Penguins, Baboons and plenty of flirting

Published: October 25th 2010
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After getting ready this morning, we set off in our hire car to drive down through the ‘Cape of Good Hope’ nature reserve to Cape Point, which is the southernmost point of Cape Town and promised marvellous views over the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. We stopped for Eggs Benedict and a fruit smoothie at Salt Deli near Camps Bay, then back on the road we stopped to pay a toll fee and Ellie tested my athletic skills by dropping our bank notes out of the window.
Driving down the coastal road was beautiful. We drove through Simons Town which served as the British Royal Navy’s base in the South Atlantic for many years. Just outside of Simon’s town there’s a beach that has penguins on it! We couldn’t believe just how close you could get to them. A lot of tourist places advertise attractions like this but when it comes down to it, you may only spot one or two in the distance. One little dude was waddling right next to us and did these cute little jumps to get on to different rocks. He was so confident around humans.

We made it to Cape Point (about 75rand to get in the national park - approx. £7.50) and the views didn‘t disappoint. We took the funicular train up the hill to the lighthouse which had lots of viewpoints surrounding it. One in particular was really cool as you could see right over the edge of the cliff and the sea looked infinite. It gave me vertigo and I almost put my hand in a giant bird poo as I steadied myself.
I drove the car on the way back (first time I’ve ever driven abroad) and we saw Baboons walking along our road so again stopped for pictures. It was quite surreal that we could have photos with penguins and baboons in their natural habitat on the same road and on the same day. We had a coffee and crepe break to boost our energy in Simons Town, and then got a photo of a statue of a Great Dane called “Just Nuisance” in Jubilee Square. Just Nuisance was a much loved mascot for the British Sailors during World War II. He was given the title “Able Seaman” and when he died in Simons Town naval hospital he was honoured with a full military funeral which was attended by 200 members of the British Royal Navy.

When we got back to the centre of Cape Town, we stopped outside the Football Stadium that was built for the World Cup in June. We’ve slipped quite nicely back in to our old Granny routine so when we got home we lay side by side in our double bed reading our books before sleeping for an hour.
Once we were ready we went off in our car to find Adderley Street (which is the surname of my Dads side of the family). Ellie did some skilful reverse parking and we captured a photo of me by the signpost. We spotted a skyrise hotel with a glass lift flying up the side of it.

I once went to Birmingham with my friend Jess and we snuck in a similar hotel just so we could go in the lift and see views of the city. Ellie and I thought we’d give it a go in this place (Cape Sun hotel) but were denied access as there were lots of security and apparently lots of VIPs staying there. We did however have a vodka & coke/ G&T in their swish bar with water running down the walls. Our momobrowed barman advised us to seek out some cools bars and clubs on Long Street which is studenty and has “vibe” (a word they use a lot over here). In his directions, he quoted that we should take a left at “the robots” - a term they use for traffic lights! We decided we’d maybe head there on our night out tomorrow. Tonight however, we had the car in tow we could only have one or two drinks.

We parked up near the V&A Waterfront and had a good old flirt with bunch of South African men who joked we should be getting free parking. Never mind them though, who was that gorgeous carpark attendant lingering around the ticket machine?! Ooooh-eee! We walked out of the carpark and to my horror we bumped right in to him as we were discussing his haircut! My hand flew to my mouth and I let out some hideous little school girl giggle. All very cringe-worthy.
We had dinner at a classy restaurant called Tasca at the V&A Waterfront. Ellie and I like the same food so we frequently order stuff and go halves on each dish. Tonight we ordered a chilli con carni tortilla (which was more like strips of steak in a sweet BBQ sauce) and a chicken ceasar ciabatta with the obligatory portion of chips 😊 Best food ever! An entertainer walked round the outside terrace belting out his rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” which was great until Ellie and I burst in to applause half way through and the entire restaurant turned to stare at us. Ooops.

We had a photo with a mime artist then as we left the carpark, Ellie slammed on the revs and we gave our carpark attendant (who we had named Harvey) a little wave. What a cute smile he had... I’m back on the road with Ellie and flirting till the cows come home. Some things never change.

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