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North America » United States » California » San Francisco October 11th 2013

Tina Writes: The mornings were starting to get tough and mustering up the enthusiasim to get up in good time was really difficult. At that moment sleep was better than anything I could possibly imagine, so a slower start to the day than planned when we finally got up at 9.45am. The night before, Danny had been checking out some info on Alcatraz which was going to be the main attraction for our time here. I had booked tickets for the scary evening tour about a month ago. Turns out is a national park. I don't think I can express in words the disappointment at this discovery. Once again, just like the hotel we had booked for the Grand Canyon, we did not receive and email or any communication from the company to tell ... read more
View from top of a big hill
Golden Gate

North America » United States » California » San Francisco October 10th 2013

We left Morro Bay early in the morning but not before we had eaten yet another ridiculously portioned breakfast at one of the local cafes. Tina had spent the night throwing up after her one alcoholic drink she had consumed the night prior, so I was surprised to see her so keen for food, which wasn’t ice-cream. We tried to spot the crazy Morro Bay resident that morning during our departure for San Francisco but unfortunately, we failed. He must have been back in his crib after a night of getting fo shizzled out of his nizzle from all the cigarettes he had scrounged the previous night. We decided to take the scenic/coastal road to Monterey, which according to the sat nav would only take two and a half hours to drive. Two and a half ... read more
Entering San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge
Driving over Golden Gate Bridge

OK, so we have both visited San Francisco before and liked it enough that we decided to pay it another visit! Our day of arrival was spent collecting our rental car, a very nice and new, Ford Focus. We drove to our accommodation to be told that we had been relocated, but not a problem as it would meant that we were closer to San Francisco. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and researching things to do :-) On our second day we made the lovely drive up to the Twin Peaks; driving in San Francisco is an awesome experience and reminds me (Kelly) of a lot of PS car games. We never knew about the Twin Peaks when we last visited and are so glad that we found out about them this time. ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco October 4th 2013

October 3, 2013 We’ve become very fond of San Francisco and can easily see why the city was No.1 in Businessweek 2012 ‘best cities to live survey’. It’s very similar to the feel you get in Vancouver; the cosmopolitan, friendly, warm and on the whole safe atmosphere. It’s a beautiful city with lots of amazing architecture and open, leafy areas. There’s a wonderful camaraderie amongst the people here who are incredibly friendly with each other and with strangers. On the day we arrived a Spanish speaking builder working on the apartment building directed me with his limited English and then proceeded to carry one of our heavy suitcases up 3 flights of stairs to our apartment while Steve was parking the car. And yesterday, when we travelled on a regular bus down to the ferry terminals, ... read more
Cycling in San Fran
Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge

North America » United States » California » San Francisco October 3rd 2013

September 30, 2013 A lot of driving today so we ate an excellent breakfast; hot and cold buffet with bonus strawberries and cream option on the waffles! (I appreciate we’re easily pleased folk) and were ready to go once Steve had finished his work. We drove pretty much none stop, through the beautiful countryside of Northern California, lots more redwoods and some great little towns including one called Willits where we picked up coffees and lunch to go at the local Safeway. We covered the 270 miles to San Francisco in excellent time (my huge gratitude again to Steve for his driving) and arrived in this great city by 3.15pm, in time to beat any traffic. Indeed it is the easiest entry to a city of this size we’ve had in North America. And what an ... read more
Lombard Street
Painted Ladies Row
Hanging out the washing


North America » United States » California » San Francisco October 1st 2013

Unexpectedly, I ended up in San Francisco. I had planned a trip to see my parents in Arizona. Also, unexpectedly actually. I was trying to figure out when I would see them this year and how, when, on Mother's day, while talking to my mom on the phone, I said hm, what if we joined you on your vacation in Arizona? Of course, with the added fact that I said this on Mother's day, there was no going back and our fate was decided, a 2 week trip to Arizona and Vegas to join my family on their vacation. We immediately started planning and were getting more excited for the trip, and started looking at flights for October 2, so we could be there and get back to Denmark for October 19. Out of seemingly nowhere, ... read more
Riding the cable car
Funky houses

