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Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Alexandria December 7th 2022

Egyptian series: Ace of Alexandria -Piprey on wheels Alexandria is an ancient port city on the Mediterranean Sea. It is located on the fan like delta of Nile and named after the Macedonian conqueror, Alexander. I caught VIP train (second class) at 8am from Cairo Rameses train station to Alexandria. To tide away time, I bought a 3 LE Pretzel and 5 LE Egyptian tea. The station was as chaotic as any other megapolis with newspaper men, shops selling thin, small baguettes with cheeses and processed meats, a variety of fruits, locks and keys etc. A comfortable journey to Alexandria after 3 hours or so and I was hungry. Ate a falafel sandwich at a local eatery and followed my nose with the sea breeze to the marine promenade. Alas, there was a line of cafes/ ... read more
View from the window
Marine parade

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Alexandria September 6th 2022

After the great start the previous day at Giza and the museum it was time to hit the road, next stop Alexandria...a quick one day/night visit where we would take in three sites: the Citadel, Catacombs and Library... Left bright and early, and were introduced to the concept of Tourist Police, where we had an armed plain-clothes policeman join us for the drive to Alexandria...wondered if it was to keep an eye on us but turns out it was for our protection: these tourist police would randomly join guided tours in transit to ensure their safety, very cool...the drive itself took about three uneventful hours before we arrived at our first stop in Alexandria: the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa... Some history for y'all: Built in the 2nd century AD, the necropolis consists of a series ... read more
Islamic Manuscript
Carving in the Funeral Chamber

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Alexandria February 21st 2017

Geo: 31.2135, 29.9443Alexandria stretches along 12 miles of the Mediterranean coast and is the second largest city in Egypt. It was founded in 332 BC by Alexander the Great and its rich history includes Cleopatra and Anthony and a litany of Roman Emperors. The city grew to be the largest of the known world at the time. Alexandria was sacked and burned during the civil war that followed the takeover by Julius Caesar. For more of it history go to city today has the potential to be quite beautiful. Fort Qaitbey still remains as does the Pillar of Pompey but little else of its ancient history remains. The new library is spectacular and also houses several museums of art and antiquities as well as a special Sadat Memorial Exhibit. Fort Quitbey is a fortress built ... read more
Artifacts at the site of the pillar
More artifacts

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Alexandria September 29th 2016

Our alarm went off at 5:30 am this morning, and since we both slept really well last night we woke up refreshed and ready to go. We got to our hotel last evening about 10:30. Our flight from Frankfurt was delayed about 2 hrs, while we waited on the tarmac. The flight was full of small active children, and there were no individual entertainment consoles. It was an old plane with the drop down monitors. They played an old Laurel and Hardy movie first (in English), followed by a Ninja Mutant Turtle movie (in English with Arabic subtitles). Not sure how they came up with that selection! I listened to music on my phone. Had a not bad veggie dinner. Nobody was sitting in between Susan and me so we could spread out a bit. Nobody ... read more
Gin and tonics
Our view of the Nile
Nile View

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Alexandria February 15th 2016

In between our time in Lebanon and the excitement of a rendezvous with BV Chef in Cairo, we descended on the coastal city of Alexandria. In all fairness, we didn’t know much about this city, given our somewhat hectic schedule leading up to our departure on this latest journey about the Middle East and Europe. We knew some key points; it is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and looked like a good place to slow down for a bit. Our subsequent discoveries uncovered a great many things in our abbreviated time here. This is no sleepy seaside town. Alexandria has over four million citizens and is the largest city directly on the Mediterranean Sea, founded by none other than Alexander the Great (which of course, makes sense) in 331 B.C. We chuckle because this ... read more
Alexandria in background
Along the corniche
Dolmas extraordinaire

