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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town July 3rd 2013

The city of floods is a pretty accurate summary of both Budapest and Prague. We were aware of the floods prior to going there but the extent to how bad it was didnt hit us until the train ride through lower Germany let us witness how bad it actually was. Our train was delayed in Germany due to rising waters but were given the all clear after lunch and we heading to Prague at a crawling rate. Many houses were underwater along the river and many roads all closed. Lucky the train tracks sat higher up along the river and we were able to make it into the city, many of the other routes were closed for example it was very hard to get to Vienna, Austria so sadly we couldnt make it there as planned. ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Plzen Region » Plzen July 2nd 2013

After having visited Prague a few times already, but really not that much more in Czech Republic, I decided to branch out a little this time. First stop is Plzeň, the home of Pilsner beer. On the train ride to Prague I find a pretty good conversation partner in Gary, an Australian Indian from Melbourne. We chat about the finer (ha!) details of Australian culture and he provides me with some insight about what kinds of shit he has to take as an Australian with his background. Quite interesting, as so far, I hadn't heard the Australian Indian perspective firsthand. I change trains in Prague and hop on the train to Plzeň, where I arrive one and a half hours later. My host Rufina picks me up from the train station. She's Belarussian and in Plzeň ... read more
Statue of Josef Smetana
Kozel dark
Moorish style ceiling

Europe » Czech Republic » Olomouc Region » Olomouc July 2nd 2013

Tuesday July 2 – Today we woke up quite early for a day trip to a town called Olomouc (pronounced Olla-moats. Nothing in Czech sounds like it looks). We got a train there, which took two hours. We had a compartment to ourselves, which was really nice. A lot of talking and laughing ensued. Once there, we did some sightseeing which started with the city hall. It has an astronomical clock that has figured that move every hour, but instead of the normal clocks that have saints, this one had good communist workers. It wasn’t that exciting, but it was still interesting. It ended with a metal rooster crowing, which was the best part. Afterwards we grabbed some food at a vegetarian restaurant and continued to see the sights – more of the town, churches, etc. ... read more
Street view
Astronomical clock
Holy Trinity Column

Europe » Czech Republic » South Moravian Region » Brno July 1st 2013

M July 1 – So today I began another trip. I must admit that I was having misgivings about this one. I never stay home and just relax, which is something I’ve always been bad at but desperately need. It would be great to spend time at home like a normal person, but when the time comes, I never think that way. In my mind, six weeks off means six weeks of travel, which I’m starting to realize is not necessarily normal for most people. So I am missing time at home again. Have I finished packing so I can be relaxed with my last day? Oh no. I had to spend another 90 minutes or more frantically trying on clothes and trying to decide what to bring. No matter how many trips I take, I ... read more
Town hall

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague June 30th 2013

For four of the past five summers (2009-2011, 2013) I have spent six weeks in Prague teaching study abroad courses. The city is incredibly well-preserved and an architect's dream. If you go, take a few days to do the touristy activities and then begin exploring and enjoying the off-the-beaten path sites. I would recommend spending some time just getting lost wondering around the historic streets on both sides of the Vltava River. The most popular sites in Prague include the castle area, the Charles Bridge, and Old Town Square where there is always a steady swarm of tourists in the summer. Walking into Old Town Square for the first time is great and I still enjoy it each time I return. I would recommend paying the fee to take in the views from the top of ... read more
Beautiful sunset on Vltava and Prague Castle
Me at Cesky Raj
Prague Castle


Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town June 29th 2013

Prague Czech Republic 27 to 28 May 2013 Wow! Prague, the capital of the ‘new’ Czech Republic is spectacular, full of contrasts, history, food, wine/beer, cheap shopping (but those who know me, I tried hard to be interested), with the Elbe River (which also flowed through Dresden) winding through the city, with many bridges. We did 11 hours of walking, with coffee, lunch and dinner stops sprinkled through the time. After a rocky history, the country is in good shape, great roads, great transport system In 1993, Czechoslovakia ceased to exist creating the new Czech Republic. In 2004 the country joined the EU but has retained its Czech Crown (about 22 Kc to $1 AUD). It is divided into 2 states, Bohemia & Moravia. The country is known for its silver (although after supplying ... read more
Amazing building for stage productions Prague (1)
Around Main Square Prague (2)
Around Main Square Prague (13)

Prague to Slovakia via Kutna Hora and Brno, 29 May 2013 Today we drove through showers of rain. On Kerrie’s advice we set our anti-divorce GPS to Kutna Hora which is east of Prague. Kerrie went and saw this amazing/weird/creepy Sedlec Ossuary (bone church). In this church there are the bones of 40,000 people of which 30,000 died from a plague. Someone arranged all the bones in an incredible way (see photos). We just walked around with our jaws dropped. There are some amazing things around the world to see and this has got to be one of them!! Thanks Kerrie. Kutna Hora is a town that grew as a result of silver mining. This mine supplied 1/3 of Europe’s silver and is now closed down. It was the 2nd most important city in ... read more
One of the many tunnels
In and around St Barbara Cathederal Kutna Hora Czech Republic (2)
In and around St Barbara Cathederal Kutna Hora Czech Republic (6)

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town June 26th 2013

First full day in Prague. We had to sleep a bit extra today until 7:30 PM. Breakfast here is not included in the daily rate. We will have to pay 12 Euros in addition per person here. After morning shower etc, we headed to the breakfast. If you compare this to the hotels we have been to in India, this spread is very average. THere is no hot item other than bioled eggs. There were varieties of pastries, bread, fruit and Yogurt. It would be difficult to skip lunch with this intake. We loaded up as much as we could. Person at the reception was able to give us a map and point us to the subway station where we could buy a tram ticket to the Prague Castle. This was our first attraction. THe castle ... read more

April 2, 2012. I went to visit a friend who lived in a village near Ostrava. (This was not a backpacking trip.) I learned a lot about European history during my stay with her. There had always been Germans and Czechs living in Bohemia and Moravia (and a whole bunch of other ethnic groups such as Pols, Hungarians, Jews, and various other Slavs) but I guess Czechs made up the majority. For example, when Charles University was founded in 1348 in Prague during the Golden Age of Czech history, the university was divided into Czech, Polish, Saxon, and Bavarian "nations." The house my friend lived in was originally German. When the Germans were expelled from Czechoslovakia after WWII, they were not given much time to move and they weren't allowed to take much with them, so ... read more
Jewish cemetery in Trebič

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague June 2nd 2013

April 5, 2012. The Prague Castle opens at 10am which is when I got there. However, a very large area in front of the castle was fenced off and there were policemen and security people everywhere. A military troop in their parade costume and a military band were lined up just inside the castle gates. Tons of spectators stood around the fences. I asked one of the security people what is happening and when can I go in the castle. He said that the Czech President is officially welcoming the President of Azerbaijan today and it will probably take about an hour. I waited and saw the official welcoming ceremony with military honours. It didn't take that long but the fence was kept there till 12 noon. People were able to go inside to visit the ... read more

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