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After getting ready this morning, we set off in our hire car to drive down through the ‘Cape of Good Hope’ nature reserve to Cape Point, which is the southernmost point of Cape Town and promised marvellous views over the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. We stopped for Eggs Benedict and a fruit smoothie at Salt Deli near Camps Bay, then back on the road we stopped to pay a toll fee and Ellie tested my athletic skills by dropping our bank notes out of the window. Driving down the coastal road was beautiful. We drove through Simons Town which served as the British Royal Navy’s base in the South Atlantic for many years. Just outside of Simon’s town there’s a beach that has penguins on it! We couldn’t believe just how close you could get to ... read more
Close up of Pingu

The Waterfront is a must for all tourists - but it is also a place that is popular with Capetonians. Vibrant -Cosmopolitan - lots of music - for all tastes - craft markets - very "up-market" shops - and enough restaurants and pubs to keep you busy for weeks.!! Probably wise to check prices or you could end up a bit broke!! ... read more

OopsThursday, August 19. I sleep in till 8 am and then head downstairs for the daily buffet breakfast. It’s a huge buffet with everything from eggs and waffles to oatmeal and yogurt, and just about anything else you can think of for breakfast. After breakfast I head upstairs, but catch my tennis shoe on the thick rubber strip that lay at the tip of each stair and go flying. I end up with a bruised lump the size of a silver dollar on my knee. I go ahead and stroll a couple blocks to pick up laundry that Ahren and I have dropped off the night before. When I get back, I nap for an hour and rest my knee. Here's to . . .In the afternoon, Ahren and I take a tour of the wine ... read more
Lovely little town
Boys playing a rope game

Out and aboutTuesday, August 17. We start with a tour of the city with several walks in the town, a cable car ride, 3000 ft to the top of Table Mountain, and then a hike around the top of the plateau. Spectacular vistas. Cape Town with its huge new, oversized soccer stadium spread out below us. We spot about seven chubby, furry Rock Hydrax, called Dassies in S Africa, about the size of a large cat, gleefully munching away at what looks like moss growing between and on the rocks. At one point I glance a couple feet in front of me and discover we have come right up to a sheer drop off. No warning. No fence. We are a bit more careful where we are walking after that. The cable car itself is an ... read more
Dassies scurry over the rocks
What happens when a Dassie has acrophobia?
Cape Town from Table Mountain

On our way.Before arriving in South Africa, my niece Ahren and I spend four days in New York. Try packing for two vacation locations, one in the heat and humidity of summer in August and one in the winter, which can get pretty cold in South Africa. But we are up to the challenge and even throw in gloves and scarves at the last minute. Nothing can prepare you for a 16-hour plane ride though. That just hurts. On top of that, we have a layover in Johannesburg and then a two hour flight to Cape Town. Ouch. Hey! Where are the elephants?Monday, August 16. On our way from the airport we’re given an orientation tour, which basically warns us to stay in a limited area at the waterfront. We stay at the beautiful, comfortable Protea ... read more
Bay about a block from hotel
Cape town 'beach'
Victoria Wharf

Hello everyone! I moved into my new place it is amazing. Once the internet starts working over there, I will post pictures of my sweet new digs. We went to the aquarium- it was REALLY COOL! There were all kinds of sea creatures from both the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. SO NEAT. We were there for the feeding of the Penguins which was very interesting. They weigh them every day - some fish eat 0 sardines while others will eat up to 10 if they are feeding their babies or beginning to lay eggs because they have to incubate their eggs for up to 10 days. The eggs hatch between 38-42 days later. They feed the Penguins everyday - all of the penguins have names, and they are distinguished by the different spots on ... read more
Ragged Tooth Shark
Cute little penguin named Diesel

Well after volcanoes and other rubbish we finally arrive, our Hotel looks out over the sea and the new world cup stadium at green point. can't wait to get started exploring , "come on Philip!" He has only gone out and left me on my own and not for the first time today he walked out of airport without bag that I was in He forgot to collect it off carousel he said he was only used to having hand baggage , he look very embarrassed when he came back why he couldn't buy me a proper ticket. He finally returns after hours telling me he has been on a stadium tour apparently bears are banned and for a walk round the Victoria and Albert Harbour. and for a walk round town, how rude. Philip takes ... read more
our hotel
Philip at V&A

Upon arrival in Durban the Cruise Director, Jamie, made an unusual announcement. He strongly recommended that guests do not go into the downtown area of Durban. South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is rich with natural resources, exotic flora and fauna and ringed by stunning beaches. But South Africa is a troubled country still trying to overcome the consequences of Apartheid and the AIDS plague and skyrocketing crime rates. Right now South Africa is preparing to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament in June. There is a strong campaign to rein in the robbers and murderers before the country is in the world spotlight. Recently a white supremacist was bludgeoned to death by two of his employees. This has raised racial tensions dramatically and there are demonstrations ... read more
Durban Waterfront
Mark Conroy
Capt Dag & Dr Tinkle

Un très bel endroit à voir en sud afrique. C'est d'ailleurs un des trois points les plus visités dans ce pays avec table mountain et le parc kruger. C'est une belle après-midi, voir une journée à déambuler sur les quais en particulier sous un beau soleil comme nous l'avons vu avec peu de touristes à l'horizon. ... read more
vers clock tower
belle statue
clock tower

After a long wait Kaisosi was launched at Royal Cape Yacht Club, Cape Town on 1 December 2009.... read more

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