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Films that evoke a sense of travel

What films have you watched that really evoke a sense of travel, where you get to see another country through the eyes of a traveller?
14 years ago, March 22nd 2008 No: 1 Msg: #30497  
When I can't be travelling in reality I enjoy reading travel literature or watching films that involve travel. What kind of films have you watched that really capture all the sights and sounds of an exotic land?

Here's my suggestions:

Anna and the King - Siam (Thailand) seen through the eyes of a foreigner trying to understand a vastly different culture.

Dances With Wolves - Native America - soldier learning the ways of the Sioux tribe

Hideous Kinky - hippy travellers in Morrocco

Shogun - English pilot stranded in Japan and slowly adapting to life there

What others can you think of? Reply to this

14 years ago, March 22nd 2008 No: 2 Msg: #30538  
Even though old, all the James Bond movies evoke travelling. I personally feel they contributed a lot in the past in developing people´s thirst to travel (at a time when it was much more expensive and income levels did not permit to most people that travel today) Reply to this

14 years ago, March 23rd 2008 No: 3 Msg: #30571  
Sometimes when I miss Paris, I watch movies like Sabrina or Charade (1963). Then, when I'm feeling a bit goofy, I'll watch Captain Ron, which makes me want to go back to the Caribbean. But I also love movies like Crocodile Dundee or The Last Samurai, which take place in locales I haven't visited... yet. Reply to this

14 years ago, March 23rd 2008 No: 4 Msg: #30594  
I generally choose to see movies BECAUSE they will make me discover a different culture or give me a sense of travelling - some of them are
Water (Indian film about a young widow)
Un nom pour un autre (cannot remember the original title - about an Indian guy who lives in the US)
Into the wild (real travelling - marvelous film)

and less recent: Jamaica Inn (very obscure movie but paradoxically made me feel like discovering Jamaica) Reply to this

14 years ago, March 24th 2008 No: 5 Msg: #30622  
Two films come to mind - "Painted Veil" starring Edward Norton and Naomi Watts (set in Yangshuo, Huang Yao etc. in the Guangxi Province of China) and Wong Kar Wai's "Happy Together" (Bueno Aires, Argentina). The cinematography in both films is amazing. I am sure there are many more but it is too early in the morning to recollect. Reply to this

14 years ago, March 24th 2008 No: 6 Msg: #30628  
Two of my personal favs are:

"Tea-Horse Road Series: Delamu"
"Motorcycle Diaries"

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14 years ago, March 24th 2008 No: 7 Msg: #30640  
Gabriele Salvatores's "Marrakech Express". My favourite ever. Reply to this

14 years ago, March 24th 2008 No: 8 Msg: #30649  
I second "Motorcycle Diaries". After seeing this I finally got my my act together and started planning my upcoming trip.

Also I would add that any adventure film like Indiana Jones or historical depiction like Apocalypto can invoke a sense of nostalgia for travel. Even if you havn't been there.
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14 years ago, March 24th 2008 No: 9 Msg: #30661  
B Posts: 30
I really liked 'The Beach'. It really gives you a sense of backpacking in Asia. The dirty windowless rooms, the bamboo huts, the gorgeous nature, the rain, the beach bars, meeting cool and weird people on the road,.. That film defintiely made me feel like visiting Thailand. Plus the soundtrack was quite solid.
As far as the scenery is concerned, the first of "The Lord of the ring" trilogy, "The fellowship of the ring", is a favorite. Reply to this

14 years ago, March 24th 2008 No: 10 Msg: #30670  
B Posts: 5,195
I've never honestly seen a movie that really captures the sense of travel that I've experienced - backpacking through many countries - though small elements in many films - usually in the pre-amble before it goes off into a fantasy! - have captured the scenes well.

City of Ghosts - Matt Dillon - tries to capture the essence of Cambodia - and is successful in many ways - the sounds of the motos in the background - the buildings, the temples away from the famous shots of Angkor.

The Beach - before the island section (the Bangkok section) - an exaggerated view though! - the book was a lot better - but it's not about backpacking - it just has that as a element in the plot.

The Motorcycle Diaries - does show some fantastic South American scenery - life in the Andes - though as it's a historic account it's not going to be the same when we travel now.

Keep the suggestions flowing 😊

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14 years ago, March 24th 2008 No: 11 Msg: #30684  
B Posts: 30
Since you're in Brazil right now, Ali, maybe you'll like Cidade De Deus (city of god). Maybe you have seen it already. It gives you an impression of life in the favelas. Though I'm not sure if it's a bit exaggerated. I'm not suggesting you to go and find out though ;-)

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14 years ago, March 24th 2008 No: 12 Msg: #30688  
N Posts: 1
Anybody Saw "Before Sunrise".. After watching that movie, I can't forget the streets of vienna in my dream too.. Will visit Vienna atleast once in my life time, thanks to the movie... Reply to this

14 years ago, March 24th 2008 No: 13 Msg: #30713  
B Posts: 71
There is a film called Baraka by Ron Fricke filmed in specactular 70mm. There is no story line and no dialogue, just amazing images from 24 countires around the world. Its not just scenery or famous sights, the film also explores poverty, over crowding in cities, religion, culture and events of the time. Its supported by a magnificient soundtrack that has elements and instruments from all over the world. Its truely a masterpiece! There is also a sequel called Samsara due out sometime this year.. can´t wait for that one. Reply to this

14 years ago, March 25th 2008 No: 14 Msg: #30760  
I know it's cheesy, but "Under the Tuscan Sun" has always made me want to go to Tuscany - I'm hoping to tack it on to my business trip to Rome in September! Reply to this

14 years ago, March 25th 2008 No: 15 Msg: #30772  
Different films evoke so many different emotions of traveling. My List is this:

The Beach. No Explanation needed
Point Break (endless summers surfing) regardless of the crime!
Lost makes me want to go back to Hawaii all the time as the North Shore beaches really are like that

These are a couple but whenever I watch a film and its somewhere I have been a feel a special connection. I am a big film geek though!
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14 years ago, March 27th 2008 No: 16 Msg: #30923  
for me definetly theall the bourne movies Reply to this

14 years ago, March 27th 2008 No: 17 Msg: #30928  
Have to second Baraka by Ron Fricke, its the most amazing film you will see. It really inspires you to go and see the many wonderful things the world has to offer! Reply to this

14 years ago, March 28th 2008 No: 18 Msg: #31087  
for some true parisian sightseeing, there is nothing better then Amelie ... not only does it have a quirky

love story, the scenery (Eiffel tower, gare de lyon, etc) is awesome! Le Divorce is also good for Paris


The House of Flying Daggers (starring Ziyi Zhang from Memoirs of a Geisha ) and is set throughout

China. A beautiful movie with beautiful scenery to match.

Under the Tuscan Sun is great to see Tuscany through the eyes of locals and outsiders. Breathtaking

shots are in this film.

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14 years ago, March 29th 2008 No: 19 Msg: #31128  
here are some suggestions, with some oldies but goldies...

Easy Rider - Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda
I definitely second 'Into the Wild' - Easy Rider's modern version
for those who mentioned Ponit Break, see the original, John Milius' 'Big Wednesday'
'Before Sunset' for Paris fans

and, last but not least, a perfect movie for those who think that travelling means discovering space and time: '2001, a Space Odyssey'. You'll definitely think that staying at home is pointless

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14 years ago, April 1st 2008 No: 20 Msg: #31351  
B Posts: 6
'Into the Wild' I think was the most amazing movie I have seen about traveling itself. Top recommended for travellers, especially solo travelers. Reply to this

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