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19th July 2011

Push-bike cart
I want to try that push-bike cart seems fun.
27th December 2010

To Zoe re my comment on Hervey Bay
Hello again Zoe, I just wanted to thank you for your gracious reply, to the comment I made about your blog entry on Hervey Bay.... it's all good. I'm really glad you have decided to move to Oz [you'll love it]- and once you live over here, at least you'll have more control of 'where you visit & when'; by checking out the weather forecasts for an area before you go (it's kind of out of your hands- especially if you have travelled from overseas, and have to follow an 'itinerary', hey?). I must admit, I'm also getting to the 'totally fed up point' with all of this rain we are getting over here at the moment! [most of QLD- and parts of NSW- etc; has copped that much rain, for so long~resulting in wide spread 'flash flooding, etc- that we have forgotten what the sun even looks like!!! lol :) Safe travels Zoe! [whether you are in Oz yet, or not]. Thanks, cheers, Garienne B :)
2nd November 2010

On that last photo you look like you're in Wilmslow!!!!! Great blog Zo!!! Lxx
1st November 2010

amazing photos Zo, another wonderful experience! Love Mam x
29th October 2010

I Had such a funny vision of you in the Reserve Bank, it gave me a good laugh. I know our 1st Skype call was a BIG let down, but today was much better, & Liam's fixed our web-cam so I'm confident we'll nail it & have some good yakking sessions. Glad to hear you feel much better in yourself, even with the 'cold', I nearly go into a depression when I think you're not 100% happy, but it's unreal to expect !00% happiness 24/7, so we'll have to settle for just most of the time happiness & deal with your homesick times(which I think may keep hitting u from time to time) & my MISS U times as best we can! Take good care of yourself Pet. Love as always Mam xx
24th October 2010

Zeli mayhem
Glad to see the 2 of you up to old tricks, take care! x
20th October 2010

To Garienne re Hervey Bay
HI Garienne, thanks so much for reading the blog and for the feedback. “Patience” isn’t the word I’m looking for but I want to say something along the lines of “you must have the patience of a saint” as not everyone would be so forgiving if they read something negative and hurtful about the town they live in. Obviously we had a hard time when we were there but it wasn’t fair of me to be so judgemental about Hervey Bay. Fortunately the experiences I gained from travelling have made me grow up a lot so I’d like to think I wouldn’t be so critical of somewhere I visit in the future. On a plus note, I loved Oz so much that I’m moving over there in November and I’ll make a conscious effort to get back there and see it through fresh eyes. Thanks again. Zoe
18th October 2010

Hi i stumbled across your last blog and loved it. i am so pleased to see your going on more travels. keep up the good work and can't wait to read it. Holly
10th September 2010

sorry you had a crap time in Hervey Bay
Hi, stumbled upon your blog [searching for something else in Hervey Bay], and had to read it to find out what went wrong with your visit. It is so unfortunate that it was awful weather the entire time you were here, because [as you discovered] there isn't a lot to do if the weather is totally crap. Most of the activities either revolve around swimming at the beach, fishing, sight seeing, cruises [whale watching, fishing charters, twilight dinner cruises etc], horse riding, cycling and then there's Fraser Island- yes, it has got the most beautiful crystal clear fresh water lake, rain forest, bush walking/ hiking/ para sailing,/ surf fishing, sand dune tobogganing etc, etc Once again- all of those activities are dependent on the weather being nice. I agree with what you said in regards to there being no night life [everything closes so early!!!]- and to top it all off, were you were staying they were rude!! how awful, ... but there a lot of people who live in Hervey bay- who don't fall into the fat- hillbilly, or inbred category, [no doubt, there will always be 'those' types of people... where ever you go/ across the world- some places may have more than others! but Hervey Bay~ besides your unfortunate experience with several unhelpful/ nasty people, and it pouring rain [the entire time you were here]- is really not the 'hell whole' you think it is! I really hope one day, you might be able to come back- and give Hervey Bay another chance [it's a whole different place when the sun is out, and the sky is blue!]. Hervey Bay, although it's not my hometown, I have lived here for almost 7 years- and I love it~ so I just wanted to make a comment about your blog entry, hope that was OK, but I wanted to say ...[not that it probably means much, and doesn't 'make up' for anything] 'sorry' for the fact that you had such a miserable time here. Cheers, Garienne :0)
17th April 2010

I enjoyed your Singapore post. I have always wanted to go there. My blog is looking for travel photos. If you have the time, check us out at dirty-hippies.blogspot.com Continued fun on your travels, Eric
6th April 2010

hahaha ur rite zostar cant live without the blog!!xx
2nd April 2010

Hey Zoe, I dug your New Zealand post. I am moving there this summer. My blog is looking for some travel photos. If you have the time, check us out at dirty-hippies.blogspot.com Continued fun on your travels, Eric
22nd March 2010

Hey, who posted this one? It says anonymous, I guess u FORGOT to write ur name lol x
20th March 2010

your not alone zo
hey zo i always forget wot im saying,long pauses,wotsits etc its called......ALCOHOL!!! haha luv u lots xx
12th March 2010

aww poor zostar
aww zostar bless ya!! sounds like the day ended well tho sounds like u had a pretty darn good nite in the end!! luv u lotsxx
10th March 2010

Help me check out this beautiful place!!
Hey! Awesome blog! I just entered a contest to win a trip to Australia to see my mother who I have only seen once in 8 years! It would be awesome if everyone could help me out by voting on my video!!! check out my submission below for a good laugh! http://www.campusperks.ca/australia/displayvid?id=4b975681bb49064b84000017
10th March 2010

funniest yet
This blog is the funniest yet - seems you have more fun when times are tough than when they are good! Pity Ellie didnt photograph you doing the splits.
17th February 2010

Bring back the recipe for the silly shots - it may straighten my eyes out! x
17th February 2010

that was a giggle
I think I told you about Mum and me watching the cumbersome Julia Childs tv series, she was so clumsy setting things on fire whilst being filmed for tv. OK so park me with the other dinosaurs. By the way, are you sure you weren't sitting next to Grumpy in disguise on the plane! Have fun Love Deb x
From Blog: From Asia to Oz
17th February 2010

Hi Zo! Been to Melbourne myself - probably feels more like home to you (other than the weather!) - I remember feeling like I was home there, just because everyone speaks English! You really won't want to be here, so drag it out as long as you can! Goodness knows what changes are planned. If you came back tomorrow we wouldn't even need a handover, as Paul and I have barely said much to each other, because he's bound by the confidentiality agreement and I'm not signed in! Really bizarre situation! We're all pretty disheartened and a good few of us at 'my' end want VR if it's offered! I'd recommend that to you too and then you can move to Oz!! Anyway, you really look so happy and I'm so envious! See you in April - I'll keep following your adventures! Laura xx
16th February 2010

wow melbourne looks fabulous
Hi there - looks like you had a marathon blogging session judging by all these Oz blogs. Melbourne looks fantastic - might visit myself someday. Have fun in Sydney. love Angela/Mum
13th February 2010

good girls-stick together x
13th February 2010

pool biznis
good shout on the Majestic hotel pool thing I'll check that out as Im in HCMC on Tuesday and loads of time to kill before a flight. Cheers Andy

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