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On Sunday night my program director Rebecca took me to the airport in San Jose to pick up the fam-jam. She and I sang musicals on the way there and then waited for about forty five minutes before we saw Dad's purposeful stride leading the pack through the airport. It turns out he's the same in every country. I'd been trying to describe my family to Rebecca as we waited for them, but it's hard to do them justice. I told her that Tom had mentioned that he wanted to practice his Spanish and she thought it would be fun to play with him a little and pretend she didn't speak a word of English. "Hola Tom? Como estas? Es una placer para conocerte. Su hermana me ha dicho muchas buenas cosas de ti. Estas emoniconado ... read more
At the Basilica in Cartago
Mass on Sunday Morning
Two Ticos on a Mountain Road

After the heavy rain and lightening of the day before, Sunday dawned as hot as ever. After a quick breakfast, we set off at 08h00 towards the Manuel Antonio National Park for a day by the sea. Bathing costumes and towels were the order of the day - but not being interested in swimming, I opted for the walking. Apparently, one of the four beaches in the park is rated as one of the ten most beautiful in the world. I have to admit that I'd be pushed to say which one. We parked at Playa Espadilla Norte, which is just outside the park's entrance and, although very pretty, with white sand and palm trees, it is plagued by street vendors. Passing through the exit (!), we found ourselves at Playa Espadilla Sur. This is another ... read more
Playa Espadilla Sur

Costa Rica 2010 While in Annapolis for nephew John Water’s graduation from the Naval Academy in May 2009, we met several fantastic friends of the Waters family, from Nebraska, onboard our M/V Sea Echo which made the voyage from Ithaca New York for the occasion. Tom and Ann Schlosser, in casual conversation, invited us to Costa Rica and my bride, Patricia readily accepted. That cleared me to make the arrangements, no arm twisting required. In November I began getting itchy to get south, as in Central America, as in Costa Rica. 11/09/2009 - Arrange Flights - Time to burn up some frequent flier miles. I got us 4 first class round trip tickets from Philadelphia to San Jose, Costa Rica on Delta. Booked a house in Manuel Antonio Arranged for a charter sail boat ... read more
Casa Playa Vista
Casa Playa Vista
Casa Playa Vista

Well today I awoke early because there was free pancakes from 7-9am. The others were sound asleep so I snuck out to make breakfast. They were still asleep well after I finished so I headed down to the pool to relax and write this :). Noon rolled around and they were still asleep so I headed to a little local place to grab some food. It was the typical beans, rice, and chicken but done really well. After that it was a day of relaxation by the pool. The four of us did absolutely nothing, barely making it to the supermarket for more food before returning to the pool. That night the boys decided to go out again. I decided to just watch some olympics before heading to bed.... read more

So we can take a direct bus in two hours or a collectivo right away. We opted for the collectivo and what a mistake. The four of us awoke in the familiar hostel Pangea, one of my favorites on this trip, and packed all our gear. After a leisurely breakfast we were off in a taxi to the Coca cola bus terminal. It was ten in the morning and we had those two options I previously stated. Jumping on the collectivo we prceeded towards Manuel Antonio on he Pacific coast. The bus didn't go more than five minutes before stopping to pick people up. Four hours later we had covered under 200km but were finally in Manuel Antonio. The direct would have been much less painful and the twelve o'clock arrived a little after we did ... read more


It's so hot in Manuel Antonio! After having relaxed in the cool of our hotel in San Jose, the heat and humidty of Manuel Anotonio hit us hard! To make things worse the room we were staying in had no airconditioning and the ceiling fan didn't really work very well! On our first afternoon we didn't do much except walk around trying to gte our bearings. The next morning we got the bus to Manuel Anotonia Reserve, it costs 10 dollars to get into the reserve. We saw a few different animals, monkeys, racoons, sloths, iguanas, and a few different types of birds. The park also has some very beautiful beaches. Its a small park and we explored it easily in 1 day. Unfortunately Manuel Antonio is too explored it has too many tourist going there ... read more
Manuel Antonio sign

This February I decided to volunteer in Monteverde, Costa Rica but before I made my way there my brother and father came on down with me for a five day road trip. We headed out bright and early grabbing a flight from A.C. to Georgia and then continuing on down to San Jose, Costa Rica. Once there we picked up our car and headed off. Driving in Costa Rica is an experience. There are basically no road signs, cars go flying by you, and some of the roads aren't paved. We grabbed our map and tried to make our way across to Manuel Antonio. Now it really isn't that easy to do and we got ourselves nice and turned around. But after a few hours of driving around and around we finally made our way to ... read more
White Tailed Deer
The Rocks

Today was a lazy day by the pool then the local beach at Manuel Antonio. Was going to go scuba diving but seeing as there is only one dive shop here, I guess their trips fill up fast. They were full for the next 2 days. We thought we may try fishing as well but they only had professional sport fishing and it was $600 per person. No thanks. We did try to get that free meal that was promised from Costa Linda backpackers, for being so horrible in service. We showed up, only for them to tell us the kitchen was closed today. They offered us breakfast tomorrow and I told them that I was not paying to take a bus from Quepos to Manuel Antonio for breakfast, when our own AWESOME hostel offers us ... read more

Last night was wonderful. Walt and I totally enjoyed the awesomeness that is this hostel (Wide Mouth Frog in Quepos) after our debacle of trying to find accommodations for 2 hours. We enjoyed the pool, made dinner in the shared kitchen, and ate at one of the long picnic tables in the common eating area. This morning we enjoyed the free breakfast of rice and beans, toast, and porridge too! This morning we were off to the bus station fairly early to catch the 50 cent bus the 20 minutes to Manuel Antonio. Once there, we walked to the entrance of the park and waited in a line to enter. Word to other travelers: get there early! Park opens at 7am and only lets 800 people in at a time, so then it's one in-one out. ... read more
Sleepy Monkeys
Manuel Antonio Beaches

So, I recently went to Peru (Machu Picchu) and Costa Rica with my husband for our belated honeymoon. We must have took hundreds of photos on our journey and were very careful with our camera since we knew how valuable our pictures were to us. On the last night, December 4th 2009 (at Issimo Suites) we made the conscience decision NOT to take the camera out of the room that day because we had enough photos and did not want to run the risk of losing the camera/pictures. Right before we left for Barba Roja (amazing place to watch the sunset by the way) at about 5 pm, my husband picked up the camera and said "one more" then took one last pic of me on the balcony. He then set it down in it's usual ... read more

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