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How long do you prefer to travel?

What is the length of the perfect travel experience?
3 years ago, September 22nd 2017 No: 1 Msg: #202402  
We've been fortunate to take 2 around the world trips in lengths of 10 months and 6 months. More recently we've traveled for one month and currently on a 2 month trip.

What is your favorite length of trip and why?

On this trip we've decided that 4 to 6 weeks might be best for us.... of course that all depends on the countries you are traveling to.

What are your thoughts Reply to this

3 years ago, September 26th 2017 No: 2 Msg: #202436  
My longest journey, 1995 to East Asia between my conscript-time at the army and university, was 6-7 weeks.

Now we "only" have 6 weeks of vacation in Germany, so I rarely travel longer than 3 weeks which is fine.

So I am a traveller with a relatively normal Job which includes some travelling by itself like a 6-week project in South Korea in 2002. I also had a second home at Lake Geneva for half a year during a long term project. Today I am a freelancer and hope to get a new international project again.

If I have enough money when I retire I think of staying a few months each in interesting locations for me like Tokio and Vancouver and make shorter trips from These bases. Just as visa regulations permit.

After each journey I am happy to be at home again without any travel hazzle baut after a certain time I want to go on the next trip. Reply to this

36 months ago, October 6th 2017 No: 3 Msg: #202514  
In response to: Msg #202436

It always helps when you can do a bit of traveling and exploring while you are working. Sounds like your work affords you a nice balance. Your retirement plan sounds great.... picking a city location and doing shorter trips from those locations has worked well for many. The visa issues is the limitation.
As we've just arrived home we agree it is nice having a place to land when the adventure is over.
Happy travels, MJ Reply to this

35 months ago, October 26th 2017 No: 4 Msg: #202699  
6 month long trips.

I have so many places I would love to go and a month in each would give me a fantastic overview of each.

Costa Rica - My boyfriend loves this country and I've never been
Indonesia - The sounds and the food make it appealing to me
Australia - Hey, I want to go Down Under dammit!
New Zealand - It looks like gorgeous country. So many places to hike and camp.
Ireland - It's so green! And, let's face it, the beer. My boyfriend still speaks some Gaelic (not much call for it in Arizona so he's a bit rusty) so we should be able to get around ok.
Croatia or Romania - Again, my boyfriend has said that the countries are beautiful and I have seen examples of that here on Quora as well.

So if anyone is offering 6 month long trips as a gift, you have my wish list<snip>
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35 months ago, October 29th 2017 No: 5 Msg: #202737  
I prefer a two to three week trip to another continent every year, but there are exceptions due to the circumstances. In 2012 for our 40th anniversary my wife and I took a six week trip to the South Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand, as once we were going in that direction we might as well see everything. The repositioning cruise from Honolulu to Sydney made seeing a number of islands possible. In 2013 my son and I followed the Silk Road across China and then to Uzbekistan. Once we were there, we decided to keep on going around the world to the Baltics and Finland and then home...in four weeks. And last year I walked for five weeks on the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain. At my age I can't see taking months off to do an RTW due to the cost and other time commitments, including my wife not wanting to be gone that long. Reply to this

35 months ago, October 29th 2017 No: 6 Msg: #202741  
In response to: Msg #202737

We are beginning to feel the same way. In 2007 we took a 10 month trip without a blink. In 2012 we took a 6 month trip. We were happy we didn't stay gone longer. Since then we've taken a one month and two, two month trips. On this last one we were really ready to get home. We are thinking 6 weeks or less for the future but as you say it depends on the locations. When you are on the other side of the earth it makes sense to see as much as you can.

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35 months ago, October 31st 2017 No: 7 Msg: #202765  
I prefer the shorter trips, say 1-2 weeks, and multiple times a year. That way I think I can quick catch up on the work and enjoy break times to different locations. In 2011, I did take a 36-day trip to Southeast Asia only, until 2015 I was back and since then I travel there quite often, my favorite travel destination on earth. Reply to this

35 months ago, November 1st 2017 No: 8 Msg: #202777  
i love to travel so i prefaced to 2 week Reply to this

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