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Well thanks all for your patience. We only had WI-FI our 1st nite. None the next 5. Did we see animals? HELL YA!!! All but Chetta and Wild Dog. Thousands of Bush Bucks and Impalas (all cat food). Zebras (150+), Elephants (100+), Lions (5+), Leopard (1 in a tree devouring a Bush Buck, a VERY rare tourist experience), Rhinos (3), Hippopotamus (12+), Heyena (2), Wharthogs (15+), Wildebeasts (60+), At least 40 different amazingly colorful bird species. (Marked off birds we saw from color bird guide. Lots of babbons and monkeys. All and all our greatest travel experience to date. We fly to Victoria Falls Zimbabwe tomorrow.... read more

There are 2 Kruger Parks. The public access park where the animals are free range and the fences are now down along the borders with Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The 3 countries are working in harmony for the animals sake. The other Kruger Park are all the adjoining Private Reserves. There are probably 50+ lodges where the wealthy spend up to $1,500 a night in luxury lodges and see the Big 5(lion,elephant,cheetah,leopard, rhino). The reserves are all electric fenced to keep the animals inside the reserves and many are gps tagged so they can find them for the reserve guests to see. We opted for the free range and saw 4 of the big 5 for less than $150 a day, inc. food and wine. We literally had to go out and find them. Rather than fencing ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park November 20th 2014

4:30 am wake up call. Ouch. But the best time to see wildlife is in the morning so I went with it. Our game drive this morning lasted until 9 am. We saw zebra, giraffe, kudu and much more. The most impressive thing by far was seeing a bunch of lions sleeping next to and eating a buffalo it had killed the night before. I think there were 9 lions altogether. Some had blood still on their mouths. A few were eating while many were sleeping. Parts of the buffalo had clearly been eaten already. It was really amazing to see. Our guide said that the lions would stay with a kill like that for 2 to 3 days. In the early afternoon we had some free time so I wandered around the grounds of the ... read more
Bridge to my room at the hotel
Baby and mom zebra
Monkeys don't like to follow the rules

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park November 19th 2014

We departed Swaziland and set off for Kruger National Park in South Africa - one of the best places for safari in the entire world. It's 7500 sq miles so even spending two days here I certainly won't be able to see that much of it. Right away we came very close to a large male elephant who was going through a period of musth. It's when a male is very aggressive because of testosterone. I was a bit worried it was going to charge us but our safari vehicle driver kept revving the engine and it seemed to decide it didn't want to mess with us. It also tried to hide behind a tree which was 1/10th of its size which was funny. We saw both white and black rhinos which are in danger from ... read more
Sleeping lions
Buffalo coming out of a mud bath

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park November 5th 2014

Our first night was spent in the South African capital, Pretoria. It was certainly living up to its other name of 'Jacaranda City'. The city was ablaze with brightly coloured blue/purple flowering Jacaranda trees lining the streets and parks - what a spectacular sight. A short city tour took in the Voortrekkers Monument and Museum - a large rectangular brown stone edifice. The interesting story of the 'Great Trek' of the Boar Pioneers in the 1830's was depicted in tapestries, stone relief carvings and original artefacts including a Boer Ox-wagon. A giant statue of Nelson Mandela was found in front of the Government Union Building overlooking the city. Colonial-style buildings were also seen in the city centre, in Church Square, along with a silver-coloured statue of former President Paul Kruger. A long trip across flat and ... read more
Relief carving of Boer Ox-Wagons
Original Boer Ox-wagon
Nelson Mandela Statue - Pretoria

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park October 20th 2014

The bus which brought us to the camp, picked us up at Pretoria at 6am. We arrived around 12.00 at the camp where we slept for 3 nights. We were a group of 10 with Rosan, Joyce, Jennifer (3 dutch girls), Christine, Marina, Christina (3 german girls), Anders (swedish guy) and Mauro (italian man). That same day we went to an rehabilitation center were we saw a lot of animals already and had the chance to touch a cheetah!!! Next day we woke up at 4.30am to drive with a 4x4 jeep to the gate of the Krugerpark. Now we saw a wild cheetah, which is not common at all. Moreover, we saw leopards, elephants, zebras, girafes, baboons, lot of bird (zazou's, eagles...), etc. That evening we got a traditional african meal and went early to ... read more
Elephant Côte d'Or
Grey go-away-bird
White-backed Vulture

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park September 14th 2014

"A white rhino butted head first into a land cruiser today," our on-site reporter told us. "The short-sighted male believed the vehicle was a rival blocking him from his two lady friends, so tried to tip it over by hooking his horn underneath the bonnet. The land cruiser remained upright, and the rhino moved around it and ambled peacefully away. Neither animal nor people were hurt." It was exciting, though. This was our first full day at Naledi Bushcamp in Balule Nature Reserve. For geography and logistics buffs, Balule is on the outer western edge of Greater Kruger National Park. The advantages of being in a nature reserve rather than in the national park proper are: fewer jeeps on the trails (5 at the most rather than 30 or more) fewer people: only those staying in ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park September 13th 2014

I had prepared carefully for my first ever safari. I had my camera with its large lens for wildlife photography; a broad-brimmed hat to protect against the last of the day's rays; and sensible shoes in case we were to get off the vehicle and walk. Getting excited about possible wildlife sightings - lions hunting, elephants marauding, hippos wallowing - I climbed into the land cruiser in my khaki shirt and beige trousers. The vehicle was full. There were five other guests as well as Matt, my husband, and I. As the last people to arrive, Matt and I were separated. He sat in the back with a Canadian couple, and I was in the middle seat with two young Ukranians. We all said "Hello". Our guide, Eric, and tracker, Prem, introduced themselves. Eric was a ... read more
balule with giraffe
baby black rhino
lioness on the prowl

Two fantastic days in Kruger National Park staying at Tinga and Narina Lodge. Our group was split between the two lodges and we stayed at Narina. From the time we arrived it was fantastic. We were greeted with a refreshing towel and iced tea and shown our room. Each room is separated by a boardwalk and it is easy to feel that you are the only ones there. Each room has a balcony , splash pool and outdoor shower as well as an indoor bathroom, bed, lounge and all the usual facilities. No matter where you are, you can see the scenery outside. We were collected for the first game drive, six to a vehicle and introduced to our driver Alfred and spotter Lucas. Took a while to see our first animals, but as the drive ... read more
Baby elephant walk
Lioness and cubs

Eggs and Bacon for breakfast! yippee. What a treat. Once again we packed up camp and loaded onto the truck. The morning we spent on the Panorama Route around Blyde River Canyon. We got off the bus at three different points with anywhere from 30minutes to an hour to explore. And of course souvenir shop. Before arriving at our campsite we stopped off at a mall to use the ATMs and buy water/snacks/alcohol. Then we arrived at Gecko Bushcampers campsite. It felt like Jurassic Park - electric fence surrounding the property. Of course the 8 year old girls with us got electrocuted. A few of us opted in on the night game drive through Kruger Park. And I am so glad we did. It was incredible! Many of the animals are nocturnal, or because of the ... read more
White Rhino
baby hyenas

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