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Gorgeous Poland city - Poznan

Poznan as a city orth to see it (Poland trip)
4 years ago, January 31st 2016 No: 1 Msg: #195112  
Hi everybody,
Lastely, my firends Poles encouraged me to visit Poznan - more than beautifull polish city... so I did 3-day outing with my friends. All of us stayed in one o f WAM Hotel Group - Hotel Ikar. To begin with, the stuff there is well-trained, nice and they speak fluently in english, so without any worries you can book in there, if You decide to visit this city, equipment and prices - v. good
First day We've spend time on visiting and admiring lake of Malta (artificial lake) nad its surroundings. Next day we've made trip to whole city, monuments like The Imperial Castle, Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul and many many another inspiring things 😊 Nice conductor told us detailed story of this city, curiosities about monuments, Poznan during WW II etc. The last day - like real ramblers we destinated on walking trough Wielkopolska National Park. I can do nothing better than recommend this place to you for any kind of holiday 😊
What about You ? How Have your trip to Poland looked like ? Reply to this

4 years ago, February 1st 2016 No: 2 Msg: #195122  

I have been to Gdansk/Danzig and Malbork/Marienburg as part of a trip to the Baltics and this was very interesting.

I also have been to Krakow and it was also great.

In addition the capitol Warsaw should not be missed.

I have been to Poznan too and visited the Lake Malta area.

Last but not least I have been to Wroclaw/Breslau.

For international transport besides planes I can recommend the Berlin-Warsaw-express via Poznan and the Eurocity from Vienna to Krakow.

Best regards,

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