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Useful or useless to purchase a camera cover for Malawi?

I am looking for advice and recommendations in order to book (or not) an insurance for my camera and video stuff in Malawi
18 months ago, November 3rd 2020 No: 1 Msg: #208796  
Hi everybody,

My name is Alex, and to introduce myself in a few words, I am a Yorkshire boy in love with Africa. I've already been to several African countries, and planning to visit Malawi as soon as the pandemic finally ends (may be 2022...).

I've had a few echos from fellow travelers concerning Malawi. As I am a semi-pro photograph, I really look after my stuff - which is quite expensive - so I was wondering if it is necessary in Malawi to get a proper insurance for my camera. I came across a few pages on camera insurance (here an example: <snip>😉, but I do not manage to build on a definitive opinion on the topic.

As I have quite some time ahead to think about it due to the pandemic, I thought it would be a good idea to ask the Fodors community for advice. 

So folks, if you have good recommendations on this particular topic, I'd be very grateful! Thanks in advance, and take care a lot 


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