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Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Coffee Bay May 25th 2016

Nach einer äußerst spektakulären Fahrt über Straßen voller Schlaglöcher, Tiere aller Art und Menschen - gehend, stehend, laufend, sitzend, reitend oder liegend - begann der Teil der Schotterpiste. Eh nur 11 km, aber die hatten es in sich. Laut Auskunft des Hotels kann man schon mit einem normalen Auto auch fahren - je nach Saison (?) - aber diese Straße ist definitiv für 4wd gemacht und nicht für unsere Strassenkiste. Mehr als bei dieser Fahrt hab ich im Urlaub noch nicht geschwitzt (auch nicht beim laufen) aber diesmal war es purer Angstschweiß, der auf meiner Stirn stand. Immerhin sind war dann irgendwann beim "Hole in the Wall Hotel" nördlich der Coffee Bay angekommen, haben keine Kühe, Schweine, Esel, Hunde oder Menschen angefahren und: es hat sich gelohnt. Strohgedeckte Hütten dienen uns als Unterkunft mit Sicht aufs ... read more
Hole in the wall

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Coffee Bay August 25th 2015

I only spent two nights in Durban tryin to run down the coast....My newly appointed goal is to reach Cape Town by the 6th of September to join a body boarding workshop and development thingy with my friend from cape town. I grabbed some board shorts at a factory outlet store and then the best bunny chow in all of South Africa. I say this because it is pretty much a curry stuffed inside a quarter loaf of bread. Aaaaaaand Durban hosts the largest Indian population in the world outside of India. So they might know a thing or two about curry. That's about all I did besides enjoying braai night at the hostel where I just had to bring some meat. The bread was good, the salad was good, and my "21 day lazy aged" ... read more
start of the walk to hole in the wall
looks like the cliffs of moher in ireland!
baby hole in the wall

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Coffee Bay May 12th 2015

My stay in Port Elizabeth was pretty unremarkable – much like the city really. There isn’t a lot to see here but I did manage to see quite a bit of it via my taxi mission across the city trying to find a camera repair shop. At the second place I visit inside the gargantuan Greenacres Shopping Mall, I give the stroppy shop attendant a big smile as a new non-Sony battery brings my camera back to life. The attendant does not seem to enjoy my absolute joy and relief. With nothing much happening at the hostel, I finalise the rest of my plans in South Africa, which is another achievement unlocked – I’ll be picking up a cheap hire car in Durban which I will now drive to St Lucia, the Midlands, the Drakensberg and ... read more
The Actual Hole In The Wall
Bulungula Backpacker’s Lodge
Another Deserted Beach On The Wild Coast

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Coffee Bay December 14th 2014

The project From the beginning, we decided we wanted to volunteer in South Africa and give this beautiful country something back. Many projects asked for a lot of money, which we couldn't afford. During our trip we had the chance to meet, Riff Micho, who is the project manager of Willen en Doen South Africa. In 2009, this project was founded by the association Stigting Willen & Doen based in the Netherlands. The project is situated a few kilometers from Coffee Bay, on the top of a hill in Mawotsheni. The goals of this project are Early Childhood Development, Sustainable Living, Nutrition through permaculture gardening and teaching of life skills. They are currently revamping the project to host volunteers, who will do outreach work in the communities. The Mawotsheni Team consist of Riff (Project Manager), Ann ... read more
Central house of the project
Garden and view from the project
Construction of a night cab for the volunteer room

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Coffee Bay November 4th 2014

Leaving the beautiful Umzumbe and hearing so much good about Coffee Bay, made our expectations about this place very high. For that reason Coffee Bay came as a shock. The backpackers hostel 'Coffee Shack' where we stayed was located in the middle of this poor village mixed with the local habitants without any security. This made us on first side a bit suspicious and afraid. It was definitely a misplaced feeling, as the local people welcomed us with open arm and stealing was handled the old fashion way if you were caught. Discovering a bar in the village where locals were playing jembe (drums) around the fire made us finally feel more in SA. We went with 15 other backpackers on a hike to Mapulzi, which was beautiful, but which was also our first bad experience... ... read more
Coffee Shack
Beach of Coffee Bay
Hike Mapulzi

