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izak van der Ham

I have been to a number of countries, have been riding motorcycles since 1980, but have only been dreaming about combining the two.
Finaly I have reached the point where this dream can no longer only stay a dream.

Europe » Germany September 20th 2015

Here I am in Sindelfingen Germany on a Sunday trying out blogging with a mini tablet. Sundays in Germany are fantastic because they have no shops open and people are spending time with their families. I am sitting in a park, using the awesome technologies available to us to communicate with my family and friends via whatsapp. This is however not a straight forward thing if you want to avoid high roaming costs. I have set my South African phone to sms roaming only, then bought a cheap sim card and loaded voice and data on it. This sim card was put in a mini tablet which I use as a phone and gps navigation with Navmii, a very good free navigation app and I also made it a hot spot for my South African phone. ... read more
20150916_190753 (0)

Africa » South Africa January 5th 2015

Mark Twain once said ““Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” With most quotes by famous people there is a lot more to understand than just the words. As is the case with this blog-story, procrastination is that uneaten frog which I have been stepping over for too long now and I have to do something before the frog becomes inedible. Our December holidays or festive season celebrations were to be held early for some of the normal reasons which families face. Do we spend the time with your or my side of the family? This gave the opportunity to have a Christmas twice, which I think is a great idea and will be seriously be considered in the future. Shortly before ... read more
New bike "mods"
Cradock car gaurd

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape October 15th 2014

This trip was one which required the least amount of preparation because for the first time I went with a bigger group and everything was organised by other people. Camping for the two nights were at a bargain price of R130.00. For the first night the braai packs and beer was organised as well. NO!, Obviously not included in the already bargain overnight price. What were you thinking? We had to meet at 06:00 for 06:30 at a filling station in Port Elizabeth. The “six for half past” is a typical Eastern Cape thing where you supposedly are reminding yourself at six to be somewhere at half past six, but you are welcome to arrive earlier. The group consisted of eight people from different towns and most of us had to leave on Thursday to overnight ... read more
Rear tyre at 7500km
Start of Trip
Just one little reason to do this trip.

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Hogsback August 13th 2014

I use Dropbox and Facebook mainly for anything to do with some motorbike experience. When I started to receive invites from DropBox because they “miss my presence” it was suddenly a stark reminder that a good bike trip was overdue. Although riding solo is not something which stops me easily, it is more fun to have some company and therefore I threw out the gauntlet or invitation to Marius (Colleague and friend) who accepted immediately. Marius immediately started to look for accommodation while I was still thinking about where to go, but at least we narrowed it down to something around Hogsback, 130 km from East London. Things developed fast and soon we were three people with the possibility of one more and the initial one day changed to staying over for two nights. A Promise ... read more
Propper solution for overheating KTM
First taste of gravel
Bikes in front of an old Ciskei Monument.

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape June 9th 2014

The idea for this trip started when I was seconded by my employer to attend a conference in Cape Town from a Monday to Wednesday. Copy this link to download the Google Map of the trip. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7v1b62guns7jqp0/AAAbDW4WV-efgK7_kX0jKCsba By leaving for Cape Town on the Saturday and taking leave on the Thursday and Friday after the conference it gave me 6 possible travel days. Two there and four back. The plan was to stick to tar and get to Cape Town safely on the Sunday, sleeping over at friends in George. The visit to Jannie and Lene’ in George was, as always, a great pleasure and I was treated to excellent food and a fantastic bottle of Pinotage. The pleasant conversation however was the highlight and once again it was very difficult to leave early the next ... read more
Gravel from Outeniqua Pass to  Barrydale.
Gravel from Outeniqua Pass to  Barrydale.
Gravel from Outeniqua Pass to  Barrydale.

Africa » South Africa May 24th 2014

By taking gravel roads as far as possible, this family visit in different parts of the country turned out to be a nice adventure. I always try to learn some lessons when looking back at what I did, and I think this one is: "Adventure is not something which happens to you, it is something you create. Therefore you determine how many adventures you have in life." Wow, this fits perfectly with the following philosophy: "Life is about Relationships and Experiences". Both depends on your self:-) I needed to visit family in Kakamas and Bloemfontein and decided to do it on my old trusted Africa Twin. (Lesson) Your transport choice determines a lot about your trip. If it happens to be a motorcycle in stead of a car it it changes everything except your destination, or ... read more
Sandile Dam
The church
Mitchels Pass

Africa » Lesotho June 12th 2013

This trip was one of those which you kind of regret while you are busy with it, but afterwards, looking at the pictures, it once again becomes an adventure which you would not have missed for anything. The 2 main reasons for this was because 1. we got away too late on the first day, which resulted in a scramble to get to the Lesotho border post in time. (Without sacrificing the nice gravel over the Naude's Nek, the highest pass in South Africa) and 2. because the trip from Ramatsiliso to Sani and then still to Hilton was just too much for one day if you want to enjoy the scenery and take pictures. The result was few pictures and a crash with a big rock because I lost the required concentration. Stupid mistake, but ... read more
Tommie approaching Naudes Nek top.
The result of a "what the heck attitude".
Ramatselitso Gate

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Coffee Bay November 25th 2012

We left at 06:00 on Saturday morning and wasted no time because the Tracks4Africa planner indicated approximately 09hours of driving from Kei Mouth to Mdumbi. The weather forecast predicted a 60% chance of rain, increasing as the day progressed. I have to congratulate the South Africa weather burro. They were spot-on and we did get a little wet during the last 2 hours of our trip. Here is the address: http://www.weathersa.co.za Shortly after crossing the Kei river with an innovative ferry, we turned off onto the "Wild coast 4wd Trial". There is a small rocky river crossing and thereafter a real rocky challenge, not meant for the bigger adventure motorcycles with small riders. This first obstacle is... read more
Kei Mouth store
The ferry man
Gxara river crossing

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » East London May 6th 2012

Friday evening we got to know each other a bit and Saturday morning we took off on the way to Grootbrak. We took the coastal road to Port Elizabeth and the rest was on the N2. When we reached the Keiskamma cuttings I pushed as hard as I could. Johan and Chris had to calmly stay behind me for 650 km's and I had to at least give them some opportunity to have fun in the turns. They confirmed that the speed was o.k. through the turns because they are used to the roads at Bloemfontein. (You have to drive far to find winding roads:-) We had coffee at Bira and again at Nanaga. I was lucky to be riding with coffee lovers like my self. We did however realise that time was running fast at ... read more
Boesmans Rivier
Nanaga Plaas stal
Van Staadens

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal April 10th 2012

Day 14 & 15 – Sodwana, Shelly Beach and East London We now have to drive back in known or at least partially known country and are not looking forward to it after the past days of exploration. We decide to stay off toll-roads and highways as far as possible. Driving the old and now secondary roads was a the best decision we could have made with the available driving time we had to our disposal. We stuck to the N2 up to Richards Bay. Then we took the R102 to Durban. We were happy and surprised with a beautiful and scenic road with acceptable traffic density. It started raining again and by the time we reached the outskirts of Durban it was nasty weather without a doubt. We took to the highway from here and ... read more
Magwa Roads
Magwa Tea Plantations
Magwa Roads

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