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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town July 14th 2013

Today I rode from Berlin to Prague; it was a nice ride pretty scenic and all that. I hit reserve for the second time on this leg of my travels but in 29 days and 12 countries I only hit reserve twice so I will stick with those numbers. I had heard that gas was cheaper in CZ so I was waiting until I crossed the border to buy gas. Then after I crossed the border I remembered they don’t use the Euro and I had no cash for gas and I hate using my card because of the stupid international fees crap. So I rode along and tried to find a cash machine and nothing finally I was like whatever ill just suck it up and use my card and gas was like 39Kč and ... read more
The Lennon Wall
Eiffel Tower
Charles Bridge

The beautiful medieval town of Cesky Krumlov, full of cobbled streets and dominated by the huge castle on the hill and the imposing St Vitus’ cathedral lower down. The town is encircled by a river and couldn’t be more picturesque surrounded by rolling green hills. Well worth spending a night or so here to be up before the crowds of tourists and be able to enjoy the atmosphere and take in the lovely buildings and plazas without watching who you’re about to bump into or whose picture you’re about to walk into. The other advantage to staying the night is going to watch a performance at the revolving theatre. They do outdoor performances all summer in the evening, we were kindly given two tickets after I offered to take photos for a group of local people ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 11th 2013

Two days in Prague. Perfect weather. Highlights, early morning walk across iconic Charles’ Bridge, beautiful stained glass windows in St Vitus’ cathedral, views of the castle from all over, walk through lovely terraced Gardens Below The Castle, view of the city from the top of the Prague version of the Eiffel Tower, walking the cobbled streets of the old town, so may lovey buildings, cardboard tiny model of Prague in the City Museum. The downside, as expected, is the vast number of tourists, particularly so many tour groups who seem to feel they own the footpaths. Beautiful city, a good size to wander around. Great public transport, used lots of trams and underground and it wasn’t crowded.... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » South Moravian Region » Brno July 8th 2013

12.00-kor indultunk Budapestről. Anyuhoz felmentünk előtte, elköszöntünk, s irány a három évvel ezelőtti cél, azaz Csehország, Dél-Morvaország. Első állomásunk ismét Breclav (magyarul Leventevár) volt, első fotónk, mit ad Isten, egy sörgyár előtt készült. Megtekintettük az austerlitzi emlékművet, itt verte tönkre Ferenc és Sándor császárokat a nagy Napóleon. A szomszédos faluban, Telnicén székely hősökre emlékeztet a buszmegálló mögötti kopjafa kompozíció. Este Brnoban sétáltunk.... read more
Telnice (1)
Telnice (2)

Via Praha, I make my way northwards, to Trutnov. I arrive after five hours on three different trains, walk to my guesthouse, and learn that the room I booked has been given to someone else. Unfortunately, I don't have any written booking confirmation, as I only called them up and reserved a room using a mixture of English, German and Russian. The lady at the reception nervously makes a lot of phone calls and checks the internet for a place to stay for that sad-looking creature sitting in front of her, who doesn't even understand her language. After maybe half an hour, she finally succeeds in this task and drives me to a place out of town, which actually seems to be closer to the Battlefield, Obscene Extreme's traditional venue. For an acceptable price, I get ... read more
Fuck the Facts
Coldwar singer
Where's the band?


Europe » Czech Republic » Olomouc Region July 4th 2013

R July 4 – Our original plan for yesterday was to visit the Punkva cave, but my guide book said that this tour can sell out weeks in advance in the summer, and that we should call ahead. Luckily Yvonne had a friend who could do just that, and found out that it was sold out for yesterday but we could reserve tickets for today, so we did. We took an early train to Blankso and then found that there was no bus going to the caves at that time, so we looked for a taxi. There were no taxis nearby, so we went back to the train station to ask about it and luckily the man spoke English and called a cab for us. So nice. Once we arrived, we picked up our tickets and ... read more
Our walk to the cave
4m long stalagtite/stalagmite combo

Next up on my journey on the well-trodden path is one of Eastern, um, I mean Central Europe's (sorry, Czechs, my bad) most beloved tourist traps. Český Krumlov is the Czech Republic's second biggest tourist draw, after Prague, of course. Austrians hop over in droves, so do Germans, Russians, French, Italians, and, like with all other European snow globe towns, Chinese and Japanese. Before I get there, however, I stop by at České Budějovice, also known as Budweis. Ungh, one of those things where I think "Do I really have to explain that?": Budweis is the home town of one of the best Czech beers (which makes it one of the world's best beers by default), Budweiser. Apparently, they've been having some copyright issues with a beer of the same name, which is brewed in the ... read more
Eggenberg dark
Český Krumlov in all its glory
Column detail

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town July 3rd 2013

The city of floods is a pretty accurate summary of both Budapest and Prague. We were aware of the floods prior to going there but the extent to how bad it was didnt hit us until the train ride through lower Germany let us witness how bad it actually was. Our train was delayed in Germany due to rising waters but were given the all clear after lunch and we heading to Prague at a crawling rate. Many houses were underwater along the river and many roads all closed. Lucky the train tracks sat higher up along the river and we were able to make it into the city, many of the other routes were closed for example it was very hard to get to Vienna, Austria so sadly we couldnt make it there as planned. ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Plzen Region » Plzen July 2nd 2013

After having visited Prague a few times already, but really not that much more in Czech Republic, I decided to branch out a little this time. First stop is Plzeň, the home of Pilsner beer. On the train ride to Prague I find a pretty good conversation partner in Gary, an Australian Indian from Melbourne. We chat about the finer (ha!) details of Australian culture and he provides me with some insight about what kinds of shit he has to take as an Australian with his background. Quite interesting, as so far, I hadn't heard the Australian Indian perspective firsthand. I change trains in Prague and hop on the train to Plzeň, where I arrive one and a half hours later. My host Rufina picks me up from the train station. She's Belarussian and in Plzeň ... read more
Statue of Josef Smetana
Kozel dark
Moorish style ceiling

Europe » Czech Republic » Olomouc Region » Olomouc July 2nd 2013

Tuesday July 2 – Today we woke up quite early for a day trip to a town called Olomouc (pronounced Olla-moats. Nothing in Czech sounds like it looks). We got a train there, which took two hours. We had a compartment to ourselves, which was really nice. A lot of talking and laughing ensued. Once there, we did some sightseeing which started with the city hall. It has an astronomical clock that has figured that move every hour, but instead of the normal clocks that have saints, this one had good communist workers. It wasn’t that exciting, but it was still interesting. It ended with a metal rooster crowing, which was the best part. Afterwards we grabbed some food at a vegetarian restaurant and continued to see the sights – more of the town, churches, etc. ... read more
Street view
Astronomical clock
Holy Trinity Column

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