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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Sedgefield September 25th 2015

We have been in Sedgefield for a whole week so it's probably time for me to tell you about it. The town trumpets itself as "Africa's first slow town". This might be an accolade appreciated by the local tortoises but I'm not sure it's the best way of marketing to tourists. Sedgefield occupies a beautiful position on the Garden Route, very close to Knysna. Unlike it's more bustling neighbour, Sedgefield has a more relaxed pace of life. Looking at the people in the supermarket sometimes you could be forgiven for thinking that it is a retirement community. The truth is that Sedgefield is actually a very popular destination with people of all ages. There are certainly plenty of young families around. The beach is a wide open expanse of sand and the waves rolling in are ... read more
Sedgefield Lagoon
"The Slow Town"
Sunset at the Lagoon

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Sedgefield September 24th 2015

My whole manhood and credibility with my South African family depended on getting the fire started. At least those were the stakes in my own mind. Try as I might though nothing would light the charcoal. It was Braai Day, or Heritage Day, to give it it's formal name. As an outsider, this national holiday has been explained to me in terms of celebrating all that it means to be South African. As far as I understand it, the heritage being celebrated is the fact that unlike the rest of the English-speaking world the South Africans use the word braai to describe a fire to cook on. The rest of us more properly use the word barbecue. Braaing is right at the heart of South African culture. Seriously... their whole identity revolves around it. There was ... read more
Becoming an Honorary South African
Family Photo
Weaver Bird

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Sedgefield November 9th 2012

Cape Town to Sedgefield... read more
Photo 13
0911 road (4)
0911 road (15)

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Sedgefield August 31st 2012

Almost like a gift from our guides, on our last full day of our “safari trip”, we got to sleep in, as our breakfast time was 8:30 instead of the usual 7:30. After almost a week of long, action packed days, this felt luxurious. I actually woke up before my alarm, which meant that instead of rushing around I got to slowly wake up. Breakfast felt almost leisurely. On this day, you could really feel like the trip was coming to an end soon. When we departed our accommodation, we were down from 16 to 13. We dropped off two of our travel mates at different locations. Also, the injured Malaysian lady was still in the hospital. Thankfully she had good travel insurance. Her injury required that a metal rod be put into her leg, a ... read more
Getting ready for showtime
Under the trunk
A chance to pet an elephant

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Sedgefield July 3rd 2009

So, back in Sedgefield again today, leaving at 2 this afternoon for the roadtrip, its gunna be good, lots of 4x4-ing, Jeffery's Bay, and the bungee, woooot!! Gunna be awesome. So since last time, we had to say bye to Flip, was sad, but will hopefully see him again :) me and Iona chatted to Danica, then went road for my running friend Rudolf (yes, that is his name...) and went for a walk and catch-up with him, was nice. Went to the beach and took some photies :p then went round to Chris's house to see his family, was lovely!! Thhen popped in to Candi's work to see her, and went back up to hers - they fed us (again!!) and chatted. Me and Iona went back to base, chatted lots, wrote down some of ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Sedgefield June 28th 2009

...and its pouring (again) and cold, poop!! Quite strange being back here. Since last time, I had to say bye to Monkey and Tash, and I'm gunna have to say byes to Flip today!! Most of the worst ones over, Chris and Iona are gunna be harsh, but as maw said, its not goodbye forever, and I will see these ones again, I know it :D Soooooooooo, that evening after I'd blogged it up in Potch, we didn't do much - I was in a pretty bad mood cuz I'd spent most of the day on the internet and there was little phone reception and we had no idea if we were actually leaving the next day or not, but I chatted to Iona and felt a bit better, then went in and watched Flip and ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Sedgefield April 25th 2009

Its pouring still!! And I'm going to help people kayak later, and plan on going for a run. Gunna be fun... :p So after the net last tiiiime, went for a walk with Iona, a crazy old fisherman tried to chat us up in Afrikaans, was funny. Met up with Candi, decided to go up to her place later. Went to the gymmmmmm, was good, showered, had a 'storming' session with the trainees (we'd been told to openly discuss out living issues with each other) it went on for aaages, luckily, no-one had a problem with me!! Ate, went to Candi's, chatted to her and her little sister who's just moved there from their mums in Kwazulu-Natal, and watched some of Twighlight, love that film!! In love with Bella's Lullabye, the piano song in it :) ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Sedgefield April 22nd 2009

Hey guys!! I realise I've sounded a bit down in my past few entries, and I'm sorry about that - just been strange re-adjusting. But its all good, and I'm still having fun, feeling a lot better now!! Still on a high from my awesome holiday :D So after being on here on the 18th (Saturday) I went back to base and then went to Chris's house with him, and chatted to Anna (his mum) for a while, as Chris fell asleep!! Watched her cook, she has an awesome vegetable cooker thing!! Henk and Rose and Iona and folk came over later, and Henk was smoking some crazy flavoured stuff with little tobacco (don't worry, its perfectly legal!!) and we listened to muuuuuusic and I looked at all their Harrismith photos, was kool. Got a lift ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Sedgefield April 18th 2009

...yea, realised that its 3 months today that I left!! Seems like so much longer, to be honest. Crazy stuff. It really has been surreal of late, its pretty hectic, but I'm managing. Apparently me and Iona and Natasha are supporting a course in Sedgefield this week (if me and Natasha get our kayaking LOC's!!) then going to Grabouw then Potch. Whether or not this actually happens, we've yet to see, but oh well!! I was so annoyed, because yesterday, I was THIS CLOSE to getting my kayaking LOC. I braced fine, but he made me do soooo many rolls, and I didn't make it out the first time every time, so he kept making me do it again, and it got quite tiring. So the last thing I had to do was to go out ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Sedgefield April 14th 2009

(and better not forget, its me and Roy's 14 months today :D:D:D 3 seems not so long ago it was 13!!) Seriously. I've had suuuuuch a good time with granny and grandad the past wee while, its has been so good, and I'm so happy that they enjoyed themselves so much. We've done some wonderful and spectacular things, seen so much beauty in the surroundings of South Africa, and its safe to say that all 3 of us have memories that will last all our lifetimes. Saying goodbye was horrible, it always is, but I hope they know that I'm thinking positively, and that I'm still making the most of every opportunity that comes my way!! Soooo, last time I wrote a blog (on Mon 6th April) pretty much as soon as I'd finished, granny phoned ... read more

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