North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 29th 2013

De dag begon vandaag met het afscheid nemen van de Djoser groep: op twee na vliegen ze allemaal weer naar huis, en de twee die ook langer blijven zitten in een ander hotel dus zie ik ook niet meer. In de hotellobby hebben we elkaar uitgezwaaid en daarna ging ik weer op pad. Het was eigenlijk mijn bedoeling om van vandaag een stranddag te maken -- lekker een dagje chillen op China Beach -- maar uitgerekend vandaag was feitelijk de eerste dag van de hele vakantie met wat minder weer. Het was behoorlijk bewolkt en hoewel zeker niet koud, ook niet warm genoeg om aan het strand te gaan liggen. Dus ben ik maar weer de stad ingetrokken om het laatste stukje van San Francisco te verkennen dat niet een doodgewone woonlijk is (zoals Sunset, Sunnyside ... read more
Clement Street

North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 28th 2013

Terug in San Francisco doe ik het de komende twee dagen lekker rustig aan. Vandaag ben ik, na lekker uitgeslapen te hebben, verder gegaan waar ik gisteren gebleven was: Mission. Deze wijk heeft 2 parallelle winkelstraten vlak naast elkaar waar veel te zien is: Valencia en Mission Street. Ik ben hier op m'n gemakje doorheen gelopen, Valencia is meer een straat met allerlei kleine, onafhankelijke winkeltjes, waar in Mission Street de Latino cultuur sterk de hoofdmaat voert met talloze taqueria's, Zuid-Amerikaanse restaurants en soevenirswinkels en meer Spaanse dan Engelse tekst op winkelpuien en reclameborden. Het is wel duidelijk waar het geld zit in Mission: de huizen langs de weg in Valencia zijn nog heel netjes verzorgd terwijl in Mission Street wel mooie Victoriaanse woningen staan maar deze zijn helaas aan het verpauperen. In het zuiden worden ... read more
Balmy Alley (1)
Uitzicht vanaf Potrero Hill
Kerk aan Valencia

North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 27th 2013

Arriving in Washington DC to beautiful weather we visited the sights – the Whitehouse, Capitol, President Lincoln’s Memorial and the Monument. We also visited many of the museums, which were awesome and varied from the American Indian museum to the Spy and Natural History Museum. In the Spy museum we each paid $10 to partake in a ‘Spy Simulator.’ To start with we were all giggling thinking how ridiculous it was making up fake identities but our ‘guide’ played her part well and no kidding at the end of the experience I honestly thought I was a spy… There we were running up and down alleys, ducking behind corners hiding from cameras, gathering our ‘evidence’ in safe houses and scanning paperwork in a Office we ‘broke into.’ Definitely lots of fun. After Tim got mild food ... read more
Lincoln's Memorial
Capitol, Washington DC
National Gallery of Art

North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 27th 2013

Salinas ligt vlak bij San Francisco dus we reden vandaag in enkele uurtjes weer dwars door Silicon Valley terug naar ons beginpunt: San Francisco. Hier heeft het grootste deel van de groep nog twee dagen om deze stad te verkennen, hoewel ikzelf nog een paar dagen langer blijf om wat bij te komen van de lange trip en om ook een deel van de rest van de Bay Area te verkennen. Nadat alle bagage bij het hotel was gedropt (hetzelfde 4-sterrenhotel als de eerste nacht van de Djoserreis), zijn we meteen doorgereden naar Twin Peaks. Dit zijn twee heuvels vlak naast elkaar die het hoogste punt vormen van San Francisco en als zodanig in alle windrichtingen een spectaculair uitzicht over de stad bieden -- zover het weer dit toestaat natuurlijk, dat is in San Francisco altijd ... read more
Laatste blik op de bus
Dolores Park

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