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Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park September 3rd 2016

Geo: -23.926, 31.4209The lions we saw last night were on the move. They came almost to the lodge site definitely looking for some. It turned out that another group had killed a water buffalo the day before. The male in that group made a bad decision to let others know. The two male were going to find this male and if possible kill it. That's the law of the wild. We tracked them to the site. When they got close, the two split up to try to ambush the male. The male spotted them and took off running with the other two closing in. It was amazing to watch this all happen at a distance. Other animals were running from this situation. We couldn't see the attack but we heard a small scream. The guide figures ... read more
Up to no good
Running from the commotion

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park September 2nd 2016

Geo: -23.926, 31.4209Early morning. Depart lodge at 5:30am. Arrive airport by 7:00. We have a couple of hours to waste in OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg before heading to Skukuza our gateway to Kruger. Uneventful trip to Lions Sands Reserve in Kruger.We arrived in time for the afternoon game drive. Again we found lions. It was a hard time getting to them this time. Over VERY rocky and rough terrain. There were two males and a female. Dinner was served in the wild under the stars. A very nice start.... read more
Welcome on the bed

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park September 1st 2016

Geo: -24.0264, 31.4648Happy September everyone. Our morning drive was pleasant temperature wise. Day one was very cold but got hot in the afternoon. The temps moderated for the entire day but was windy. We tried to find the hippos. No luck. Of course we found the female lion. We had great luck with that cats. We were on our way back to the lodge and there she was. If we were heading the other way, we would not have spotted her. We pulled in to view her and she decided she needed a better view of the impala. She walked straight towards us. I don't think she realizes we are there. She was fixed on the impala. Too far to see a kill. After our morning game drive, our group & guide did a boat tour ... read more
The Morning Drive
The Morning Drive
The Morning Drive

Reaching Johannesburg on 9th morning at 11:00, we headed straight to get the rental car. The person that helped us at budget/avis counter was not very nice. He would not explain anything about insurance or other stuff even after asking, when saying anything kind of mumbled it. Could not hear us at all, kept saying "sorry sorry" to make us repeat what we are saying - while the lady at other counter was actually able to hear us. Finally we did manage to get a car we wanted and drive off with it. The start was a bit confusing and we started off in the wrong direction first. Thanks to GPS though, it did not take too long to realise that, and then return and off to right freeway. The drive towards Kruger is nice, the ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park October 13th 2015

It’s been about 3 years since I posted on this blog, but that doesn’t mean I have stopped travelling! Since then I have been on safari in Tanzania, completed my master in Amsterdam and travelled to many new places around Europe. Not to mention a couple of Aussie East Coast trips; the first with my Aussie friend Katerina who I met in Sweden and the second with my friend Tiffa who is Venezuelan, but living in the Netherlands. Now a new journey has begun in South Africa! I can’t decide what flight I enjoy more: Brisbane to Europe or Brisbane to South Africa. On the way to Europe I usually experience two stopovers. The first is usually in Singapore and the second somewhere in the Middle East. The whole trip is about 24 hours with the ... read more

So this is it. I’m down to the final week of my South African adventure. The day I touched down in Cape Town feels like a lifetime ago. Cape Town was amazing so you could say that I started with a bang – I intend to end things the way I started them so I am spending my last week doing what most tourists come to South Africa to do; a safari! Kruger Park is arguably the most famous wildlife park in the world to do a safari in, so I thought that’d be a good place to start. Loads of travellers that I have met have said it was the highlight of their entire trip. My friends Kevin and Nikki recommended a company called Tydon Safaris who they did their safari with and they claimed ... read more
African Sunset
Locking Horns

Lorsqu'on se met en route pour le parc national de Kruger et qu'on parcourt sous la pluie les quelques centaines de kilomètres qui nous en sépare, j'ai déjà des images pleins la tête en pensant à tout ce qu'il est possible de voir, mais rien n'arrive à la hauteur de ce qu'on va vraiment découvrir durant ces 3 jours au volant. Ca commence fort puisqu'à peine l'entrée passée on rencontre déjà une petite dizaine d'éléphants au bord de la route. C'est la première fois que j'en voie à l'état naturel et le moins qu'on puisse dire c'est que des premières fois durant ce voyage on en aura eu beaucoup ! Parfois j'ai l'impression que je passe ma vie en quête de premières fois, avec leur lot d'émerveillement et de surprises qu'elles procurent. On aura été bien ... read more
Elephant qui boie
Lion qui dort
Rhino sous un arbre

Well thanks all for your patience. We only had WI-FI our 1st nite. None the next 5. Did we see animals? HELL YA!!! All but Chetta and Wild Dog. Thousands of Bush Bucks and Impalas (all cat food). Zebras (150+), Elephants (100+), Lions (5+), Leopard (1 in a tree devouring a Bush Buck, a VERY rare tourist experience), Rhinos (3), Hippopotamus (12+), Heyena (2), Wharthogs (15+), Wildebeasts (60+), At least 40 different amazingly colorful bird species. (Marked off birds we saw from color bird guide. Lots of babbons and monkeys. All and all our greatest travel experience to date. We fly to Victoria Falls Zimbabwe tomorrow.... read more

There are 2 Kruger Parks. The public access park where the animals are free range and the fences are now down along the borders with Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The 3 countries are working in harmony for the animals sake. The other Kruger Park are all the adjoining Private Reserves. There are probably 50+ lodges where the wealthy spend up to $1,500 a night in luxury lodges and see the Big 5(lion,elephant,cheetah,leopard, rhino). The reserves are all electric fenced to keep the animals inside the reserves and many are gps tagged so they can find them for the reserve guests to see. We opted for the free range and saw 4 of the big 5 for less than $150 a day, inc. food and wine. We literally had to go out and find them. Rather than fencing ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park November 17th 2014

Kruger N.P., the last chance to see a leopard. Than we saw the complete Big 5. If we do not see the Big 5 complete, I have a great excuse to go back to Africa one day, because she already stole my heart. And, if we do see the Big 5, I have to find another great excuse, haha! However, there are still animals that we did not saw. Cheetah’s, hyena’s for example, and the famous leopard. And, I hoped to see more giraffes. In fact, we saw 2 giraffe’s and I made some good pictures of them, but I would like to see them from close by. This were my goals for Kruger N.P. and I hoped that the nature will lead those animals on our path. Read on what nature showed us the in ... read more
Kruger Sunset Game Drive
Kruger Sunset Game Drive
Kruger Sunset Game Drive

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