007

Just got back from Fort Portal. Spent the holiday there with my friends Curry and Kate who are in the SIT program with me. Curry is living there and working for a conflict resolution/human rights NGO. We went on a couple of long hikes in to the foothills of the mountains, and hung out with some volunteers staying at the hostel with us. Ate some really really good food too! Hope these photos give you an idea of what the landscape is like....... read more
Fort Portal, Uganda
Fort Portal, Uganda
Fort Portal, Uganda

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal November 28th 2006

Photos to come soon... Our last minute addition to our Ugandan itinerary paid off and we spent over an hour today with a large group of chimpanzees in the rain forest of Kibale National Park, outside the western Ugandan town of Fort Portal. Yesterday we drove from Kisoro where we had based ourselves to see the gorillas. It was a long drive but took us through some amazing scenery. The south western part of Uganda has certainly taken us by surprise in terms of how beautiful it is. Our guide took us off the main road along a, well, I'll generously call it a track, next to a very picturesque lake. The steep sided hills covered in terraced gardens went straight down to the waters edge, and there were villages out in their canoes fishing as ... read more
Bicycles and Bananas

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal August 30th 2006

Well my friends the time has come - our final travel blog. You'll probably be reading this as we arrive back home in London and we'll soon be in touch to arrange a drink or 2. We can't wait to see everyone again. Our last adventure was in Uganda, which began with tracking gorillas in Bwindi Forest and ended at a village near Fort Portal working with the community. First to the gorillas. The journey from Kampala was a long and bumpy route but made unforgettable by the lush scenery and hordes of children waving, smiling and shouting "How are yoooooou". The trek itself, to see the family of 12 apes, took 2 hours of huff and puff through dense forest but when we eventually found them it was an overwhelming moment. The playful babies rolled ... read more
Anna Meets Some Friendly Local Kids
Building Bricks
Womens Bee-Keepers Group

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Fort Portal February 8th 2006

Kampala - Thurs, Feb 2, 2006 We were greeted at 6:30 AM by our driver, Dominic, a cheerful and knowledgeable Ugandan. His skin is a warm, dark chocolate and his forehead has a ridge-like rounded protrusion, not enough to be ugly, just distinctive (We subsequently learned that he was once a truck mechanic and that his skull was crushed when a helper dropped one end of a drive shaft on his head. He was in the hospital more than six months and physical therapy for another year.) Dominic greets each of us with a soft hello and handshake, then loads up our backpacks onto the truck. Our vehicle is a ten-year old Toyota diesel van with viewing canopy that folds open as needed. Traffic isn't too bad heading out of Kampala, but the roads are full ... read more
Hippo Walks Past Our Cafe
Closeup of the huge hippo
Boat Safari - Hippos & Buffalo

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