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Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul August 29th 2006

Thursday August 24, 2006 - The sleep I had on the overnight bus was so much better with a fleece to sleep on. Only took me 4 rides to figure that one out. Once we landed in Istanbul the bus stopped across the water from the part of town we wanted and we thought about getting off and taking a ferry but were too tired and lazy. So we stayed on and ended up far far away at the bus station. Luckily they gave us a shuttle ride into town, but it still took much much longer with traffic. We walked around a great deal looking for a decent and decently priced place to sleep, taking great pains to avoid the last place we stayed and the underground cat dungeon room. And where did we end ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv August 29th 2006

So, sorry I haven't written in a few days, but not much has been going on. Except for the last couple days. This week's theme has been distant family. So on Saturday night, we had a bunch of my cousins over for dinner. These were cousins I had never met before, who are all very religious. They were nice, and everyone said I looked like my dad or my grandma. Before I continue, let me explain how I am related to my family here. All my cousins in Israel are 3rd cousins. That is, their great grandmother, and my great grandmother were sisters, making my grandma and their grandma or grandpa first cousins, and so on down the line. This family is on my dad's side. So now I have finally met most of my dad's ... read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait August 27th 2006

This journal account is primarily about what happens from the time after September 06 in Kuwait, but feel that a quick recap of the 26 odd year before 06 might help give a more rounded picture. So.... here goes (Will be like the Reduced Shakespeare Society etc) So, were born in January 1980 to parents, Roy and Jacki, in Poole - Dorset. Waiting for me was my big sister Jayne who arrived a couple of years before me. Oh, and Filley - pet English Setter Dog. Parents moved us to Seaford (sussex) 3 months after my birth and Tamsyn (second sister) was born in 1983. Ummm everything else was pretty standard for a few years. No major events or issues, very 'normal' childhood if such a thing exists.... Morgan (Great Munsterlander dog joined the pack in ... read more
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Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem August 27th 2006

Ok, so according to the stuff i've just filled out, I am in Jerusalem, Israel.....and that will be true in about 30 hours, give or take..... How weird is that? After a full day of almost panicked packing, at 11:10pm, I am almost winding down. It really hasn't hit me that I won't be coming home in a few weeks - actually I don't think that it will hit me for a while. I have this nagging feeling in the back of my head that I've forgotten something. And instead of finishing off the suitcase, I am in front of this computer, writing out a blog. (By the way, whodathunk that Rachel Silvert would ever honestly be able to say that she had a BLOG??) People have been asking whether I'm scared about "the situation" in ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman August 27th 2006

Long time no write! What a week it has been. Getting out of Egypt was a tremendous challenge. After a relaxing time in Dahab, we boarded the bus to head up the coast to catch the ferry to Jordan. Simple this may sound, but not when you're in Egypt! You can't make bookings so we sat in the truck (about 35 degrees) and waited from 9.20am to 9.00pm to get tickets. The office only opened for about 10 mins at a time. Unfortunately, day 1 we couldn't get tickets as all the locals are heading to Mecca prior to Ramadan. So we headed off to a beachside resort (ha!) for the night. No electricity, no water (therefore no showers and toilets) and about a million degrees. Couldn't sleep outside as the dogs barked at us! Fortunately ... read more
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Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul August 27th 2006

I had wanted to visit Turkey and finding out that they were hosting a Formula One event was a good excuse to plan my trip accordingly as I've always wanted to go to an F1 race. I was not disappointed! I had booked my flights and paid a princely sum to secure myself a Super Gold Priority seat in the premier seating of the main grandstand way way back in January, so it was quite a build up and i wasnt going to miss a second of it. My seat was directly opposite one of the big screens and the pits so i was well positioned to see all the action! On the Friday they have free practice sessions for the F1 cars and qualifying for two other classes also racing that weekend. I found out ... read more
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Middle East » Bahrain » Manama August 25th 2006

Although I stayed in this small island country for only two days, it was a rewarding one. I was staying in downtown Manama, which is busy place with a souq selling gold. In day 2, I went to visit the excellent National Museum of Bahrain, which had a detailed introduction of the history of the country. Knowing only the minimal before I arrived, I was surprised to find that the island had a history of over 3000 years, starting from the ancient Dilmun civilisation, through the Tylos era, to the modern times. It is quite amazing because one could find such a small place to have its identiy through such a long time, especially when empires, nearby and far away, came and go. As in the other parts of the Gulf, many people I met or ... read more
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Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Fethiye August 25th 2006

Hello agaın. So thıs ıs me typıng from Fethıye thıs tıme, and agaın from a Turkısh keyboard, so the I 's wıll agaın be wonky. I thınk sınce my last blog I've been to Selcuk, Bodrum and here, so takıng them one at a tıme, here goes: So after my last blog I was ın Selcuk, whıch lıke Canakkale ıs a crap town, notable maınly for the thıngs surroundıng ıt. Those are the Temple of Artemıs and the ancıent Roman cıty of Ephesus. The Temple of Artemıs was actually one of the seven wonders of the ancıent world, however ıt now consısts of a sıngle column, and even that had to be re-constructed. So thıs was very much the type of tourıst attractıon that you take one photo of and check ıt off on your lıst ... read more
Ephesus 2
Ephesus 3
Bodrum Underwater Museum

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai August 24th 2006

I visited Dubai in June and July this year and have written about my travel experience on my webspace . I have also posted some of the photographs I took in UAE during my trip at Images of Dubai. Although this city is very modern now but extremely hot during summer.... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia August 23rd 2006

Tuesday August 22, 2006 - Another neck breaking overnight bus ride and another cranky Jenn. We arrived ın Goreme (the town in the part of the country called Capadocia) and went to the accomodation office outside of the bus station. It was 5am but someone was there. We looked at the ads and chose a place called Tuna Caves. I should explain - this region of the country is famous for its beautiful rock formations and caves. Many of the hostels and pensions have rooms in caves and fairy chimneys, a special tall skinny rock formation. We agreed to a double room with bath for 30 lyra ($20) but it wouldn't be ready until someone checked out. In the meantime they let us sleep in a different room, which was great. We went to sleep immediately ... read more
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