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Geo: -23.9561, 31.4416In the last story, we had mentioned that we had been told there were lions back down Timbavati Road 2 km.So off we went to check it out. Of course, the safari guide had told the cars there at the intersection and so they were right behind us! Saw the lions on Robert's side of the road and they were resting in the sand quite peacefully. We took several pictures and then the female got up and flipped her tail and the male got up and followed her. We then assumed they were a mating pair. The people in the car next to us asked if we were going to follow them and we said no and so they moved ahead of us.We decided to drive down the road a bit and turn around ... read more
Beautiful male and female lion
Lions in love?

Geo: -23.9561, 31.4416June 13 -Satara to BaluleWhen we were making reservations for this trip, the weekends seemed to fill up faster than during the week. We had made reservations for Balule camp where had never been before. It does not have electricity, shops, or any of the amenities that the other camps do but seems to be a favorite among a certain group of people.As we left Satara we decided to take one last drive down the S-100 and were not disappointed. We were driving along and got behind about four cars watching the herd of buffalo move across the road. Finally the buffalo were across and two of the vehicles roared off. The vehicle in front of us was moving slower and about the time they signaled, we saw two of the lions on the ... read more
Sunrise Drama on S100
Sunrise Drama on S100
Sunrise Drama on S100

Geo: -23.9561, 31.4416Robert done a lot of research before we began this trip about the best service to use for data timeand it seemed that MTN was the answer. When we got to Kruger, it did not seem to work very well at all. we had talked to some of the workers and they told us Vodacom and we had gone to Koomatisport and gotten some but were out of data once again. But before, we go for data, we must enjoy the wildlife. Took the S 126 near Satara because there had been reports of wild dogs (painted wolves) along the road. We did not see any wolves but we did see three lions and then turned on the S35 and headed to a picnic area. This did not seem to be a very busy ... read more
Mystical Kruger morning
Mystical Kruger morning
Mystical Kruger morning

Geo: -23.9561, 31.4416Up and stopped to see what was happening at Sunset Dam as we ate our breakfast. It was quite a busy morning with buffalo, wildebeest, zebra, impala, baboons, crocs and hippos moving in and out of view and stopping to have a drink and then head back off into the bush. There were storks, egrets and ibis all over the place and it was very interesting to see the action there at the waterhole.We were a little disappointed with the signal strength we were getting with MTN here in the park. Robert talked to some of the people at reception and they said VODACOM had better reception and you could get some service at the CNA store in Kommatisport on a Sunday so we decided to head there and see what we could see.Found ... read more
View from Olifants
Olifants Camp
Olifants to Lower Sabie

Geo: -23.9561, 31.4416Got up and headed down one of the dirt roads that would eventually get us to one of the hides we had been to before. Stopped there for a breakfast of cereal and fruit in the hide enjoying watching the antics of the monkeys as they were warming up on the ends of the trees. There were a few birds flying about but it was fairly quiet.We then headed out and were stopped by a vehicle that told us where they had just seen some lions. So off we raced and found the place where there were two lions that were visible and did some moving about. We watched them for awhile and then moved on.We were driving along and Robert suddenly had me stop and there was a pearl spotted owl in the ... read more
Lower Sabie
Lower Sabie
Lower Sabie

Geo: -23.9561, 31.4416When we were planning this trip, we were going to splurge and spend two nights at Olifants for Robert's birthday. Robert was doing research and found that the restaurant at Olifants was going to be closed for renovations and so we changed it to one night at Olifants and then to Lower Sabie to have the real celebration out on the deck and have some more Mugg and Bean dinner!Got packed up from Letaba and headed to Olifants. Stopped on the bridge and had some wonderful bird sightings. We also enjoyed the antics of the baboons on the bridge as they raced past us or some would be brave and stop and take a look at us. We saw some great saddlebill storks and african spoonbill. Somewhere along the drive we also saw the ... read more

Eggs and Bacon for breakfast! yippee. What a treat. Once again we packed up camp and loaded onto the truck. The morning we spent on the Panorama Route around Blyde River Canyon. We got off the bus at three different points with anywhere from 30minutes to an hour to explore. And of course souvenir shop. Before arriving at our campsite we stopped off at a mall to use the ATMs and buy water/snacks/alcohol. Then we arrived at Gecko Bushcampers campsite. It felt like Jurassic Park - electric fence surrounding the property. Of course the 8 year old girls with us got electrocuted. A few of us opted in on the night game drive through Kruger Park. And I am so glad we did. It was incredible! Many of the animals are nocturnal, or because of the ... read more
White Rhino
baby hyenas

After a long day of travel from Cape Town, we arrived in Nelspruit around 9 oclock at night, all of us completely drained from the busy week that preceded and not fully recovered from the mix of beer and colored rice powders ingested at the HoliOne Festival the night before our departure. I’m convinced this rice powder (though advertised as completely organic and harmless) gave us all colds as we spent the next several days sneezing and coughing as a quartet. Despite this, we were all excited to be back in the bush and to spend some more time observing the African wildlife. Though the safaris in the Okavango and the Chobe were incredible, there’s still more to see… a lot more to see. The owner of the homely hostel we stayed at in Nelspruit would ... read more
Water buffaloes cooling off with a swim and drink
Blyde Canyon and the Three Rondevals
Bourke's Luck Potholes Falls

Skukuza Rest Camp, Kruger National Park to Graskop. Saturday, March 22nd. 92 km (55miles) We studied the map of the park and decided to go by the native plant nursery and lake that was about 4 km away, off the road we would take out of the Park. There we discovered a wet-lands walk that was a short boardwalk over a small stream. (I think there was a continuation of this walk around the golf course). In the trees, we spotted a Purple-Crested Turaco–unfortunately, he was in the tree top preening himself and it was impossible to get a clear photo of him through all the tree branches. Really pretty blue, red, and green bird about the size of a crow. Continued our short walk and went into the plant nursery where we didn’t stay long ... read more
1403-419 Golf Course wetlands
1403-420 Lizard
1403-421  Weaver bird nest

Skukuza Rest Camp, Kruger National Park. Friday, March 21st. Started out this morning with big plans to drive a big loop staying mostly, we thought, on the H1-2, which is the paved road. As it went along the river, we stopped at each pull-off spot to look down at the sides of the river banks. At the first one, I spotted the Goliath Heron in the reeds. We then looked at a funny looking tree with small green/grey fruit hanging off the limbs and trunk. We continued up the road, and then turned off on an open dirt road to look at some water holes noted on the park map. We kept going and spotted many animals and birds ON OUR OWN along this route. We began to get a bit uneasy at the fact we ... read more
1403-401 Lapwings, Blacksmith
1403-402 Spurfowl, Natal
1403-403 African sycamore fig tree

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