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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin October 16th 2009

Alice Springs to Kakadu. First stop was Wycliffe Well - the UFO Capital of Australia. Even the barmaid had seen about 40 UFOs in the 4 months she had been there. Most with rows of blue and red lights. The road is on a bit of an embankment, making it about 30ft above the campsite and roadhouse. Interestingly, most road trains seem to support red and blue lights along their sides at night -I wonder if this is significant! Needless to say, we didn’t have a ‘close encounter’ - but the signs and models etc were a bit of fun. Next night we stayed at Mataranka Homestead, where they had a thermal pool. This waters from this pool flowed into the river, which was populated with fresh water crocodiles. The trees surrounding the pool where festooned ... read more
Road Train
Aliens at Wycliff Well
Devils MArables

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin October 15th 2009

We left Katherine quite late in the day, mostly because the kids were having so much fun playing in the pool with the Aboriginal children who had traveled for the event at Katherine Gorge. It had been 30 years since the land was handed back to the local tribes, and the tribes people and their families were staying at the park free of charge to celebrate. The park has a rule that children are not allowed in the pool without adult supervision, so we were impressed with the kindness of the pool cleaners who sat and watched about 20 Aboriginal children who would not have been allowed in otherwise. They were there for about an hour until the lifeguards arrived (hired especially for the event). Not long after, a four wheel drive towing a trailer arrived ... read more
Pool fun
Painting the car
Jumping croc

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin September 29th 2009

Clunk...whoosh...rattle...bang...slap...this has been my soundtrack for the last month, along with a mechanical cacophony backing track from industrial washing machines, driers and sheet folders in the Darwin commercial laundry where we’ve been working. We’d planned to spend some time in the Top End capital to find jobs as well as avoid the cold and wet winters they get down south. There are plenty of jobs in Darwin - a city which seems to have completely avoided the GFC. It’s one of the fastest growing cities in the country and the most expensive to rent or buy property. Since we came three months ago we’ve watched a whole new subdivision be developed along our road to the Lee Point caravan park. First we applied to be shelf stackers at Woolworths - Rhys was turned down and they ... read more
Jigsaw puzzle lights
the dark satanic mills
the sorting team

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin September 28th 2009

As we leave Katherine behind us and head towards Darwin the first thing that we notice is the amount of ‘normal’ cars that are now on the road - very few 4wd’s, campervans, trucks or yutes now, just plain 4 door cars which we have not seen for absolutely ages. It seems that we are heading back into city life of sorts having left it for what seems like an age. We make good time but are still not going to make it before sundown so stop at a rest stop about 30km outside of Darwin - the Noonamah Roadhouse. One of the problems of hitting a big town is that all of the caravan parks are right on the outskirts of Darwin the nearest one to the city centre is roughly 15km outside. Noonamah ... read more
Old Town Hall 2
Government House 1
Government House 2

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin September 11th 2009

Getting into Darwin We left Kunnunurra in the morning, joining the Victoria Highwayand shortly afterwards entering the state of the Northern Territory, commonly referred to as the "Top End". It literally is the top end of Australia and with a population of only 200,000 yet a land mass of 1,400,000 square km (around the size of Mongolia). So, very sparsely populated and very big. It was also a big old way to go until we got to Darwin, it's capital. We first stopped at Gregory National Park named after Augustus Charles Gregory, an Englishman who explored this coast in the 19th Century and who left an impressive inscription of his arrival on a huge boab tree. That night we camped nearby, ... read more
Border into NT
The Gregory Tree
AC Gregory's inscription...


Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin September 11th 2009

Day 138 - Darwin No alarm call, no early morning cruise, basically no need to fly out of bed so we didn’t! It’s true to say that the less you do the more knackered you feel and at this moment in time we’re feeling pretty knackered after our first day of ‘rest’ yesterday. We need to find some long walks to re-install the energy levels! After getting ourselves showered we thought sod the walking, let’s drive into Darwin and just mooch around! Driving into town is no problem at all but deciding where to park was quite an extended process! We quickly work out that there’s no free parking in Darwin during the week! There was the Coles and Woolworths car parks where the first 2 hours are free but after that it’s $5 or the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin September 1st 2009

Started today with lots of intention...after such a lovely esplanade sunset walk last night I wanted more of the beauty of Darwin. Took a walk down to Cullen Bay- clearly where the people with money live and own boats! Very pleasant nonetheless! After went in the opposite direction to the botanic gardens and an attempt to find the museum. Darwin is very well signposted (useful if you have direction as poor as mine!) but for some reason, the museum is in the most tucked away and non-signposted place ever...this combined with stupid maps that point to a general area and stupid heat...means a melting and lost Laura! Finally found the museum though...with the help of a lovely Australian...and it was worth it! Really amazing aboriginal art work and some stuff about Charles Darwin and crocodiles, including ... read more
Sunset on Mindil beach

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin August 30th 2009

I slept for a very long time yesterday....and had several cases of not being able to sleep at the right times, but I seem to be sorted about now, been up all day exploring! Had a walk down to the beach this morning, it was fairly beautiful but the sand is golden rather than white and a little grainy! Is that being picky? Walked back the other way into town and found some new shops! Quite exciting! The one thing I notice/like about Darwin is that there are actual Australians everywhere! Moreso than any other city I've visited in Aus! It surprises me as there are two main streets..and one consists almost entirely of backpacker hostels- surely bombarded with Europeans? Clearly not! Infact, there's an Aussie lady in my room just travelling around Aus for 3 ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin August 17th 2009

Once we hit Darwin and had a look around we thought we would stay around here for a while because it reminded us of home (well Mandurah actually) Oh and because my mum and dad are flying up to visit us all YIPPEE!!!!!!! I soo can't wait to see the look on Axel's face when he see's them cause we havn't told him and kept it as a suprise. We booked into 1 caravan park for 1 week and after 3 days we had enough as there was no grass, just sand which ment "sand flies" and gee they were hungry!!!! and also the airport was right across the road and when a planes take off we know about it no matter if its 1 in the arvo or 3 in the morning GRRR!!!! So after ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin July 31st 2009

Yo, Its been a while. apart from updates on facebook, i haven't had much of the blog side of things, mum has stolen the show :P. We have been having a BRILLIANT time in Darwin, mum hates camping, and i cant see why. if its the dirt, what did she expect on a 'Camping' trip x3. She isn't in her element, me however, i like this side of the holiday, i have transformed my 'bunk' into a mini version of my room, things within 'arms reach' for when i could need em. or as mum would call my simple organization and logic simply as 'A RUDDY MESS!' Been uploading some photo's so im going to add some now, and tell you a little bit about them, i only have 30 minutes, so im going to keep ... read more

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