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For en by! Internett bestemte seg for å slette bloginnlegget jeg skrev i går, så hvis noen er interesserte får de nøye seg med bildene gangen her. San Francisco har vært helt fantastisk, og så til de grader levd opp til alle tanker og forventninger jeg hadde til byen. Nå pakker vi kofferten og gjør oss klare til å hente bilen vi har leid, før eventyret virkelig starter og vi gir oss i kast med Pacific Coast Highway på tur til Los Angeles. Det gledes!... read more

Well well well. Five days in and we finally hit the wall. After going non-stop from early morning until late at night we decided that it was time to have a lazy day. Last night we returned home late again after having dinner at Captain Kidds Buffet. All you can eat for $10 per head plus tax. We were invited in to have a look at the buffet and after the kids saw the tacos, burgers and desserts the decision was made. And, it wasn't too bad either. Although what is it about all you can eat that suddenly turns people into pigs with plates piled high? I, Graham, was so embarrassed to carry my plate so grotesquely full I made Scarlett carry it and all was good! Most of you would know that the first ... read more
Our view of the game
Meeting Gru
Outside the Kwik e mart

Today we had the last full day of our holidaying in San Francisco. It took us a while to get up and ready for the outside world after the night before!! We eventually left the hotel about 10.15. It was around this time that i realised my new £60 sunglasses purchased at the airport before leaving that had been a victim of the night before and i'd somehow lost them :-( The day before we'd been lucky as when we were checking in some people had offered Kerry three bus passes. They were three day passes and they'd used the first day and half then were leaving to go home to LA so we got a bus pass each for free. We decided to go and see the Golden Gate Bridge in the morning then head ... read more

Leisurely start to the morning today, bit of a lie in getting up just after 0800hrs and drinking coffee in the room. This was mainly due to the fact we can't go snowmobiling this morning as they are completing "essential maintenance" along the route. This is something we were looking forward to doing as well. We finally decided to get up and head off for a breakfast at Ihop to fuel us for the rest of the day to get to San Francisco. Yet again their breakfast menu is huge and took ages to read through and choose what to eat. We all settled for different varieties of pancakes and some French toast to share. Portions are massive so very full now!! Back in the car now with about a four hour journey ahead of us. ... read more

Nach einem langen aber durchaus gutem Flug sind wir in SFO (San Francisco) angekommen. Die Kinder waren super und haben so gut es ging mitgemacht, vorallem auch bei der Einreise, noch bevor wir unsere Koffer in Empfang nehmen konnten (2h in einer sich nicht bewegender Schlange). Danach ging es aber flott weiter mit transfer zum Hotel und einchecken. Nun, 2 Nächte später und viel Schlaf (ein einen kurzen Tag in SFO), warten wir auf den Abholservice, um uns zum Camper-Vermieter zu bringen. In der Zwischenzeit (Samstag) sind wir nun auf unserem ersten RV Platz für die Nacht (nach einer schweisstreibenden Fahrt durch SFO). Die Fahrt war ziemlich abenteuerlich durch SFO und mit einem Zwischenhalt in einem riiiiiiiiesigen Supermarkt hatten wir uns mit dem Nötigsten eingedeckt. Um ehrlich zu sein, der Camping-Platz hier ist nicht berauschend, mehr ... read more


You would think by now, after TSA rules, and just common sense, that passengers would dress appropriately for a plane ride. Conversely, there are people who probably go a little too far, and make their seat their own personal spa or retreat. So, what might these things be? And I certainly hope you are not one of them, names withheld to protect the guilty! Uncomfortable Shoes Always in the eye of the beholder, as some of you may feel perfectly comfortable in your 6 inch heels. Did you ever think that you might have to evacuate, like the Asiana plane at SFO, run through burning grass, or dodging fire trucks? I have also landed on many runways and deplaning areas in SE Asia that are gravel or loose clay. img= read more

I have used miles (or paper upgrades) to upgrade to First and Business Class on several airlines, mostly United, Virgin America, US Scare, Hawaiian, and Alaska, but also many foreign airlines, like China Airlines, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, and Thai Airways. Some are worth it, some are not. But here are some things that just might blow your socks off! Showers I hear that Emirates Airlines has hot showers and lie flat beds. But the shower limit is 5 minutes! A Bidet ANA has warm water bidets in first class. I would rather have more expensive champagne than warm water on my butt! img= A Seat and a Bed The first class cabin on Lufthansa has both a seat and a bed, all in the upper deck of the 747, with a capacity of ... read more

Well, I never did this when I was a "road warrior" but times have changed. Check out this article. Your colleagues who stay in the office probably have the idea that business travelers live pretty high on the hog, eating and drinking in swanky restaurants and putting it all on the company tab. But a new report from Certify, a firm that tracks business travel spending, puts the lie to that notion. The report lists the specific vendors that road warriors tend to include the most on expense reports from business trips, and the three that top the list are hardly five-star establishments — they’re more like the kind of places someone might rush into at the airport on the way to a flight. Starbucks tops the list, followed by McDonald’s and Subway. Rounding out the ... read more

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What truly makes a holiday.... I've always lived by a motto when I travel... Tourists see sights.... Travellers experience culture Nothing upsets me more than seeing people pile off a bus to take photos of a landmark before jumping back on and heading to the next stop. How are they experiencing the country... the culture... the essence that makes a place hum and tick, when they never socialise with anyone other than their own group and never experience the local way of life. In my mind, this is the difference between a tourist and a traveller. Apon arriving in San Francisco and finding parking, hostel and all the mundane things, I met one of my roommates and hit it off. Ross, from Detroit, was a fellow traveller that's been working around the world for the last ... read more

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5th & 6thFebruary San Francisco Arrived San Francisco early morning, and passed under Golden Gate Bridge just after 5.15 am. Before disembarkation for our trips we had to pass through immigration (AGAIN). Our allotted time was 07.45 am. An hour and a half later we passed through the immigration channel. You can imagine the frustration in the queue which literally stretched the length of the ship at one stage. No one was leaving the ship until everyone had been seen!! And there’s always one (or in this case three) that held up proceedings!! This stop is also a changeover port and some 1400 passengers will disembark over the next two days. There will also be some changes in the crew including the captain. It will be interesting to see how the dynamics change with new passengers ... read more

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