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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town January 2nd 2014

My husband and I, together with our 19 year old son and 18 year old nephew left Melbourne on New Year's Day on a night flight at around 10.00pm. We were flying to Prague for the start of our three week trip. We boarded our Emirates A380 and found we had been given new seats, all four of us had * seats with extra leg room. It was an excellent flight, very comfortable, heaps of leg room and as usual on Emirates, the food was great. A couple of hours stopover in Dubai and then it was off to Prague, where we landed just after 1:00pm on Thursday 2nd January. The weather was cool, but certainly not cold, and the day was slightly cloudy. We were met at the airport by a car from our hotel, ... read more
Old Town Square
View from Terrace at U Prince Hotel

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town December 25th 2013

After a lazy start this morning (well, it is Christmas Day!) we headed out for another day of exploring Prague. As we walked into Old Town Square the church bells were ringing again. I just love the sound of church bells ringing so I nudged Bernie into action with the Sony camera to record some of the activity in the square to the accompaniment of the church bells. After standing around in the square for a while, just absorbing the atmosphere, we walked over the river to visit Prague Castle. We've been in town since Saturday, but we are only just getting around to visiting Prague's premier tourist attraction. It has been a case of juggling our sightseeing schedule with the Christmas timetables of the various places that we have wanted to visit. According to some ... read more
Tyn in the distance
Saint Vitus's Back
Saint Vitus's Gate Ornaments

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town December 24th 2013

This morning we set out walking along the Vltava River to explore Nové Mēsto, the New Town neighbourhood of Prague. It was quite a mild morning and the sun was almost shining so it was perfect for a walk along the river. We walked along Charles Street to the bridge and then turned left. There were seagulls filling the sky above the weir on the river. There were so many Bernie had to Photoshop a few out of our pictures so that the view could be seen and not just the tip ducks!! We passed the National Theatre which is currently wrapped up undergoing an extensive rebuilding program. We continued walking along the river until we reached the Dancing Building a controversial modern building that consists of a square tower together with a more sinuous twisted ... read more
Charles Bridge
Dancing Building
Basilica of St Peter and St Paul Door

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town December 23rd 2013

This morning we took a guided tour of the Jewish Museum which is divided between several buildings around the area of Prague's old Jewish ghetto. The walls that used to separate the Jewish ghetto from the rest of the city were taken down at the end of the 19th century as enlightened attitudes permeated the Czech lands. When we arrived at the Maisel Synagogue, in what we thought was good time for the 11.00am tour, we were told that the guide didn't have any takers for the tour - at 10.00am - and had left the building. There was another English-speaking volunteer at the Maisel Synagogue who very generously agreed to take us on the guided tour of the buildings that make up the Jewish Museum. Jerry (he told us the English version of his name ... read more
Spanish Synagogue
Great tree
Floating in mid air

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town December 21st 2013

This morning after breakfast we finished our introductory walking tour with Pasquale. A couple had just arrived from Washington via New York and Amsterdam so Pasquale took us back to the Old Town Square with them which was handy for us because everything looked a bit different by daylight! Then we headed over to Wenceslas Square with Pasquale pointing out the supermarket along the way. Pasquale had recommended the 'free' walking tours that depart from the Cartier corner of the Old Town Square for a more in-depth introduction to Prague's Old Town. Although the walks are touted as 'free' you are expected to tip the guides for their services. Hmmn, why not just charge a set fee and be done with it?? Anyway, we headed over to Cartier corner and took a walking tour with Jana ... read more
Looking down on the Old Square
Prague Castle
Trumpeting the hour


Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town December 20th 2013

We had to wake up early this morning for a big day of travelling. Up at 6.00am and down to breakfast by 6.45am. Back in our room by 7.15am to clean our teeth and finish our packing and then down to the front desk by 7.45am to settle our bill before being picked up by the Yellow Cab service at 8.00am sharp. Our driver walked in the front door as we arrived at the front desk so we paid our account and then dragged our bags out into a dark and rainy morning to be loaded into the maxi-cab. Our driver was originally from London, but has lived in Finland for the last seven years with his Finnish wife. As we drove out to the airport the rain became sleet and, as we arrived at the ... read more
HBF Christmas Tree
Berlin Cathedral
Choir practice

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague December 5th 2013

Prague, I fell in love as soon as we arrived. It was beautiful.We checked into a great Hostel, there was also many other topdeck groups here. The elevator was taking to long, so I took the stairs- here I ran into a guy I went to school with, Andrew Jacket. He was 2 years above me. I found this very random at the time, running into him here in a hostel, on the stairs in Prague, Czech Republic. We briefly chatted, caught up for a beer in the hostel bar and never crossed paths again. That evening we an included dinner at the hostel,then off on a walking tour with our Topdeck Trip Leader, we visited the memorable Charles Bridge, Hradcany Castle, Tyn Church and Wenceslas Square amongst other ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town November 17th 2013

I. LOVE. PRAGUE. I can't wait to go back to Prague. Prague is like a little clean Budapest. Apparently it's because instead of trying to fight in any wars, they just gave into anyone who has ever tried to take them over. Go Prague. Things Darcy and I did in Prague: 1. WE MADE IT WITH NO MAJOR DISASTERS. FIRST TIME. YES. 2. 7 hour train rides suck, but trains are definitely my favorite way to travel. No bumps, you're able to stand up and stretch, and it's logical unlike planes which are way to heavy to be in the sky (I know blah blah science. I just still don't get it). 3. Our train stopped a bunch, but they never announced any of the stops and Darcy and I were wondering the whole time how ... read more
John Lennon wall
View from breakfast

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town October 30th 2013

We have 2 nights in Prague in a pretty ordinary hotel called the Barcelo Praha. We were a bit spoilt by our previous hotel, the NH Muenchen which had a good buffet dinner and an excellent breakfast. We’ve re-discovered that all hotels in Europe are over-heated and these 2 places are no exception…at least the bus temp is set at a reasonable level! We decided to take this bus tour as a rest from driving ourselves prior to returning home but the early starts are preventing this. In spite of this minor problem, we are seeing lots (albeit at a cracking pace!) and learning a lot about Central European countries and cities. It was very cold for our full day in Prague but after some early cloud, the sun emerged and by the afternoon it was ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » South Bohemian Region October 27th 2013

Palaces, churches and some more We have for many years known that if you wish to go to a place where it is easy to find good cheap quality beer Czech Republic might be the best place in Europe to visit. What we didn't know was that it is even possible to bathe in beer. We'll tell you more about that experience later on in this blog entry. But we will begin this blog entry by writing about another beverage namely water. We started our trip in the spa town Karlovy Vary, a town where people have come to drink water from the various wells for over a hundred years. To walk the streets of Karlovy Vary almost felt like getting warped back to the turn of previous century. Parts of the city centre really has ... read more
Karlovy Vary - the biggest well
Karlovy Vary
Karlovy Vary

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