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Europe » Czech Republic » South Bohemian Region October 27th 2013

Palaces, churches and some more We have for many years known that if you wish to go to a place where it is easy to find good cheap quality beer Czech Republic might be the best place in Europe to visit. What we didn't know was that it is even possible to bathe in beer. We'll tell you more about that experience later on in this blog entry. But we will begin this blog entry by writing about another beverage namely water. We started our trip in the spa town Karlovy Vary, a town where people have come to drink water from the various wells for over a hundred years. To walk the streets of Karlovy Vary almost felt like getting warped back to the turn of previous century. Parts of the city centre really has ... read more
Karlovy Vary - the biggest well
Karlovy Vary
Karlovy Vary

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague October 25th 2013

Lots of people have said to us "how is it you lived in Europe for 5 years and never made it to Prague?" Our standard response was that we had saved it so we would have somewhere great to go back to when we came to Europe again. We can now tick Prague off the list. Kimmy found us an amazing apartment in central Prague, about 2 minutes' walk from the famous square with the overrated clock. Our apartment was a huge one bedroom and every morning we got served an incredibly large and delicious breakfast that was slightly different all three mornings. Typical menu: omelette, orange juice, coffee, tea, croissant, sweet pastries, fresh fruit, meats and cheeses, buns, yoghurt, and cereal. We were able to easily put together lunch from our breakfast leftovers!!!! The thing ... read more
Shaney relaxing with Moopy
And then with Cappy
Who needs boring gold-plated numbers on their house?

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » New Town September 26th 2013

Day 126 – Prague – Czech Republic It was lovely and fresh this morning as we left. Foggy too. We headed to a former concentration camp at Mauthausen first up. It had some incredible tributes to the different nationalities that had been involved. We climbed down and up the ‘death stairs’ which are these steep steps leading down to a quarry. The prisoners would work in the quarry and have to climb these steps carrying massive boulders. If they couldn’t make it up the stairs they may be shot on the spot or pushed down the stairs. Just horrific stuff. There was a well displayed exhibition with photos, video, audio recordings, artifacts etc. We walked into gas chambers, crematoriums, dormitories and the mortuary. Quite confronting but good to see high school groups attending and ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town September 24th 2013

From Seiffen, 5 minutes down the road and the signage changes, the road condition changes, oh dear, we have entered the Czech Republic..from now on everything has changed, the scenery, the cars, the signs, everything. We twisted and turned for an hour through back roads to find our way back to the motorway. Once in Prague, it was amazing. This place has some history, the buildings are incredible, we got to our accomodation, we were greeted by the owner who had a car park out the front ready for us. It was a B&B but had about 6 rooms, stunning place & great hosts. There was a street market (once a year thing) in the street over so once settled we wandered down to check it out. Food, beer, wine, food, beer, it had it all. ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic September 15th 2013

For your interest: Most of the photos are taken using my old Panasonic video camera NV-GS180 with a 2.3 mega pixel still picture and a Coolpix S230 for panorama shots + others. September 12: We departed Perth to Singapore; September 13: Arrived - departed Singapore for Frankfurt - arriving 12 hours later and then walking 3/4 hour through the Terminal to board our flight to Prague arriving at about 9.30am and into the hotel about 10.30am. September 13th: Friday: PRAGUE; We have walked around the shops and streets. September 14: after a really good breakfast we walked across bridges and around part of the river then later to a museum to see "The Monarchy" exhibition series. In the evening we met our tour guide and some of the other members of the party before going on ... read more
Prague - Powder Tower


Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 10th 2013

Decisions, decisions. Where to go on holiday this year? My husband says Europe. There are still places in Europe we haven’t been and so many places that we loved and would like to revisit. But I am always looking East. My Asian love affair shows no sign of abating. But Europe is also wonderful. So where? Italy. We haven’t been for years. We’ve done all the big cities. What about the countryside? Tuscany? Dolomites? Amalfi Coast? Let’s go! But wait, the tickets are really expensive. OK, let’s check cheaper flight destinations. There are two choices: Croatia or the Czech Republic. Oh yes, Dubrovnik. I’ve been to the north of Croatia and had a fantastic holiday with day trips to Slovenia. Now I am itching to see the south of the country – Dobrovnik, a bit of ... read more
Bubbles, Prague
Outside Kafka museum
locks on a bridge in Prague

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic 26 July 2013 We missed out on seeing this part of Czech Republic so after leaving Vienna we travelled north. We did a tour of the Palace so I will let the photos tell the story. It was one of the most amazing Old Towns we have seen.... read more
Cesky Krumlov Czech Republic 26 July 2013 (35)
Cesky Krumlov Czech Republic 26 July 2013 (161)
Cesky Krumlov Czech Republic 26 July 2013 (6)

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town August 24th 2013

My first impression of Prague was definitely a good one. I arrived at my hotel to be greeted by the receptionist in Spanish which was quite a pleasant surprise and from that moment on, I knew I was going to like the city. It was a nice change to be in a city where English didn't seem to be the Lingua Franca and I just got a feeling that because of that Prague maybe wasn't going to conform to international standards like most of the other cities I've visited. The thing I noticed about Prague though was that there just seemed to be tourists (mostly Spanish speaking) everywhere and I didn't see too may locals around although that may just be because I didn't really venture much off the beaten track and pretty much stuck to ... read more
Prague 087
Prague 184
Prague 195

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 20th 2013

We should have taken it as a sign of what was to come, a gruff taxi driver who reeked of cigarette smoke, greeted us with little more than a grunt and yelled out "arschloch" half a dozen times during our short journey to the train station. One scary frau! Then our train to Prague was late, not by a great deal but it puts you on edge and you wonder whether you have the right time, right platform etc. It's reassuring when you speak to others and they are waiting for the same train so that's what we usually do when we are unsure. When we eventually boarded we found someone sitting in one of our seats. She was adamant that she had the right seat and showed us her ticket. I had to point out ... read more

We travelled by local bus from C.Krumlov to C.Budejovice, paying a minimal amount for our suitcases. The Czech driver reminded me of the wonderful actor in 'Kolya'. He had a Czech radio station playing a mixture of Czech crooners, bluegrass and rock and roll. We sat back and enjoyed the 40 minute journey. Our first bus journey on this trip. We didn't book accommodation and were able to get into a self-contained modern apartment which was located at the top of an old renovated building, hence no lift! This meant going up 3 flights of stone steps (60 in fact!). The apartment is on 2 levels with a modern 15 step staircase where our bed is located. We open the windows in the roof and stare out at the rooftops and church steeples. We get lovely ... read more
Our cheerful and skillful Czech griller
Grim-faced workers sculpture
Our self-contained apartment

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