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Day 8 If you are from North America this entry will be utterly boring (probably boring anyway, even if you're not from the USA). If you are from anywhere in the world that clothes and shoes and sunglasses and handbags, etc are expensive this may be of interest. Today I went outlet shopping. Specifically to the Livermore Premium Outlet with shops like Nike, Coach, GAP, J Crewe (my favourite), Kate Spade, Bass, etc, etc. Given my lack of car and not wanting to take public transport (it would take about 2hrs to get there, then 2 hrs back) I found a tour- well a guy driving a mini bus. It was a bit expensive at $75 pp but it worked for me. The company I used was called Outlet Hop, the owner, David, was helpful ... read more
Some of the wares
La Folie
Amuse Bouche

A travel day to get to the airport to begin another travel day. After finishing the wonderful and fulfilling task of packing my bags (TONS of extra shirts as we are heading into Humidity Central), I locked up the house and headed over to pick up Ronn and away we sped towards Fremont. I use the term "sped" loosely because what we really did was sit in traffic on the freeway. (I understand traffic slows when the freeway goes from four lanes to three, but why doesn't it speed up when it goes from three lanes to four? I bet the government has earmarked millions in grant monies for someone to figure this out.) We finally made it to the Fremont BART Station, caught the train, dodged the weird guy scoping our luggage, transferred trains twice ... read more
inside bart train
BART SFO Station

Hello everyone, today's entry details our first day in San Francisco and the trip the Alcatraz Island. We rose early once again as we had been advised to book onto the first boat of the day at 8:45 so that the island wouldn't be too crowded whilst we were there. This was good advice as it did indeed become very crowded as we were leaving at 11. The boat trip out across the bay was great as it gave us a chance to look back at the city skyline although the weather here could rival England. It is much colder then we have experienced so far this holiday, struggling to reach above 20 degrees so those of us who had the foresight to pack a jumper have been fine whilst others have quickly bought one. When ... read more

Day 7 Early start to the day, pick up at 715. Lachy arrives via cab at the same time as Jason from Tom's Tours to explore Muir Woods. http:// This trip was really great. Communication with Tom before hand was easy and pickup prompt. There were only 2 others on our trip so it was quite personable. We drove over the GGB and got a good dose of fog and a winding drive to the car park. Lots of eucalyptus trees on the way and some beautiful views. Parked in a near empty car park and spent the next couple of hours on the boardwalk and then up a decent hill onto another track. There are 6 miles of tracks available to walk in the park, there are maps and various resources available if you want ... read more
Barred Owl
Me and Lachy

Gourmet chocolate tour scheduled for today. First a trip to the post office ???!! Yes, mundane as it is, I had ordered some perfume on eBay in a bid to save $30 on postage. So the post office had to be visited to pick it up, waited in queue for 30 mins to be told it wouldn't be available till Monday.... The upside though is the guy I stood next to in the line recommended a good coffee shop. Called Contraband Coffee, located on Larkin, it was a winner. Sort of like one I frequent at home, coffee was 10/10!!! Wifi on offer and killer banana choc chip bread. Staff not overly friendly, lots of laptop and iphone users on the free wifi but it worked for me - found a coffee spot. My walk to ... read more
Ferry building
Eco chocolate shop
Swiss chocolatier


Day Five Begins latish, can't believe this not being up at the crack of dawn run, I think it's because the apartment is so dark. Anyway, go over to Mint Plaza to meet Lachy for a coffee. He's got a work thing on tonight so we're having a morning catch up. We have coffee at Blue Bottle, it's pretty busy, one of those hip and happening spots. Coffee's ok (7/10). It does have a good feel to it. Say goodbye and head off to the bus stop that is hopefully going to deliver me to where I am planning to be. Going to dedicate this day to Al, a native of Boston, resident of SF who I got chatting to on the number 5 bus to visit the De Young. This guy was such a great ... read more
Outside botanical garden in Golden Gate Park
Stained glass at the DeYoung
De Young exhibit

Day 4 Met Lachy down town and caught the Bart SF Muni Metro (thanks SFImporter from Trip Advisor for setting me straight on this one) to 16th and Mission, pretty easy with a commuter card. Got out up to street level to a veritable tent city of homeless people. Walked 5 mins or so to Guerrero Street to Tartines. I had read a lot about this bakery and enjoyed browsing their cook book. There was a line outside which moved relatively quickly. Seating in and outside was at a premium but we jagged a table to coincide with our orders being ready. The display cabinets are laden with the most exquisite pastry and baked goods- lemon tart, coconut cream tart, banana cream tart, bread and butter pudding, chocolate eclairs, croissants.... All looking divine. Oh, there's a ... read more

Day 3 Hard getting started today. My aim was to visit the Contemporary Jewish Museum. By public transport...... I should have walked. My bus shelter was inhabited by a crack user. Ok. Did catch the right bus, missed my stop to get off. Found another stop and retraced the route to the correct stop. Determined to master public transport. Going to get my bus pass value and then some- actually it's going to pay for itself over and over again at this rate of multiple journeys. Walked to the museum. It's located across the street from the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts on 4 th and Mission (SOMA) and next to an architecturally stunning church. The YBCA have a comprehensive website and an exhibition on Migration running ATM. They weren't open Wednesdays though so didn't ... read more

Day 2 Out of bed early after a decent sleep, breakfast at the apartment and then I decide to do the waterfront area. The walk down town is really quick, it's only 10 minutes walking briskly. There's a chill in the overcast air. The streets are pretty busy, it looks a lot safer by day, I guess the number of regular citizens is much greater at this time so it dilutes the homeless numbers. I am surprised at the amount of trash lying around. It's all very grimy. Any way, head east towards Powell and then to Market. Buy a 7 day MUNI pass for $28 at Walgreens. From here I make my way down to the Embarcadero on foot where the Ferry Building is situated. We visited last year but I thought it was worth ... read more
Americas Cup Beanbag Lounge

Phew, big trip, great result. Currently sitting in my airbnb studio apartment, fed and watered and having met up with Lachy. It's such a long way from Perth to anywhere, this trip is no exception. I think it was around 27 hrs door to door with delays at Sydney and LAX. However, Qantas did a good job; good food, good entertainment system, managed to get a spare seat next to me so a tiny bit more comfortable. Take note- the two women who sat 2 rows behind me talked almost the entire way, I now know the ins and outs of their lives and their friends lives and their friends, friends lives..... And I know their names, so if I ever meet a *Deirdre and Nigel from LA I know that your marriage is "off". I ... read more
Qantas Club brownies at Sydney Airport are worth waiting for
Lachy and I from his rooftop
Hall way in apartment building

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