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Egypt just came back

My trip in Egypt
3 years ago, June 12th 2012 No: 1 Msg: #157541  
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My family of 5 just returned from a RCI cruise that stopped at Alexandria.
We had booked our tour months prior to departure.

George, the tour operator was always very quick to answer my many questions and always made me feel that we would be taken very well care of. I even called him prior to leaving to make sure everything was well organized for us. Our ship was in Alexandria from 7am to 10pm.

Everything we organized was carried out very nicely. We always felt safe and we were very satisfied with our guide and driver. We met our guide at the scheduled time of 7:30am. He was waiting for us with our name on a board right outside the gangway. He made us feel safe from the first handshake!

We immediately were escorted to his comfortable van with air condition. We were 5 plus the driver and our guide. Our guide was a young man, who was very knowledgeable in all of Egypts's history. He talked the whole 3 hours on our way to the pyramids, giving us so much info in a very easy to understand format.

Our 3 teenagers were really interested in all he had to say! He always answered our questions and pointed things out along the way. The 3 hours just flew by. Our driver was also very good.

His driving skills were amazing and we always felt very safe. He would also point things out to us. Both guide and driver spoke perfect english and very easy to understand. Once we got to Giza, Our guide brought us to the pyramids and would always be next to us ready to give more info, answer questions or be our photographer!

We had organized a camel ride for the 5 of us and he also took care of that for us. At the pyramids we were not haggled at all by any of the people selling stuff or asking for a tip. Our guide was always close by to us and the locals would say a few words to him and then they would leave. We walked to the Sphinx were more info was given to us. We spent about 2 hours at Giza. At this time he offered to take us for lunch.

We had brought some food from our ship, so we passed on the offer. So he suggested we leave for the museum. He called the driver, who promptly pulled up to take us there. At the museum, the guide took care of getting us entrance tickets. Inside he showed us all the amazing statues and gave us more stories about each artifact.

It was so interesting and so much to see. He manuevered us throughout the musem and brough us to the Mummy Room. This too we had asked that we include in our excursion. This room was amazing. The kids were just amazed. He then brought us to see King Tuts treaseres. We were so inspired by the richness and all the stories behind each artifact. It was important to do this tour with a guide since he provided so much info and always answered our questions.

Once we completed the tour of the museum, Our guide asked us if we wanted to visit the Papyrus store. We agreed for a quick stop of 1/2 hour. There we learnt how papyrus was made and we bought a small one as a souvenir. No pressure was felt at all on making a purchase.

We left and then stopped at local shop and bought some canned soda. We were done our excursuin and we started heading back to Alexandria. It was about 3:45. We stopped to gas up the van and we purchased some more drinks and a couple of local treats (packaged) that our tour guide recommended. We talked alittle while during our drive back, but then we all fell asleep, absorbing everything we had seen and learnt.

I had mentioned prior to booking that I wanted to be back at the ship for 7:00. It was 6:30, so our tour guide offered to take us to the Alexandria library and we also stopped at a Mosque were my husband and 3 boys entered the mosque. It was an interesting stop were the boys learnt more about our different cultures. Our driver would drop us off with the guide and be ready to pick us up when our guide called him.

We had an amazing time and we were so happy that we had booked with <snip> They delivered everything we asked for and more. We always felt safe and extremey stisfied with all the information we were given. I highly recommend this tour company. Their price was very reasonable. We paid much less the ship tour but got so much more!

If you need any other info, do not hesitate to contact me. The 5 of us were extremely happy of our day in Egypt , it was very memorable!!!!

Our guide and driver dropped us right off at the port. We parted and said our goodbyes. As per our guides recommendations, the boys praciced there negatioating skill with the vendors at the port. They had an amazing time with the merchants and felt they made great deals! Our guide had given us some tips on how to negotiate with the locals! The boys shopped till it was boarding time!!! 9:15!!! They enjoyed this part of the excursion immensely too.

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