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You may have noticed that we've not spent much time in Cape Town during the weeks we've been here. We have spent a lot of time driving around suburbs but very little actually in the centre. We decided to remedy this by taking a few half and full days wandering around the Central Business District and seeing the sights. Rather than give a blow by blow account of these trips I just want to share the highlights and give my general impressions. There are several main roads into Cape Town which converge close to the centre. This can cause severe traffic, especially at rush-hour. The road we tend to take into town is called Nelson Mandella Boulevard. This route goes up a steep hill which slows the traffic down. The road then sweeps down around the ... read more
Table Mountain
Long Street
The Waterfront Foodhall

East London, South Africa was a new port of call for us and we were going to be there for only about 5 hours. So we had to organize something where we could get a good overview of the place quickly. Fortunately Karolyn and Steve knew Rob Prentis who was a teacher in East London and is now a tour operator who also lectures on ships. So we arranged for him to take us on a whirlwind tour of his hometown. Rob loves Africa and has great hopes for its future.First Rob took us to his friend's house on the Nahoon River for a boat ride. The river is one of the largest ones in South Africa. Gary has a nice runabout and we all piled into the boat and cruised out to the mouth of ... read more

After a short six weeks which were anything but quiet (Go the Black Caps!), I was off on my next adventure. First stop Cape Town. But first, I headed to the airport and into the lounge for some quiet to skype Hannah, when who should come and sit directly opposite me – AB de Villiers, captain of the South African cricket team, who had just lost an incredible match to New Zealand in the World Cup Semi-Final two days previous. After my call to Hannah, I spoke to him for a bit and he was obviously still devastated but willing to chat – top bloke! Anyway, upon arriving in sunny South Africa, I found my hotel and went off out exploring down to the waterfront which was pretty scenic before I came back to catch up ... read more
Table Mountain #2
Table Mountain #3
Table Mountain #4

My body awoke at about our usual time for the tour breakfast and wouldn’t sleep in, even though I will uncomfortably spend tonight on the flight to Heathrow. We all have different departure times, mine a transfer to the airport at 3:45 pm. Judy had the whole day, so we decided to go the Victoria and Alfred Waterfrontto wander around the shops. It is the same place where we departed for Robben Island a few days ago. We enjoyed the fifteen-minute walk along the sidewalk that constituted the view from my hotel window. The only intimidating part was crossing two roads at the roundabout. Judy was good at judging, so I followed her. We lucked out by finding the Artisan Workshop first. This was in a large former warehouse. Small booths were operated by the artists. ... read more
"Freedom and Democracy"
Victoria and Alfred Waterfront
Port Captains Building

Here is the highlight of my time at the Two Oceans Aquarium..... when Claire called her little buddy who came skating out of the penguin enclosure and her followed her around everywhere..... ( My first try at this so let's see what we get... read more

How to track our journey - a note from Motoaventures. As promised the tracking system we have arranged so that those not on the adventure can follow where we are. When the sat phone is turned on – during the day – it sends a track point every hour to the internet portal. To access the portal go to and enter in the following user name: and password: Moto1234. (this should be filled in automatically) The map will appear with a blue square which is the latest report p... read more

Of course now we realise what we forgot to pack - this time it was the chargers. The Waterfront area in Cape Town is very trendy, loads of shops and restaurants. The hotel we are at is equally good. (Victoria and Alfred). So we bought new electricals whilst waiting for the room. Then a very nice seafood lunch at one of the marina restaurants and then an afternoon kip! Pretty chilly here - I am the only man in this town wearing shorts. 4:30 and we collect the bikes and of course unveil the helmets to an appreciative audience. After mounting up and heading off in the wrong direction, we get back to the hotel where we hit the bar with Charley to get our initial briefing. It dawns on us that the terrain is going ... read more

Our South African adventure started with a 14 hour flight to Johannesburg from Sydney. We managed to be seated together in a centre row of 4 which made the "up close and personal" not so awkward :) Through customs at J'Burg before our next flight to Cape the time we got to our apartment we'd essentially been awake for 26 hours....feeling shattered But excited to be here. Day 1: picked up at 8am by Super (he was Africaan) for a half day city tour including a trip up to Table Mountain. A combination of 3 things=Sunday, beautiful weather and the last day the cable car was running for 5 weeks due to winter maintenance caused the queues to be horrendous...but it was worth the wait!!!! The views were spectacular. Super was a font of information ... read more
The cable car -
Lyn & Brian

Bucket ListA while ago, inspired by a forum post on here, Kris and I wrote a bucket list. Not in a morbid ‘I’m going to die soon’ Morgan Freedman and that other bloke movie-sense, but in the sense of ‘these are things we’d like to do in our hopefully long lives’. We travel a lot and have what we believe to be interesting lives, but recently we had been traveling to places in and around Asia that were easily accessible and which people recommended to us. That’s great, but we still had a long list of places we’ve always wanted to see. Now, admittedly, we were consuming alcohol at the time of writing, and the next morning when we woke up, those items near to the bottom of the list were pretty unintelligible (although I’m sure ... read more
On a hop-on, hop-off bus
Old District 6 street signs
The twelve apostles

Our last day and a very quick update, we will add the whole story and more photos on our return home. We have been busy trying to see all the wonderful things there are to do here and not even done half so will have to come back. The temp has been in the 30's almost evety day and today is the one day tghat has reallt clouded over. We have been on the red and blue bus tours, to Kirstenbosch Gardens, Camps Bay, Hout Bay, Cape Point & the Cape of Good Hope, Table Mountain, Signal Hill, Llandudno & Scarborough, Simon's Town and the penguins. Now very tired and not looking forward to the overnight flight back to cold Heathrow and for one of us work on Monday morning! Thanks to all who have commented ... read more

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