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It’s been cold and rainy for the last week. Ava and I both miss hanging out in the park and are hoping for a bit of sunshine soon. We did make it to Prague last weekend for a day. The main purpose of the visit was to locate the Pension David, which is the place we will stay next Sunday. Early Monday morning, we will begin our trip home! We’re both excited about spending 11 weeks on the farm before leaving for Nanchang, China the last week in August. I just sent my signed contract to a university there this morning, and am happy to say that one of my best friends (Lauryn) and her husband (Zac) will be joining us for this adventure. Lauryn will teach at the university as well and we’re hoping Zac ... read more
Close Up!
A pretty balcony in Prague
Cool building

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town June 1st 2013

Time to relect on our trip so far.....Scott and i have currently traveled through 22 countries in just under 5 months ( currently in Prague) and over a glass of wine we were reflecting on our trip todate and thought we should share some thoughts with our friends and family since many of you are starting to ask. So here we go 2 Favourite countries: laura: Holland and Guatamala. Even though it rained the entire time in holland i found the culture facinating and the bike life. LIfe was simple and most people were "high on life" as for Guatamala it is unlike any other country and the history of the mayan people is so rich in the surroundings around you whether your in the Ancient city of Antigua or the chilled lifestlye of Lake atalin. ... read more
favourite big city - New York
most rememberable - tikal sunset
the unexpected - mother nature.

Europe » Czech Republic May 20th 2013

Enjoyed a breakfast of muesli & croissant with double espresso; the hotel has a beautiful buffet each morning and the staff was very attentive. The breakfast room was such a pleasant room to enjoy I decide to delay my adventure for the day and spend some time on my blog. Head out about 11 a.m. and catch the metro, then the tram to the Petrin Funnicular. Public transport is cheap, paid just 310 Kz or the equilivant of $15 for 72 hours and includes, Metro (subway), trams, busses, even the Funnicular. The queue for the funnicular was short and I boarded in less than 15 minutes. Unlike the Dresden funnicular which only had one or two other riders this attraction was filled to capacity. Built in 1891 the cable car was originally operated by water, which ... read more
Lower Petrin Hill
Eiffel Tower Replica

On the way to Kuta Hora I delighted in field upon field of canola, brilliant yellow and in fill bloom. I had previously thought this to be mustard. My guide was a wonderful older woman who had a lovely way about her and was always able to convey her feelings, attitudes, opinions and values throughout her commentary. She was charming and the day was glorious, bright and sunny just after an early morning rain, the sky was clear and the vista vast. Kutna Hora The town began in 1142 when established as a settlement as a Cistercian Monastary, the first in Bohemia. By 1260 German miners began to mine for silver in the mountain region, which they named Kuttenberg, and which was part of the monastery property. Under Abbot Heinrich Heidenreich the territory greatly advanced due ... read more
Old Town
Kutna Hora
Cemetery at Ossuary

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague May 19th 2013

I really wanted to see the Czech Traditional Musicians and Dancers but really didn't want to go on a commercial tour. This amazing trip has unfolded with such uncanny spontaneous manifestation I should not have been surprised when on the way to the metro an open air market was in full swing. Lo and behold they had these authentic and energetic performers. The men throw their legs in the air, tassels on their boots flying high. There were smokers made from wood barrels and the end result was the smoked fish you see. I proceeded to the Tower Park Prague, one of the few structures disturbing the unique panorama of Prague. The tower, stretching to all of 216 m, is by far the highest in the Czech Republic and during days of clear visibility it is ... read more
Czech Traditional Dress
The Dancing was Unbelievable


Europe » Czech Republic » Prague May 18th 2013

Auf weirdersehen Dresden, Dobr den Praha Grunes Gewold or The Green Vault was King Augustus Strong's baroque treasure chamber. The galley is outstanding, and in order to enter you pass thru a special chamber that apparently assists in keep the environment controlled, especially dust. Much of the exhibition is not under glass, but you are at all times under great scrutiny by numerous guards. The extravagant collecting tastes of Augustus the Strong and his son Augustus III developed what is today the most important collection of it's type in Eurpoe. The Dresden Green Diamond, also known as "Dresden Green", is a 41 carats natural green diamond, which probably originated in the Kollur mine in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. My mother who likes to comment "You can never over-accessorize Janie" should have met good ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague May 18th 2013

Castles Coats of Arms Chateaus Cemeteries Canola Fields Cathedrals Cherries Clouds Charles Bridge Concerts Conifers Ceramics Crystal Convents Classic Classical Colorful Cycling Clever Clover Casanovas Communism Crowns Chapels Ceramics Clocks Cafes Crepes Czars Composers Colossal Crafty Cobblestones Clubs Characters Christian Coins Complex Constant Changing Cheerful... read more
Czech Folk Dancers
Love the Hat
Symbol of Praha

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town May 15th 2013

We left Amsterdam bright and early in the morning and had a long 8 hour ride to Berlin. Germany is absolutely beautiful though and it made for quite the scenic drive. The language barrier was ever so present in Germany. We stopped in a little suburban town for some lunch and trying to order food was probably the most difficult experience on the trip thus far. My prior German speaking knowledge only includes no and thank you. We eventually established what we wanted to order though. we made it to our hostel and it was my favorite place so far. The interior design was such my taste. It was very eclectic and artsy feeling with unique typography on all the signs. Like my first hostel in London this one was crawling with young backpackers and tourist ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town May 8th 2013

We over slept a bit as the alarm didn’t go off, but that was really ok since today was a pretty chill day. We hadn’t really planned to do a lot of things but more just stroll around old down and the Jewish Quarter. We are at the point in the trip were we are pretty tired and our feet can’t take a lot of walking around (well might feet can’t). Jerry slept so hard and long in one position he woke up with a slight ear ache, so we spent a great deal of the day looking for an open pharmacy to buy some hydrogen proxide. In any event we went down to our breakfast, today they had the basic plus two hot items, bratwurst with onions and scrambled eggs with Vienna sausage, both were ... read more
Passage to old town square
Astronomical clock
Sites of the Square

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Malá Strana May 7th 2013

We both slept very hard, didn’t wake up until the alarm went off at 7. Breakfast is included in the price of our room here so we took advantage of that. I want to explain what breakfast means in Europe for those that may not know or for those of you that are not on my e-mail list and might just be reading this for hints about travel. When breakfast is included in the price of the room, do not expect pancakes, oatmeal, omelets or bacon and eggs; those are American breakfast items. What you get varies from hotel to hotel and country to country, but the basics are pretty much the same: Bread, pastries, yogurt, granola or some cold cereal, coffee (usually Nescafe), juice and cheese. On occasion you may get soft boiled or hard ... read more
Charles Bridge
St. Nicholas
Terraced Gardens

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