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North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 5th 2013

5/09/13 3.15pm Arrived at San Francisco airport after a very relaxing journey in Club World via British Airways! Picked up Hire Car from Hertz, nice little SUV to take us on our little American adventure. Arrived at San Francisco Bay area at 6pm and dropped car in propark, via gotta park. We walked across the road to our perfectly located hotel, The Argonaut Hotel. Nauticalia is the theme, and it is a gem. Modern, Clean and comfortable. Happy. Checked in and headed out straight to have a beautiful sunset walk all the way down Bay Road to Pier 39. Great atmosphere and lots going on. temperature still in mid 20s. Americas Cup is present, so big stage for music etc. Decided to get some food at a restaurant called Pompeii, very quaint little place, 60s music ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 4th 2013

Our visit to San Fransisco was much characterized by the neighborhood of Tenderloin, where we had our accomodation. We had a bit of bad luck with our airbnb booking attempts, as two first ones failed. By the third attempt we were already in a hurry to find a room, and simply chose the first decent sounding option: private room, cheap and just few minutes of walking to the heart of downtown San Fransisco. In the hurry we didn't bother to read the reviews of previous guests. Upon arrival to the Tenderloin area in the middle of the day, it was already obvious that this wasn't the best place to stay. The streets around our quarter were filled with the homeless, drunks, junkies and mental cases. "Normal" looking people were few. Even so, it wasn't that scary ... read more
Sea lions
View of the golden gate on our first evening
a better view of the bridge

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » North Beach September 3rd 2013

Mustang Sally and Mustang Harry... All Martin’s Christmases have come at once today... nothing to do with me.. I was hardly awake before he was showered dressed and raring to go... Todays the day he gets his Mustang finds his inner yankee doodle dandy and drives The Big Sur... our holiday takes a different turn from the madness of the city to the real America and the surf sea sand and scenery of The famous Big Sur! Jackie and I were left to pack up our cases and find provisions for the journey. We packed and sat in the lobby and after an hour or so Mike texted to say the queue was fifty deep around the block and the boys would be a while, time for a bit of blog updating then... Ok we had ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 3rd 2013

Vandaag heb ik een wandeling gemaakt door het oostelijk deel van het centrum van San Fransisco: het Financial District, China Town, North Beach, en Telegraph en Russian Hills. Ik ben begonnen op Union Square, het centrale plein midden in het centrum van San Francisco waar rondomheen een hoop uitgaansgelegenheden en dure winkels zijn te vinden; het is het commerciële hart van de stad. Ondanks dat het verkeer er aan alle kanten langs gaat, heerst er op het granieten plein zelf een relatief serene rust. Er staat een erezuil die toegewijd is aan Commander Dewey, de grootste Amerikaanse oorlogsheld uit de Spaans-Amerikaanse oorlog, die de Filippijnen wist te veroveren door met een half dozijn schepen de volledige Spaanse vloot en troepenmacht uit te schakelen, zonder dat daarbij ook maar één Amerikaanse soldaat om het leven kwam (er ... read more
Transamerica Pyramid
Redwood Park
Jackson Square

North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 2nd 2013

Vandaag was het eindelijk zover: mijn eerste reis naar Amerika! Een volle maand naar Californië en het Zuid-Westen, meteen ook mijn langste reis tot nu toe. Tijdens de vlucht had ik voor het eerst in vele jaren bij een dagvlucht een raamplaats, wat schitterende uitzichten bood over Groot Brittannië, Groenland, Canada en natuurlijk de westerlijke staten van de VS. Ik ben de hele 11-uur durende vlucht wakker geweest en heb toch maar 2 films gezien. Het toestel landde rond het middaguur op San Francisco, maar al met al was ik pas tegen 14:00 bij het hotel en rond 15:00 klaar voor een eerste kennismaking met de stad. Mijn hotel voor de eerste nacht ligt net 50 meter ten zuiden van Market Street, de belangrijkste straat in het centrum van San Francisco die hordes volk aantrekt en ... read more
Moscone Center
Yerba Buena Park, richting MoMA


North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Alcatraz September 1st 2013

Today Akela has a plan... we should discover San Francisco in all it’s beauty and the reality of life within by public transport and we set out early to catch the first tram of the day with a rover ticket which allowed us access to all the transport options. We bought our tickets and sat on the tram heading downtown for breakfast, it was misty and cold which is the norm early doors apparantly. The old tram is operated by cables and is iconic in any travel brochures for SF. It pulled its way up the steep hills and down the other side with the guy behind operating the huge brakes and telling Mike all about the engineering side. This was the first tram of the day and yet by the time we hit town trams ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco August 31st 2013

Do you ever wake up and can't remember what day it is.. happens to me loads... at the moment I have no idea what time it is let alone what day it is we have moved over so many time zones Up at five thirty this morning as I woke up in the night and remembered I had packed my flight socks on the bottom of my case and it was all locked and ready to go and I would have to get in there and fish them out to wear on board or my legs would probably explode. I don't like flight socks I feel like a granny and they crease around my ankles and make my legs look like overstuffed sausages but it's that or the risk of DVT so it's a no brainer. ... read more
IMG_0472 DEUTSCHE VERSION Eine kleine Geschichte zu Beginn: Es war einmal eine Stadt an der Westküste des Landes, dessen Entdeckung ein gewisser Christopher Columbus sein Eigen nannte. Diese Stadt war durchaus sehr begehrt bei Menschen fremden Ursprungs, besonders bei jenen, die dem Reich der Mitte entsprangen. So heuerten diese in der Heimat bei grossen Nautikern an und baten darum, für Hilfe beim Entladen des Schiffes in der fernen Stadt auf dem Schiff mit in das neue Land reisen zu dürfen. Die Besitzer der Schiffe erachteten dies als ein lukratives Geschäft, denn allein wollten sie die zu bedrohlich hohen Türmen gestapelten Kisten nicht im Hafen der Ferne entladen. So kam es, dass es viele, so nennen wir sie heute, Chinesen nach Amerika k... read more
So sieht die Golden Gate Bridge normalerweise aus.
Viktorianische Häuser am Alamo Square
Das war mir einfach ein Motiv! :)

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Alcatraz August 17th 2013

From San Francisco you can make an assortment of fascinating day trips to Bay area, vineyards of the region, you name it. Consult for instance Lonely Planet guides for succesful day trips. San Francisco itself offers visitors many opportunities to day trip on illegal substances. With these tips, you’ll do neither but get drunk and angry. Immediate regret guaranteed. Alcatraz Arrive to the ticket stand near Pier 39. Mistakenly look at the time tables at the ticket stand, and fall into a false sense of secur... read more

Day 9 Alas... Last full day. Breakfasted at farm:table. I like it there, simple, healthy food and good coffee at a communal table. From here walked to California St and took the cable car down to the Embarcadero then the F street car along to Pier 39 to buy a ticket across to Tiburon. The F street car was absolutely packed but it seemed that everyone was in a good mood. The driver was hilarious, making some jokes and interacting with the passengers. Pretty clever guy, he spoke about 5 languages and had lived in Holland for several years. Got off at Pier 39 and bought my ticket for the 1205 ferry, $22 return ticket. The trip across the bay was fantastic; sunny, really windy and very smooth. The Louis Vuitton Cup heats were running ... read more
Windy Crossing
En Route to Tiburon
NZ Boat

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