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This blog has taken a bit longer than we had expected as we have been without Internet access for a week while we have been in Kruger National Park area so there is a bit to catch up on. Buckle in for a long read or skip to the pictures. Spent Sunday just lazing around the Garden Court Hotel in Johannesburg catching up an bit of sleep which we had lost to jet lag and talking to an Aussie couple who we met at the hotel. Monday morning we were picked up by a safari company to drive us to Kruger National Park and headed north across the high veldt. It took about 6 hours to get to our lodge which was on the edge of the park. As soon as we arrived we headed out ... read more
Nellie on steroids
Apparently only 7 vertebrae....
Steph gets friendly with natives

...Animals Extraordinaire! We just spent 10 glorious days in the bush (well, fairly civilized camps that are fenced in areas with a store, cafeteria, etc, but we only showered once!) in our little green tent. We were even joined by a pumba outside our tent on our last night....a momma, poppa and baby must have liked our patch of grass. We were less keen to see a hyena outside our tent the night before. Thankfully the hyena, unlike our pumba, was on the other side of the fence, but still! I will let the pictures speak for themselves - it was very hard to narrow down our choices. We loved every minute of it, and were totally mesmerized about how little the animals cared about our vehicle. These are WILD was phenomenal. Our typical day ... read more
Steve and Liz ?
Getting a sunset cuddle
about 5:30...

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park February 13th 2013

We enjoyed a later start to the morning today with an 8.30am pick-up time for our day tour covering the Soweto township, the Apartheid Museum and Johannesburg/Joburg. The mini-van was full with many newcomers to our travel group joining us. We had a long drive from our campsite in towards Joburg. We saw where they were mining for gold, which when it was discovered in 1886 Joburg suddenly became a very popular place, especially with the British. We stopped in front of the 2010 World Cup Stadium, where the Spanish team defeated the Dutch in the final. The African Cup of Nations final is being played there tonight (10thFeb) between Nigeria and Burkino Faso. We will be watching this with our Kenyan bus driver Josh who loves his football. Our next stop was the Soweto township, ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park November 30th 2012

We arrived at Crocodile Bridge late morning and set up camp just before Aaron and Carrie arrived from Jo'burg for a few days camping with us. The weather was perfect, hot but not unbearable and a lot of the time overcast which made for good game viewing. On our first morning drive we saw the big 5. Plenty of elephant of course, several white rhino and a herd of about 200 buffalo which were crossing the road in front of us, at their own leisurely pace of course. We saw 2 lionesses walking down the road and then a leopard just resting on a rock quite close to the road so we could get a good view of it. The following day we saw a lioness and her 5 cubs right on the road, but Aaron ... read more
Lion in a Tree
Elephant at the Hide
Elephant at the Waterhole

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park October 14th 2012

Day 7 We went on an all day private safari and "saw them all"....up front and personal as in on or beside the road: giraffes, baboons, lion and lioness at a kill, zebras, Cape buffalo,warthogs,elephants ,a leopard, hippos, crocs,vultures, storks and so many other birds, an iguana...what a day! That night we stayed at a safari lodge....gorgeous with drinks and dinner around the pool and all cottages set in the African bush ... read more
Our First Lion

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park October 13th 2012

Day 6 Finally underway! With a few hours delay, we were off to Krueger. Area towards Krueger is gorgeous with steep rolling hills with huge purple flowering jacaranda trees.Bit of a disconnect as we approached Krueger, shopping centre and there in the river next to the Toys R Us and KFC store are hippos swimming! Just inside Kruger Park, our first animal sighting...a rhino! Then to the lovely campsite and setting up tents etc...all went ell, then coals on the ground and kababs for dinner...then to bed with the "whoops" of hyenas and snorting of lions near our camp nice start to our adventure!... read more

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park September 20th 2012

One of the toughest thing in planning travel for a family is to take them to a place when you have never been, arrange travel, hotels, restaurants and workout the last details and make it so that it wows everyone’s, meet all the expectations are met and arrange everything remotely. That is a tall order! My son wanted us to go on a African safari!! The first place that came to my mind was Kenya/Tanzania and the Serengeti. So when I told him that ok, let's go the safari in the Serengeti he said, well no, he was thinking of Singita Lebembo. I didn't even know where Singita Lebembo was let alone which country it was in. I found out that Singita Lebembo is located in the Northern part of Kruger National Park in the Lebambo ... read more
Coast of Nimibia
Morning in South Africa
Boarding our flight to Singita

When I was a little boy I remember the Disney movie, "The Jungle Book" came out and I wanted to watch it over and over. I collected the figurines of the major characters and played endlessly on the living room carpet with my little animals. Come to think of it, our mother always bought us a box of animal crackers as a treat every week when she did the grocery shopping. I grew up with dogs and cats. I always loved the sad and wistful tune of those nature shows on late Saturday afternoons. I am an animal lover by nature and my parents always taught us to respect these creatures. Just to add the irony, we lived in a housing project known as "The Jungle"!!! So, my inevitable safari became the fruition of so many ... read more
Elegant Giraffe
Lightning Speed

Hello again! This is a long one guys, so bear with me. :) Well, well left off with the climax of my trip thus far: playing with baby lions. How could things possibly get better? I had no idea until we went to Kruger National Park. The entire trip thing had just been on an upward track, each experience more exciting and wild than the next, literally. We had started with animals in just enclosures, moved up to animals in a reserve and now we would be seeing animals completely in the wild. While Kruger is mostly surrounded by a fence there is essentially no human interference with the animals there. They are not fed, they are not vaccinated or cared for; obviously they are familiar with humans since there are roads around the park for ... read more
The girls and I showing off our modeling abilities :)
Shawn and Rita :)
The girls and I at the Three Rondavels

The last few days of our journey, at restful Mopani, further north in the park and quite different ito vegetation and animal sightings. saw the biggest herd ever of buffalo this morning, must have been about 1000 - not kidding! Tomorrow we've booked a bush walk, hope the ranger has a BIG gun! There are some interesting archeological sites around here, which we'll visit - just up Neil's 'ally', he has already found a stone age implement walking around the camp, just shows you .. Anyway, off for an afternoon game drive, see you all soon back in CT. x ally... read more

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