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Allereerst de allerbeste wensen voor een ieder die dit leest. Ik hoop dat jullie een mooie jaarwisseling hebben gehad. Ik heb wel een leuke nacht gehad in ieder geval. Na mijn laatste blog op 30 december zag het er alleen niet zo uit. Ik was echt enorm brak van de busrit. Probeerde hier wat contact te maken met mensen maar dat lukte niet echt, leek niet alsof men er onwijs voor open stond ofzo. Daarbij komt natuurlijk ook dat als je je brak voelt het contact leggen van je eigen kant ook niet zo heel soepel loopt. Ben van brakheid maar een beetje op bed gaan hangen en ben om 6 uur (!!!) al in slaap gevallen zonder avondeten en heb tot een uur of zes geslapen. Echt mijn eerste lange nacht hier. De 31e was ... read more

Vanochtend ben ik om 8 uur vertrokken uit La Fortuna om richting Manuel Antonio te gaan. Het werd eigenlijk ook wel tijd om daar weg te gaan, heb daar 4 en een halve dag gezeten, een hoop mensen ontmoet en een hoop dingen gedaan. Na die paar dagen ga je merken dat je aan de plek en aan de mensen begint te wennen en dat het eigenlijk wel mooi geweest is daar. De avond voor vertrek nog even pina colada's gedronken in een lokale karaokebar met mijn kamergenoten uit de VS (Christine en Nicole) en vervolgens een brakke nacht gehad omdat een andere kamergenoot enorm aan het snurken was. De volgende ochtend had ik 2 opties, of de lokale bus naar San Jose (4 uur) en dan de lokale bus naar Quepos (4 uur), of de ... read more

Day One: Off to Costa Rica! Today was spent traveling so there really isn't much to report. Me and two friends are headed on a ten day trip with Caravan Tours around Costa Rica. We flew out of Newark super early, landed in Georgia then headed on to Costa Rica. Here we were picked up by Caravan and brought to our hotel. I expect Costa Rica to be super warm but it was actually a bit chilly. We tried to hang out by the pool but it was too cold to stay down there for long. On top of that we all had to get together with the whole Caravan group. Pura Vida! is what we learned which is a local greeting that means Pure Life. We went over a few rules, met our tour guide ... read more

Here are some videos from Manuel Antonio. These are from the weekend of Dec 13, hope you enjoy the local wildlife! Cheers, Amy... read more

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine was really nice, I went to one of the nicest beaches in Costa Rica, it's on the Pacific side. Attached are some pictures, and then tomorrow I'm off to Guanacaste, Wed and Thurs I'm in La Fortuna to see Aranal Volcano. Then on Friday I come back to San Jose and I fly home on Sunday. Hope everyone is well, I love all of your comments and messages, sorry I have not been able to respond to each one directly. Talk to you soon!... read more
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Ah, now I can leave happy. I wanted to see a monkey before I came home and I would have stayed until I saw one. A few weekends ago Steve and I headed to the Pacific coast to a small town called Quepos. Quepos is well known for its ability to provide incredible sport fishing opportunities but is also becoming a more populated area due to its proximity to Manuel Antonio. This area should be on your top 10 places to visit in Costa Rica. The beaches are fantastic and the Manuel Antonio National Park is phenomenal. Once we got to Quepos we looked at our map to see where our hostel was at and then began to hike. The area is actually quite hilly and it was pretty humid that day. We ended up making ... read more
Strange Flowers in Manuel Antonio
Poisonous Cup Mushrooms
Iguana in Manuel Antonio

Since the next time I write it will be after Thursday so.... Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s just say rice and beans doesn’t compare to a good ole American Thanksgiving, where literally the whole day is devoted to eating! Que rico! For thanksgiving, all of the students at my program here are going to a restaurant where we are going to have dinner together. The hotel is really nice and I am looking forward to spending some time with the rest of my amigos here The last trip I took was to Manuel Antonio with Danny, mi novio! Manuel Antonio is a beautiful place and the beaches inside of the National Park are gorgeous. The bus ride to MA from San Jose is great too. Compared to some of my other adventures it super easy, like 4 hours ... read more
Playa Manuel Antonio
the other side..
from up above..

Today will be known as the day the surf world changed forever…because I entered the picture. Nate, from Oregon, was bunking in our room and Jerry and I discovered he was a surfer. We asked if he’d show us how and he said he would. Unfortunately, his bus left earlier than anticipated, so he couldn’t go to the beach with us, but determined, Jerry and I headed down to the beach and rented a board for ourselves. At first, it wasn’t pretty. I rode the board in a few times, as if it were a boogie board. The waves weren’t huge—but they weren’t small either! So we spied on the surf lessons that were happening around us, stole some tips, but still no luck. Jerry finally started talking to a local out in the waves who ... read more

Said goodbye to Carolyn this morning and boarded a bus for Quepos. Arrived about 2 hours later, checked into the hostel, a very nice one I may add! Walked around town a bit, went to the super market where I scored a proper sized jar of peanut butter (weird things that appease you while backpacking). Spent the rest of the day lounging and reading in my room. The following morning I went to Manuel Antonio National Park, within minutes I spotted my first sloth! I walked down to a secluded white sand beach where I was going to take a rest until I saw the huge iguanas already resting on the beach, so I decided to take off. The rain forest was nice, I eventually made it down to the popular beach and took up residence ... read more
More sloth...

TRIP REPORT Posted by: Athena. A four year resident of Puriscal, Costa Rica that is still exploring all Costa Rica has to offer. -------------------- My family just returned from our first trip to Manuel Antonio. All I can say is WOW! I had to share. The drive from Puriscal to Manuel Antonio was a breeze. No pot holes or bad roads and not at all congested. It was actually a very beautiful drive. It reminded me of my initial arrival to Costa Rica. I had been gobsmacked by the natural beauty. I would wonder how the locals could possibly get any work done with views like this just waiting to steal your attention considering there were many times I couldn't help but stop dead in my tracks to marvel at some spectacular tropical view. I never ... read more
Manuel Antonio Beach (Playa Manuel Antonio) - Costa Rica
Manuel Antonio Beach (Playa Manuel Antonio) - Costa Rica
Manuel Antonio beach restaurant under a natural canopy

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