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Africa » Senegal July 13th 2021

Senegal Kermel market Alioune explained about the Senegal flag that was on his cap today. The flag consisting of three vertical green, yellow and red bands with a five pointed green star at the centre. Adopted in 1960 to replace the flag of the Mali Federation since the country gained independence that year. Senegal retained the green-yellow-red flag but substituted a green star for the kanaga. Green is seen as a symbol of hope and of the country’s major religions, while yellow is for natural riches and the wealth derived from labour. Red recalls the independence struggle, life, and socialism. The Marché Kermel was established in 1910 and one of the first in Dakar. Alioune took us first passed some of the craft stalls with the stall holders wanting to say hello, the carved wooden ... read more

Africa » Senegal July 6th 2021

The little known town of Mbour, Senegal is located on the Western coast of Senegal. Our virtual tour today took us for a stroll through the local fish market. It was colourful, noisy, and full of energy. We made our way to the beach where it was just as colourful and noisy with the local fishermen and their women folk were selling their wares. The ladies of is were so bright and colourful and to watch them balance huge baskets in their heads was fascinating to see. Our guide had many friends, all who wanted to say hello to people from around the world.... read more

Africa » Senegal » Thiès Region » Joal-Fadiouth March 19th 2021 Fadiouth - The Island Of The Shells At the far end of Petite Côte, a stretch of coast in Senegal, lies a sleepy fishing village called Joal-Fadiouth. Joal lies on the mainland, while Fadiouth, linked by a narrow 400-meter wooden foot bridge, lies on an island built entirely of seashells. For more than a century its inhabitants have been harvesting molluscs, scooping the meat out and using the empty shells to make their little island. The seashells have accumulated over many years and held together by the roots of mangroves, reeds and giant baobabs. Heaps of empty shells lie everywhere, on streets and building facades. We saw large swamps with mangroves whose self-propagating roots serve as growth support for young oysters. Fadiouth is known mainly for its cemetery, which is also made out of shells. ... read more

Africa » Senegal » Cape Verde Peninsula » Dakar March 2nd 2021 2nd March - Gorée Island: UNESCO World Heritage Site - Dakar, Senegal The Island of Gorée, lying 3.5 KM off the coast of Dakar, was one of the first places in Africa Europeans occupied. It is well known as the former center of the European slave trade between the 15th and 19th centuries, and is now a pilgrimage destination for the African diaspora around the world. History tells the story that the island was a launching point to the "New World" for captured slaves from all over Africa. Gorée continued to be an important place post-slavery as a space for exchange between The West and Africa. Today it stands as a powerful symbol of history, reconciliation, forgiveness, and love. Alune was our guide and it was very moving listening how the house of slaves, now ... read more

Africa » Senegal » Thiès Region » La Somone January 26th 2020

Ça faisait très longtemps que j'espérais un jour avoir la chance de faire un safari. Je suis comblée. Une réserve naturelle peuplée exclusivement d!herbivores pour la préservation d'espèces menacées. Le tout dans un grand respect des animaux avec Mouamadou notre guide pour la journée.... read more

Africa » Senegal » Cape Verde Peninsula » Dakar January 25th 2020

Visite du Monument de la renaissance africaine, de son musée et de son belvédère en compagnie de deux jeunes volontaires ontariens qui habitent avec moi à la villa Hannah et Elphase. Nous avons terminé la soirée à l'excellent restaurant Le Phare.... read more

Africa » Senegal » Cape Verde Peninsula » Dakar January 21st 2020

Africa » Senegal » Lower Casamance » Ziguinchor January 14th 2020

Inverno 2019/2020, Tropico del Cancro. Costa mediterrana del Marocco: fredda ed umida; costa atlantica nordafricana: ventosa e notti fredde; deserto del Sahara: di giorno un caldo atroce mentre di notte servono due coperte di lana; costa del senegambia: non male, ma l'acqua dell'oceano e' sempre terribilmente fredda; medio corso del fiume Gambia: clima quasi ottimale ma la vegetazione riarsa tutt'attorno conferma la cronica mancanza d'acqua durante la lunga stagione secca che si traduce anche in una pressoche' totale assenza di frutta sui banchi dei mercati della regione: qualche banana, mandarini dal Marocco e mele (mele!) dal Sudafrica, tutto a prezzi di livello quasi europeo. Questa parte di Africa, in inverno, rappresenta ben poco quello che idealmente intendiamo per "paradiso tropicale"; sempre meglio del lungo e buio inverno europeo comunque, ma per trovare qualcosa di piu' convinc ... read more
L'acqua della Casamance
Mangrovia solitaria
Ziguinchor: casa ad impluvio

Africa » Senegal » Saint-Louis Region » Saint-Louis December 31st 2019

E' ormai sempre piu' comune da parte dei viaggiatori via terra lungo la costa occidentale dell'Africa, cercare di evitare la famigerata frontiera tra Mauritania e Senegal posta nella citta' di Rosso: qui i cordiali doganieri mauritani, che ti hanno accolto col sorriso e a braccia aperte entrando dal Marocco, si trasformano in veri e propri vampiri assetati di sangue, in questo caso dei vostri soldi; faranno di tutto per estorcervi le ultime Ouguiya rimaste nel vostro portafogli inventandosi ogni piu' ridicola scusa. Caldo, traffico e confusione non fanno che aumentare il disagio ed il tempo necessario per superare quelst'ultimo ostacolo prima di poter uscire finalmente dal paese. La soluzione? Usare il valico alternativo di Diama. Si tratta di un piccolo villaggio sperduto in mezzo alle paludi non raggiungibile direttamente dalla capitale Nouakchott, e qui sorge dunque ... read more
Toubab Dialaw: la spiaggia dei pescatori
Saint-Louis: il porto
Toubab Dialaw: vista sul mare

Africa » Senegal » Cape Verde Peninsula » Gorée Island December 7th 2018

I came across a new word recently; “bleisure”. It is the ugly conflation of the words business and leisure. To reveal the true ghastliness it should probably be pronounced in a Californian accent and should rhyme with seizure. It’s meaning is the combination of a leisure trip and a business trip. I’ve often tacked on some leisure time to various business visits. More often than not this was due to my previous employers being too mean to fly me back on an expensive Friday night flights. Often marooned in various places e.g. Houston (massively underrated) or Jakarta (un-rateable) for an extra day or so. They’ve proved to be impromptu bonding sessions with colleagues that no amount of expensive team building nonsense would ever substitute. More often there is some down time within the schedule for a ... read more
The House of Slaves
Door of No Return

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