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This morning we caught the hop on and hop off bus to visit the main shopping area (around Union Square). We ate some breakfast in a cafe in the main square and then wandered around the shops - Nicky bought a nice bag from Bloomingdales. We returned to the pier area in the afternoon via the cable car in preparation for our trip to Alcatraz. The cable car journey was good fun as I was one of those standing on the carriage ledge and holding on as we made our way up and down the steep city streets. The trip to Alcatraz was interesting and was good to see the island and main prison block. As you can see from the photos, the sky was quite cloudy / foggy and so made the trip quite appropriate ... read more
Cable Cars
Ash and Cable Car
Nicky and Cable Car

During our day in San Francisco, we took a hop-on and hop-off bus tour around the city and across the Golden Gate bridge. Whilst the city was bathed in sunshine, the bridge was largely covered in fog (as you can see in the photo). We were sat on the top deck of the open top bus and to say it was windy crossing the bridge would be an understatement. Our tour guide told us that the bridge can swing 27 feet and flex 10 feet under a heavy load - I think with the wind we experienced, we must have used up much of the spare engineering capacity. It was nice to have gone over it; however it wasn't anything to write home about (so to speak). For lunch we ate at Boudin's in the Fisherman's ... read more
Ash & Nicky With Golden Gate Bridge In Background
San Francisco Fishermans Wharf
San Fransisco Tram

Today's travels are pretty boring for it consists of interstate - airport - airplane - airport - interstate. There are no pictures to post, no exciting stories, no wondrous sites to behold. We checked out of our hotel early in hopes to avoid the chaos that sometimes surrounds a presidential visit and we were successful. There were still road blocks and police everywhere, but no president. We joined in the traffic of thousands of others during morning rush hour and started our way to SFO. It tok a bit longer than expected due to the slow traffic. After finding our road for the car rental return we searched for a gas station that had a car wash for our car was quite dirty. It was not easy to find. After obtaining a clean car, we decided ... read more

San Francisco, what a city! So while in San Francisco you have to get some fresh seafood, and luckily you can get that just about anywhere. When you are deciding to go here you have options, we live fairly close so on this trip we decided to drive and see some sites along the way. But while in the city we do recommend staying somewhere within the city so you can get around pretty easily. Having a place to stay will also help with parking as this is some what of an issue in San Francisco. We ended up getting a hotel just off fisherman's wharf and from there we were able to either hop on a bus or trolley to get every where we wanted to go. So before heading out to San Francisco you ... read more
San Francisco 2009 022
San Francisco 2009 023
San Francisco 2009 024

Time Traveling Today, we traveled through time. We have all said it: 'I wish I had more time', 'there are not enough hours in the day', 'if I could only go back in time'. Well, today we did! So what did we do with our extra found hours of the day? We rode in a packed airplane of 200 or so people, with only one working lavatory which had a long line to use their only working facility the entire 5 and a half hours. First stop after exiting the plane? It is pretty obvious. i am sure I have mentioned it before, but airlines need a 'tour guide' aboard to tell you the highlights of the world below. Not only would it help pass the time, but it could be educational as well. I love ... read more
San Francisco area
San Francisco Bay
San Francisco


Ready or not, we leave for our summer trip in 5 days. I still do not know what we will be doing, which is so unusual for me. I am a planner - usually planning every detail of each day so that I can get the most out of a trip. I always think that I will not likely come to this part of the country again, so I better get the most out of it that I can and see as much as I can regardless of how tired it makes me (or the rest of the family). After all, this is probably a once in a lifetime experience. But this year, the trip is a bit different. My husband has to travel to San Jose for a business trip so we decided the whole ... read more

I JUST STEPPED IN SHIT!!!! Last day in San Fran. So sad. We've loved our stay. We checked out of our hostel, put our luggage in the holding cell and began our day finding a dentist/hospital at the Medical Centre...but she was not Asian, or a member and was refused an appointment. So we went for 'breakfast' instead in Little Italy and ate lovely omelettes, and a cup of froth. Back to the hostel we go, sitting for a moment and deciding what to do for the day. Decisions made we strutted our stuff down Colombus st, eventually finding us a push (pull?) sushi restaurant and a boot full of shit on the way. HUMAN shit. It was 5 minutes of so much confusion and uncontrollable laughter no one could contain themselves. We then headed off ... read more

There's a first time for everything... Don't listen to her, she's drunk and she's got no shoes on. Early morning wake up for the Napa Valley!!! Wooooot!! Had amazing coffee and a lovely breakfast from Reveille Coffee Co. fried egg with avocado delicious. We boarded the bus, our tour guide was quite erotic, so we tipped him. The drive was long along the Silverado Trails which was unfortunate as we had no choice but to listen to the wise words of a bogan chick from Melbourne, and the funny comments of our bus driver Leo. The wineries were amazing and by the 7th tasting, we were a little drunk. Our tour guide at the Berrington Brothers didn't know much but had massive jugs. MASSIVE. We walked through the underground mountain cellars and through the 19th Century ... read more

Show us your titties Feeling all a little worse for wear. Jana still can't sleep and I was just plain ol' hungover. But Megan's up and off to get her phone fixed and at 1pm we're all at Fisherman's Wharf looking for some decent coffee and some yummy chowder. Would you like some chowder with that bread.... We browsed a store especially for 'leftys'...big deal, your left handed, why do you need your own personal store. Anyway, it wasn't long till we got distracted by two pigeons having sex. From the pier we could see Alcatraz, unfortunately we were not close enough to see it that well, but what we were close enough for was a glimpse of a braless senior citizen. Hot. Being the tourists that we are, we bought tickets for a city tour ... read more

I'll take the middle one! followed by - H-aye! You owe me some pussy. then - Damn! You're fucking Hot! Got to love the homeless. Started the day on a high with some free breakfast! woop! Bagels and shitty oatmeal (I'd rather eat my face) Jana still running on about 2 hours sleep. We grabbed our cameras and headed for the bestest place in the world - the Zoo!!! We walked to the muni and when we realised the Bart and the Muni are 2 different things we caught the right train straight to the coast. Beautiful zoo. We ate ourselves some hotdogs, took a few photos, hung with the blind seals, Jana drooled over her Gorillas and then we headed home. We walked around the city, visited the San Fran Westfield and ate some Korean. ... read more

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