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Pictures are taken in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.... read more

after a wonderful experince at the island one can have cirios to take home and share with their loved ones.......these range from beatiful sculptures to t-shirts with the face of nelson mandela...whata amazinfg is the stores are owned bt locals who are able to communicate in any language that you need assistance in. the curios that you will find over here are made proudly south african.which meeans that the money made stays within the country.....i find that to be very amazing.which also shows tht the destination actually creates jobs for the local youth and the prison would need abit more qualified people to do the tours which would mean students out of school.the stores actually cater for those un educated adults who desperatly need jobs............ read more
curio store

the ferries are amazing....:)very up to standard,more than one could ever imagine it could be in an a place in africa....the most safe trips on water one could ever have.its magical one could just relax and be stress free of they safety..the workers take extra caution on the ferries that you feel very safe and in good hands...........the ferry has the south african flag on them with the robben island logo too.....made to be as comfortable then ever.....the trip is 40 min long bt on ur way you are able to see a beautiful view of cape town and table mountain aswel.and the waterfront....the view is just amazing and incouraging for a person to want to go and visit abit more of the attractions in cape town.....even places such as the seal islands........... read more
queue for the ferry
ferry logo

Tom & Pam Usher’s Highlights of the Dubai and Africa Trip from 10 July to 20 September After a 28 hour plane trip home on 18 September, flying via Dubai with a 4 hour stop-over, it’s time to reflect on all our highlights and adventures. Dubai - The rate at which the UAE built the city to its present state - Visiting the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa - Dinner and entertainment as well as Sand dune bashing in the desert. - Dhow sunset boat cruise Kenya - Lake Nakura: first siting of White Rhino with baby - Maasi Mara visit to see the Maasi people and see them do their jumping dance - Seeing the Big 5 in their natural habitat in the 1st 2 ½ hours: lions, African buffalo, hippos, white ... read more
Nannie and Gemma (2)
Nannie and Gemma (3)
Z Welcome Home

Well finally we write. we have just spent the lasthree days in Cape Town, staying at the waterfront in the Commodore hotel. Would highly recommend this place, very clsoe to all the action and great rooms and service. Deb arrived late on Thursday nightnas she missed her connecting flight in Joburg as late leaving Sydney, ended up arriving at 10pm instead of 7 pm. on Friday the waether was really bad, so we jumped in the car with Ash and Mich (maccas people) and headed on a drive. we left CT and headed to St James which is a well known surf beach south east of the city. didnt stop as too wet. we then headed to Simons town and the Penguin colony, we didnt pay the 45rand to see them instead wedrove a little further ... read more
green market square

Here's my suggestion of a real enlightening and breathtaking experience in South Africa that will probably be my next journey in 2013! South Africa is mostly famous for its main national figure, Nelson Mandela, his successful struggle against the apartheid or even the Springboks (rugby’s national team), but there is also a wide range of breathtaking and enlightening experiences from safaris and diving with sharks to food and wine tasting and other cultural activities. I’ve prepared a special itinerary for a 7-day wine and food tour through the South African Cape Winelands – from April the 1st until April the 8th. The price includes round-trip flight from Paris, 4-star accommodation in Cape Town, 3 day wine tour plus 2 half day activities, insurance, airport transfer and all the taxes and it will be 1650 € per ... read more
Kruger Park

Friends and family were invited to a farewell party at RCYC.... read more
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The morning after the night before began with the squawk of the Hadida (an Ibis), how long it will reign as master of the morning remains to be seen. The boys have started to collect an arsenal of slingshots and are plucking (pun intended) up the courage to initiate offensive operations. After an early breakfast Peter our guide for the day met us at 8am to board the bus to go up Table Mountain. The views were simply stunning it would not have been possible to select a better day if you waited a thousand years. Nasser (Nasser) got his picture taken with a lone Dassie and looked set to set-up home until the Ghost snatched him away. Ears looked resplendent in his Bare Essentials swimsuit (Discount available for blog readers, how am I doing Cheryl), ... read more
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Who'll jump first?
His Father's Son?

Hi Everyone We have had some difficulties with the Facebbok Blog - it's just not really set up for blogging! Instead we'll be updating this blog each day. You can either just check back to this address each day - or you can subscribe to this page to receive an email each time we post a new message. On the right hand side of this page there is a subscribe button - you can work the rest out I'm sure. The blog from yesterday - which went really well - will be up in a few hours. We're a bit challenged on the IT front still and have to install some triple redundant servers/high speed data cable or something before we can upload the full blog. We'll post on facebook when its uploaded - or you ... read more

Yesterday one of the locals we met said...' in Cape-town just wait and you will get all 4 seasons in a day' .....and today (Saturday) we experienced just that. We awoke to a rain storm that by the time we had breakfast turned into a warm sunny lunch time it was getting windy and by four o'clock it was cold .... The weather has been pleasant but not warm enough for me..or sunny enough. Of course we leave Cape town Monday when another week of sunny skies starts. Michelle on the other hand is in heaven...she thinks anything above 55 degrees F is evil.... needless to say she is in shorts while I am bundled up in my coat and long pants. We started our first full day in Cape Town with a yummy breakfast ... read more
Breakfast feast
Fueling up for another great day in CapeTown
Capetown waterfront

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