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Alexandria March 28th 2014

Tako sam konačno stupio na tlo Afrike… U Alexandriju. Zapravo bilo bi lijepo da je to bila Alexandrija, ali bio je Borg Al Arab udaljen 40-ak kilometara od Alexandrija. Bilo je nekih 3 ujutro, a ja pojma nisam imao ni gdje ni kako želim ići. Pitam gospodina na info pultu kako mogu doći do Alexandrije. Samo taxijem. Izašao van, bila je prohladna noć. Ideja da idem po noći lutati u potrazi za smještajem nepoznatim gradom u zemlji koja je na listi „Travel ban“ zemalja mi se baš nije činila privlačnom. Zapravo sam se poprilično prepao i bio ljut na sebe kako sam uspio zaboraviti zapisati ime i adresu bilo kakvog hostela u Alexandrijni. .Osiguranje me već počelo sumnjičavo gledati, pa naposljetku i pitali zašto ne odem s aerodroma. Naime bio sam sam na cijelom terminalu. Našao ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Alexandria May 10th 2013

Friday May 10th, 2013. Alexandria, Egypt Hugging the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Alexandria is Egypt's largest seaport and second largest city. Known as the 'Pearl of the Mediterranean', Alexandria was originally founded as a small town by Alexander the Great in 331 BC. It was Egypt's capital for almost 1000 years until the Muslim conquest of Egypt in 641 AD. Modern Alexandria is divided into 6 districts. We had previously arranged to meet our (Ex-English now Ozzie) pals from Perth called Alan and Karen at 9.30 am by the gangway. We actually bumped into them earlier in the Lido where we breakfasted. We left the port and met up with another couple from Melbourne called Margaret and Alan who were looking to share a taxi for 6. The four of us agreed to join them. ... read more
Pompeys Pillar
M in the Subterranean Tunnels at Pompeys Pillar

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Alexandria May 1st 2013

ALEXANDRIA (AND CAIRO), EGYPT--Tuesday, April 30, 2013 Egypt’s second largest city, Alexandria, was founded by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C. It became the major trade center and a focal point of learning. The ancient library had 500,000 volumes and it was here that Euclid invented geometry. It was also in Alexandria that Julius Caesar met Cleopatra and after her death, it was taken over by the Romans who ruled until 395 B.C. Few of the ancient landmarks remain except for the ancient library and the ruins of the Roman Theater. Our ship made port about 5:30am; we finished breakfast, and were on the bus by 8:00 am. Today, we were driving to Cairo to see the Giza Pyramids, the Sphinx, take a boat ride and have lunch on the River Nile, and then see the ... read more
1304-384 Police escort
1304-385 Port gate
1304-386 Roman ampitheater

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Alexandria April 5th 2012

Dear All Greetings from Alexandria! City of my name, founded by none other than Al-Iskandar Al-Akbar himself (Alexander the Great), the capital of Cleopatra’s Egypt, and the site of not only the famous Great Library of Alexandria, the greatest collection of scrolls and manuscripts ever at that time, but also the Pharos lighthouse, one of the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World which towered over the ancient city’s harbour. Alas, none of these wonders remain today, as after the Arabs swept through North Africa in the 7th Century, Egypt’s capital was moved to Cairo, and Alexandria was all but abandoned. The Ancient City today sits some 6 metres below modern Alexandria, and much of it is actually now under water. Today the city is as Arabic as they come, a frenetic, heaving metropolis of 4 million ... read more
Tanker on the Suez
The Qaitbay Fort
The Corniche, Suez

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Alexandria » Borg El Arab January 27th 2012

I checked out of the Canada Hostel and got the Metro to the Turgoman bus station. I was lucky to get on a bus straight away and was on my way to Alexandria. For most of the 3 hour bus journey it was very sunny and looked like it was going to be a very nice day. Then about half an hour before arriving in Alexandria, the clouds started to gather and it started to lash rain. The Irish curse strikes again. After I got off the bus, I fended off the taxi drivers and went looking for a minibus going into town. One guy asked me where I was going, brought me straight to the minibus and got in himself. On the bus he and the other passengers were asking for my opinion on what ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

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