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Im in Darwin for a few days, thats all i can bare, the humidity is at 90% and the mosquito's are out to get me! Just spent a couple of days in Kakadu National park, swimming in waterfalls and cliff jumping into plunge pools. It is so beautiful, really tropical, rainforest's, eagles, weird bugs, the lot. We went on a crocodile spotting boat trip and tried not to squash any frogs as we walked, it is literally infested with them. Stayed in a slightly odd outback lodge where we were told not to go outside, a local had gone hunting in his helicopter after a few too many tinnies! Got to try buffalo sausage, it was ok as it goes. Also had an Aborigine spit on my head, but apparently its a traditional welcome when you ... read more
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We jumped on a plane to Singapore early morning Thai time. We knew we had nearly 12 hours to kill before our next flight so investigated going into Singapore centre. Then spoke to an Irish girl on the plane about the Ozzie visa situation and she scared us into buying a return flight as she was convinced that even with a tourist visa we might have to have proof of us leaving the country (Dan - the Irish know nothing!). It was one of those times that you knew if you didn't sort it out they would ask so we decided to be a bit cautious and use our free Singapore time to search for a flight home. After guessing our daily budget we figured that we had to return home near the end of June. ... read more

Het is nu maandag bijna half vijf smiddags vandaag rondgelopen in de stad jacky moest een zwempak kopen en wat slippers. Gisteren ook lekker gerelaxed naar de markt gelopen s'avonds,zons ondergang bekeken,op de terugweg even de casino binnengelopen $70 gewonnen yippee. morgen naar de adelaide river en lichfield park kijken of we nog wat crocodillen zien en ander wildlife.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin April 9th 2010

DARWIN - NORTHERN TERRITORY Sometimes, no matter how you try to avoid it, reality intrudes. In my case it came in the form of a head cold. I blame the dragon breath of Komodo but whatever caused it has laid me low for a couple of days. I had already canceled my tour for Darwin when I learned that the projected temperature was over 100 degrees. I would have had to get off the air-conditioned bus sometime. I woke up to the sound of thunder and the flash of lightening, rolled over and slept until 10. Then I dressed and headed to town to pick up cough medicine. At the pharmacy I discovered that I had left the ship without my credit card and my ATM card so back to the ship and out again to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin February 10th 2010

Hi guys, we are now in OZ, and it feels good. We arrive early morning but the temperature is scorching. Someone tells us it has been 40 degrees that week and we are not looking forward to working in that heat but we havnt got a job yet so we dont have to worry about that yet. We are dropped off at our hostel but it is under refurbishment so we are told to go to the Youth shack down the road. Here i am with my twenty bags and poeple start to congragate on the path which gets me annoyed until Craig points out there is a 15 foot alligator on the other side of the road. So i stop and take a look. Now dont panic because he wasnt wandering about but strapped to ... read more


Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin January 15th 2010

Cette fois, c'est bien fini avec l'Oceanie...demain, nous prennons l'avion pour le Vietnam. Malheureusement, on a pas grand chose a vous raconter sur ces 11 derniers jours car nous avons ete bloque a Darwin a cause de la mousson. Nous n'avions pas vraiment prevu ce concept, mais il se fait que la saison des pluies frappe de plein fouet le nord de l'Australie et donc Darwin. Elle commence doucement en Decembre pour prendre toute son ampleur en Janvier, c'est a dire exactement la periode que nous venons de passer. il pleut du matin au soir, puis du soir au matin...les routes sont coupees, l'eau est partout, les parc sont fermes, nous on est au milieu. Pas moyen donc d'aller voir le parc de Kakadu, ni meme d'envisager camper quelque part. Bref, on a du prendre ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin December 15th 2009

leaving sydney for the second time, selling the wheels and flying to darwin to babysit the buckleys house and 2 awesome dogs. working in royal darwin hospital was unreal, looking after the gorgeous house was the best thing ever and hanging out with aiofe and eamonn was well fun! definitely the coolest place we've lived! ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin December 2nd 2009

My flight to Darwin was an unsociable over-nighter, leaving just before midnight and arriving at 3am. I was lucky enough to be the only person in my row, so I stretched out and had a little sleep. Remarkably there was no big fanfare of a welcome home to Australia - did Darwin not realize who I was? After being away from Australia for so long, and travelling such a long a circuitous route to return, I thought I could have expected at least a brass band and a speech from the mayor. The weather did not forget me, however, for there was a tremendous rain storm soon after I arrived; a huge tropical downpour that seemed to come from nowhere, and disappeared just as quickly. The heat too was impressive, as was the all-pervading, comforting smell ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin November 18th 2009

So one thing I've learned through my travels is that getting from point A to point B can be really expensive and a bit of a pain. So when my buddy told me that he wanted to take a train from Darwin to Alice Springs I was kind of skeptical because I'd never ridden a train before. And after finding out that the train ride was 26 hours long, well I damn near had a heart attack. However once I got over the initial shock of it I realized that it was at least 100 bucks cheaper than flying and really was the only other option for getting to Alice, so we rode the train from Darwin to Alice. I'm not gonna lie the train ride was long and I didn't sleep very well on the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin November 12th 2009

I can sum up Darwin in two words....Hot and humid! in the mornings at 6am the temp hovers around 25 and is accompanied by an 80-90% humidex, so it's more like 30 or so (after running in that running in the desert is going to be easy). Everytime you step out of your nice Air conditioned room you immediately begin to sweat. But once you get used to fact that you'll always be damp in Darwin it's not a bad place at all. Darwin is a quaint little city (actually the Capital of the NT) in Australia's Northern Territory. Darwin shows off some nice architecture to go with their rich history. In WW2 the Japs bombed Darwin until it was unrecognizeable as a city and before WW2 a cyclone came through and wiped Darwin off the ... read more

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