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Coffee Bay June 25th 2014

Jaaaa Nederland heeft gewonnen! Wauw dat was wel even spannend zeg, ging het tegen Spanje zo makkelijk! Pizza eten en tegelijk voetbal kijken is toch wel wat lastiger dan ik dacht. Heb toch zeker twee doelpunten gemist, gelukkig bestaat er zoiets als herhaling! Verder was de pizza koud, aangezien we met z’n 14en waren, en waarschijnlijk die van mij buiten de oven heeft gewacht op de rest. Gelukkig maakte het toetje veel goed, een half stukje cheesecake en een half stukje chocoladecake met ijs. Jamjam! Daarna naar het huis van Pien gegaan en daar de verjaardag verder gevierd, totdat de buurvrouw (en medewerkster van Stenden) begon te klagen over geluidsoverlast en we naar school werden gestuurd. Daar heb ik nog de wedstrijd gekeken tussen Spanje en Chili, en toen vond ik het wel prima. Lekker samen ... read more
Duo Penotti!
Dorpstour - Foto met de familie
Dorpstour - Xhosa huisje van binnen

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Coffee Bay August 13th 2013

From Shelly Beach I drove to Port Saint Johns, entering "The Wild Coast". I had heard mixed comments about the Wild Coast. Ones saying that it was an amazing place and others that it wasn't really worth going to and that I had to drive through the Transkei, with bad roads full of potholes and loose cattle roaming free everywhere and that I'd get stuck in traffic jams driving through the townships. And that it wasn't very safe. I decided to check it out for myself. And I agree with the first comment I wrote. The Wild Coast is definitely worth going to and staying there for at least a few days. That is if you're into beautiful rugged landscapes, walking through Xhosa villages, surfing, fishing, laying on the beach, disconnecting f... read more
Magwa Falls
Coffee Bay
Hole in the Wall

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Coffee Bay November 25th 2012

We left at 06:00 on Saturday morning and wasted no time because the Tracks4Africa planner indicated approximately 09hours of driving from Kei Mouth to Mdumbi. The weather forecast predicted a 60% chance of rain, increasing as the day progressed. I have to congratulate the South Africa weather burro. They were spot-on and we did get a little wet during the last 2 hours of our trip. Here is the address: Shortly after crossing the Kei river with an innovative ferry, we turned off onto the "Wild coast 4wd Trial". There is a small rocky river crossing and thereafter a real rocky challenge, not meant for the bigger adventure motorcycles with small riders. This first obstacle is... read more
Kei Mouth store
The ferry man
Gxara river crossing

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Coffee Bay August 12th 2012

After leaving Addo, Mum and Dad dropped me in Port Elizabeth, where we said goodbye before they began to drive back towards Cape Town to fly back to Ireland. We had spent one night in Port Elizabeth before going to Shamwari, but it wasn't a place that we particularly warmed to. The first issue was that there was no running water in the city, but, with some difficulty, we found one B+B that had the water working. Other than that, it rained the whole time we were there. There is not a whole lot to do or see in P.E. anyway. If it was summer time, the beach would be an option. We visited the Location Apartheid museum, which was very difficult to find and seems to be in the middle of a township. It is ... read more
Typical Transkei scene
View from Mapuzi Cliffs
Hole In the Wall

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Coffee Bay February 20th 2012

The Silver Bullets on tour - part one, take two! Day 1: Sedgefield Myoli Beach We had planned to leave at 6 am but due to a late Friday night – what with Shabbat and then popping in to wish Carla (my friend from Johannesburg) a Happy Birthday as she came too Cape Town for the weekend to celebrate and that was the only time we could see her – we put back our departure by an hour so and we only left at 7. Our drive was lovely especially once we got past Mossel Bay. We were aiming to get to the Sedgefield Market before it closed but we got there as it was closing and most of the regular clientele had left. We didn’t find anything to buy which was probably a good ... read more
Lunch on the vernadah
My ale
The View

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