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I JUST STEPPED IN SHIT!!!! Last day in San Fran. So sad. We've loved our stay. We checked out of our hostel, put our luggage in the holding cell and began our day finding a dentist/hospital at the Medical Centre...but she was not Asian, or a member and was refused an appointment. So we went for 'breakfast' instead in Little Italy and ate lovely omelettes, and a cup of froth. Back to the hostel we go, sitting for a moment and deciding what to do for the day. Decisions made we strutted our stuff down Colombus st, eventually finding us a push (pull?) sushi restaurant and a boot full of shit on the way. HUMAN shit. It was 5 minutes of so much confusion and uncontrollable laughter no one could contain themselves. We then headed off ... read more

There's a first time for everything... Don't listen to her, she's drunk and she's got no shoes on. Early morning wake up for the Napa Valley!!! Wooooot!! Had amazing coffee and a lovely breakfast from Reveille Coffee Co. fried egg with avocado delicious. We boarded the bus, our tour guide was quite erotic, so we tipped him. The drive was long along the Silverado Trails which was unfortunate as we had no choice but to listen to the wise words of a bogan chick from Melbourne, and the funny comments of our bus driver Leo. The wineries were amazing and by the 7th tasting, we were a little drunk. Our tour guide at the Berrington Brothers didn't know much but had massive jugs. MASSIVE. We walked through the underground mountain cellars and through the 19th Century ... read more

Show us your titties Feeling all a little worse for wear. Jana still can't sleep and I was just plain ol' hungover. But Megan's up and off to get her phone fixed and at 1pm we're all at Fisherman's Wharf looking for some decent coffee and some yummy chowder. Would you like some chowder with that bread.... We browsed a store especially for 'leftys'...big deal, your left handed, why do you need your own personal store. Anyway, it wasn't long till we got distracted by two pigeons having sex. From the pier we could see Alcatraz, unfortunately we were not close enough to see it that well, but what we were close enough for was a glimpse of a braless senior citizen. Hot. Being the tourists that we are, we bought tickets for a city tour ... read more

I'll take the middle one! followed by - H-aye! You owe me some pussy. then - Damn! You're fucking Hot! Got to love the homeless. Started the day on a high with some free breakfast! woop! Bagels and shitty oatmeal (I'd rather eat my face) Jana still running on about 2 hours sleep. We grabbed our cameras and headed for the bestest place in the world - the Zoo!!! We walked to the muni and when we realised the Bart and the Muni are 2 different things we caught the right train straight to the coast. Beautiful zoo. We ate ourselves some hotdogs, took a few photos, hung with the blind seals, Jana drooled over her Gorillas and then we headed home. We walked around the city, visited the San Fran Westfield and ate some Korean. ... read more

Meet me on the roof at midnight. I'll show you a secret room.... 7 hr bus ride to San Francisco. I slept most of the way. Jana did not. No Red Frogs... devastated. Here's a lovely picture from our truck stop. Met my Megan!!! Hugs all round. Followed by $5 Cheap Eats for a Greek dinner and a lonely Jana eating a vegetarian Penne whilst we chowed down on some meaty Gyros. After a hunt in little Italy, we found some afogato - deeeeeelish. Unfortunately Jana missed her midnight rendezvous. Our hostel is cool, people are nice. We're sharing a room with 4 other girls. 2 of them like to sleep. Germans! know what I'm talking about.... read more


There has been so much to do - sights to see and otherwise no wifi - so I I sometimes don't have time to write the blog. For our last few days is Sedona we had wonderful sunny blue skies with early morning views of Balloon rides going over our resort ...Sedona really is a lovely town , and some great restaurants including The Cowboy Club where went twice and tried rattlesnake, fried cactus as well as buffalo meat loaf, buffalo pot roast and steak...and the pork ribs were to die for. ..they also did pretty good cocktails - I blame the girls for introducing me to Dark and Stormy!! We had booked up 2 tours before we set off for the Grand Canyon trip - so one day it was 2 hours in a Safari ... read more
Sedona Jeep tour (4)
Sedona (11)
Sedona Jeep tour (3)

Contd..... Chapter 2. Two days driving about 700 miles to get to Yosemite and what a drive it was - we climbed up to the Tioga Pass and this was a high mountain road( 56 miles)looking down into deep valleys....but the road was wide, well maintained and not scarey to drive ( have been on worse roads in France!!)we were above the snow line and you could see why this road had only been opened 2 days earlier. We passed by meadows, rushing mountain rivers and streams, waterfalls - these mountains are massive white granite with smoothed tops - quite stunning...and beautiful rock. Hodgon Meadows campsite ( I had booked it ages ago - and you need to because otherwise you don't get a site) was on the Western side of the park so we had ... read more
Hogdon Meadows Camp (1)
Lumberjack Tracie

May 12th – 14th. We stumbled a bit getting to FAM Camp at Travis AFB by starting at another camp ground near Vallejo that turned out not to be satisfactory. After making that determination we moved on to Travis and secured two spaces. On Monday we toured San Francisco. First stop was Fisherman's Wharf for lunch followed by a cable car ride and a trip down Lombard Street. The view from Coit tower was impressive then we drove through Chinatown enroute to the Golden Gate Bridge and then home. Arrival back at the FAM Camp was followed by what is becoming a traditional trip to Burger King for ice cream.... read more
Fisherman's Wharf
Fisherman's Wharf
Fisherman's Wharf

The day was sepnt in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Our first stop was Ghirardelli Square where of course we purchased some of their awesome "healthy" treats. We toured Fisherman's Wharf and had some pretty darn good seafood for lunch. Joyce and I had a 15 minute water massage that was very relaxing. I asked Joe for one of the machines for Christmas but at a price tag of $35,000, I don't think that will happen. Next we hopped on a streetcar and road up and down the hills. What a ride that was. We made our way back to the truck and then drove down Lombard street which is the curviest street in the world. Taking pictures down it was interesting. We went to Coit tower to see the breathing taking views from high ... read more
Cable Car 1
Cable Car
Calbe Car brake

Aujourd'hui, on devait quitter l'hôtel pour midi, donc on a quitté un peu tôt et laissé les bagages à la réception pour aller profiter de la ville une dernière fois. Je suis partie de mon côté pour aller au musée des jeans Levis. C'était intéressant. Il y avait des jeans de 1890. Après, je suis allée au musée des 'Railways'. Il était aussi petit que celui de Levis et gratuit. J'avais rendez-vous avec Fan pour prendre une bière. Elle était bonne. En pm, nous devions aller à l'aéroport pour prendre la navette pour notre hôtel. On s'en va donc faire dodo; dans un lit et Fan doit se lever à 3:30h et moi à 5h...... read more
Railways Museum

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