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Day 3 We had time to return to Cafe Mason for another American style breakfast. Buttermilk fluffy pancakes and syrup are delicious but nothing signifies breakfast in USA more than unlimited coffee. So charged we make for Fishermans Wharf to collect our bicycles. Once we have mastered the wrong way round brakes we head off in Indian file along the wharf, past Hyde and the Aquatic park where we get our first sighting of the rust coloured bridge which crosses the Golden Gate. The journey to Sausilito is crammed with cyclists and walkers as we cross the bridge. The traffic roars past us as we cant help but stare at the symmetry of the magnificent bridge at the evolving views of Alcatraz and San Francisco. The bay too is busy with sailing and motor vessels enjoying ... read more
Bike the Bridge 02
Bike the Bidge 03
Bike the Bridge 04

Day 2 We got up to damp foggy weather so packed our water-proofs for the ferry- we were heading to Pier 33 to follow the damp journey of many of America's most wanted to its highest security prison on Alcatraz. This island which stands in full view of the inhabitants of peaceful freedom loving San Francisco had long been a prison and military installation but became infamous by design in face of rising crime in the 20s and 30s. The plan was to house the most infamous, the most unruly and those repeated escape artists in a place of extreme hardship to stand out in front of the public and be a deterrent to criminals. They used to say that if you break the rules you go to jail; break the prison rules and you go ... read more

some photographs of day 2... read more

We travel today to San Francisco RV Resort in Pacifica, Ca. The park is located on the ocean, but main reason for this park is close location to San Francisco. No travel photos.... read more

I have been fortunate to attend many great and famous sporting events over the years. I decided to make a list, just in case I forget, in my later years. I wish my Dad was still alive so we could go together. Here they are, in no particular order. I did complete for my personal sports-fecta a few years ago. It consisted of Wimbledon (All England Lawn Tennis Championship), the Indianapolis 500 Auto Race, and the Kentucky Derby, often billed as the most exciting two minutes in sports. 1984 Summer Olympics, Los Angeles I saw the tennis and boxing, where Evander Holyfield was disqualified. My friend Brad and I polished off several Heinekens and Carlsbergs on this hot summer day. The UCLA Tennis Center was the site of the tennis matches. We saw the boxing at ... read more
Kaepernick Leads 49ers to Super Bowl!
SF Giants=World Champs 2010 and 2012


Arrivals was easy having completed pre-check in Dublin. The long flight was noisy and cold but the taxi driver was enthusiastic and helpful, leaving us right to the door of the Palomar hotel after an introduction to this fantastic city. First stop was the Cheese Cake Factory for a quick dinner (one hour wait for a table) and fast track to bed. Day one kicked off with traditional American Diner breakfast followed by a walk through the Dragon Gate into Chinatown. We wandered over to Fisherman's Wharf to get our bearings for tomorrow. Pier 39 has the classic boardwalk sea food restaurants,ice cream stalls and gimmick shops. We watched the sea lions laze about and before joining the long queue for the San Francisco Cable Car. The wait was prolonged but made to feel like purgatory ... read more

Or how to best piss off a flight attendant. Once the friendly skies were gone, and after 9-11, the flight attendants original mission, that of patient safety and comfort, has long been forgotten, at least by American based airlines. The foreign airlines treat their passengers like gold. I was recently on both a Korean Airlines flight, and a Lufthansa flight. Both were better than anything I have flown domestically. So, does the cheap fare, and all the "nickel and diming" us give the right to complain about everything? I think not. Likewise, can't the flight attendant at least pretend to like having a job that pays him/her a salary and travel perks? So, who are the ones causing all of this animosity between passengers and flight attendants? I assure you it is not me. 1. Coffee, ... read more
Bring Cash, Lots of It!!!!
Avoid the thundering herd!

Friday 11th We leave site nice and early and as we get out of the gate disaster strikes, the van dies on us. It just won't start ! I call the rental company who call a tow truck. Half an hour later it arrives and tows us the the garage up the road and departs. I ask the garage owner how long it will be to get it fixed and he says “ I'll look at it on Monday or Tuesday !!” I call the rental company who say that they'll get us towed to another garage and give us another van. Forty five mins later we're back on the road to SF where we're given a newer van. This one's painted in street art and looks great. By lunch time we're driving back over the ... read more
Our new van
Giant trees
Another giant tree

The plane ride over here went well, it was completely full no free seats at all. Overall I really liked San Francisco. The central city isn’t that interesting, but places like Fishermans wharf are much more exciting, with lots of cool and unusual shops, such as a magic shop, a puzzle shop and a decorations shop, including Christmas and Halloween decorations. SF is very expensive, I didn’t realise til I got here but SF has the most expensive land prices in the US, even higher than Manhattan. A house like in Mrs Doubtfire will cost between 4-5 million dollars, some property rentals are as much as $170,000 a year! The hotel I have is a bed, and a walkway just big enough for a mouse! There are lots of help wanted signs here, I think people ... read more

24 jours que je n'ai rien posté mais je suis de retour! Et oui c'est ça la vie de "traveller", j'aurais appris à mes dépends que rien n'est vraiment planifiable et qu'il faut s'adapter aux situations. En l'occurrence, après San Francisco nous avions prévu mes deux amigos et moi-même de faire le road trip typique que tout bon touriste va généralement faire quand il part visiter l'ouest américain. Alors nous l'avons fait mais j'ai failli me pendre trois fois tellement que tout est allé de travers!Vous comprendrez donc que lorsque j'arrivais ENFIN le soir dans un motel et que par chance j'arrivais à capter le wifi, je n'avais pas toujours le courage d'écrire ni la possibilité d'ailleurs. Je reviendrai la-dessus plus tard au fil des posts qui raconteront se roadtrip! En attendant let´s go to SF ... read more
Axel & Mélissa
Ferry pour Sausalito
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

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