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Are you using an electronic book reader of some sort?

Which e-reader are you using?
5 years ago, March 21st 2011 No: 21 Msg: #131663  

5 years ago, March 21st 2011 No: 22 Msg: #131665  
B Posts: 5,145
I was given a kindle last Christmas (thank you!) - and it is awesome - I also have an Ipad - and it is also awesome - comparing a dedicated vs a non-dedicated eReader.

Pros for the eReader (kindle in this case but the others are so similar).

• No glare - read on the beach
• Insane battery life - possibly weeks!
• Higher resolution - the text is crisper
• Cheaper - $140 USD vs ~$500
• Really light - vs the heavier iPad - it's the same as a substantial paperback.

Pros for the iPad

• Backlit so read at night with out a light
• Color - looks stunning
• Not just an ereader - all that other stuff too - by stuff I mean games...

Having both and a netbook - I travel with a netbook and a kindle, (the lonely planets are being released for it now...), the iPad will mainly be used for testing, a few games and posing in cafes - but ultimately left at home when travelling.

I think 5 years from now - this discussion will have changed - the iPad 5 and it competitors - will probably have a feature that transforms the screen from backlit to ambient - and rival the resolutions achieved in print... but for now - the kindle wins hands down when it comes to reading.

From what I've seen of other dedicated eReaders - they are of similar quality - so the main consideration is - who has the easiest and largest store?

Anyone interested in free books - checkout Project Gutenberg - you can download public domain books in most eBook formats - and the quality is excellent - probably better than some of the paid versions in Amazon's store (my major complaint with the ebooks from amazon is people scanning in public domain books and charging for them - without proof reading or adding any value - actually extend that to many older books).

A kindle vs. a pile of 10 books - as Michelle pointed out - the kindle can carry 1,000's of books - that to me is a killer feature, the weight of 1 book - the choice of 1000's... even the cost is a bonus - new English books in Asia can cost up to twice as much as back in the US or UK... with the kindle you pay ~$9.99 for a new release.

Downside - I've been introduced to so many stunning authors via swapping books on the road ... will that sharing aspect be lost with locking myself into Amazon's store and DRM (digital rights management)? Reply to this

5 years ago, March 22nd 2011 No: 23 Msg: #131780  
I am attracted by the Kindle for our next trip. I read endlessly when travelling and always like to keep up to 4 books on me just in case I don't find somewhere to swap them and am left bookless *shudder!*

The only thing that occured to me is what Ali said about swapping books.. one of the things I really loved about book exchanges is that you read such a diverse range of books, some you'd never consider reading if you had a full choice and I'd be worried that this would end.

All that said the thought of being able to carry 100s of books with me and never having to worry about running out is mightly appealing!
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5 years ago, March 23rd 2011 No: 24 Msg: #131839  
there was a TV magazine programme on the Local network last night,they looked at several of the e-readers and the Kindle came out on top by a considerable amount,so am I going to fork out the £111 for it?
possibly just see how the finnaces are at the end of the month. Reply to this

5 years ago, March 23rd 2011 No: 25 Msg: #131880  

I was given a kindle last Christmas (thank you!) - and it is awesome - I also have an Ipad - and it is also awesome

Ali, you're such a techno junkie..... I am of course just jealous... I wanna iPad, I wanna iPad, I wanna iPad.

Just to add further to the debate, I can now add some real perspective as I'm travelling without a physical book. It's all on my iPod touch using the stanza app. I've probably stayed in ten+ hostels over the last few weeks and I've not looked at the bookswap shelves once. is this a good thing? I remember on my last travels getting to the stage where I'd read anything I could lay my hands on, opening me up to authors and and genres I'd never considered. This HAS now been lost, as I find myself browsing for something I actually want to read, and can with a few clicks. I'm still enjoying reading obviously but I'm maybe missing out.

One thing that has annoyed me though is that I was reading a series of books (7 in total), just finished number 5, went for number 6, but it's not available in electronic format. 7 is, but not 6... You don't want to believe how much this has pissed me off. Thankfully with a few more clicks I've got something else to read, but still I was seething! 😊. Reply to this

5 years ago, March 24th 2011 No: 26 Msg: #131899  
I find using my phone (Omnia) as a good enough ebook reader (pdf and chm) when I'm in transit (train, long bus rides, etc.) or don't have my laptop with me. It's small enough to bring with me and it doesn't attract too much attention. Although this may not suit traditional book readers.

It allows me to catch up on my reading without carrying loads of books or a larger gadget, so it's fine with me. 😊 Reply to this

5 years ago, March 24th 2011 No: 27 Msg: #131938  
My parents brought us a Kindle when they came to visit and we have to say we LOVE it. It's the best piece of tech kit we have now! It's so easy to use and we already have loads of books on it.

Interesting that Ali says the Lonely Planets are now being released for Kindle. One way around swapping books on the Kindle (if you have bought them from Amazon) is that the person who wants the book registers their Kindle on your account and then you can transfer the book to them. Afterwards just de-register. Also we quite easily swapped downloaded books between my Mum's and our Kindle, it's basically just a hard drive, not sure if this would work with Amazon bought content but there are loads of free ebook resources out the on the internet!

Our only problem now is that we fight over who gets to read, although we have downloaded the Kindle app onto our HTC android phone! We have both noticed that is seems to be easier to read than a book because it's so lightweight, so reading in funny positions (like on your side in bed) is much, much easier. It also has the advantage of being able to change the typeset and size of the font which obviously a normal book can't and it just looks like a leather bound diary that we are reading.

We would definitely recommend the Kindle to anyone, the only downside is that the 'official' Amazon cover for the Kindle with a light is £50...that's half the price of the actual Kindle. We just couldn't bring ourselves to pay that so bought a 'non-official' cover for £10 instead in a groovy purple! Reply to this

5 years ago, March 25th 2011 No: 28 Msg: #131989  
We anticipated the issue of who gets to use the kindle so we bought two. This is our first trip with it and so far it is grand. My back pack is so much lighter. I'm telling you there have been some trips it seemed like I took more books than clothes.

A few post ago Sophie mentioned that she would miss the book exchanges because it always introduced her to books she would not have selected otherwise. I too have been worried about that but now that I have my kindle I've found a way around that. I am going to read one of the free books on each trip. There are a lot of interesting titles in the millions of free books so I think that will help me continue on the path to read things that I would not normally select.

Day one of using the Kindle has been a success. Reply to this

4 years ago, March 8th 2012 No: 29 Msg: #152919  
At the holidays we asked everyone to give us Kindle gift cards.
We just bought some airline tickets and 18 kindle books.

Can't wait to dig into a new batch of books!

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4 years ago, March 9th 2012 No: 30 Msg: #152957  
My Kindle is my best friend on the road. I have the cover with a light so can read when the aircraft lights are dim and I have music loaded onto it so I don't have to carry an I Pod. I can't believe how many books I used to have to pack for a long trip. Reply to this

4 years ago, March 10th 2012 No: 31 Msg: #152980  
B Posts: 37
I'm leaving on a trip shortly and plan on taking my iPad, with books and movies. I have Stanza as well as iBooks and like them both, but have a question. How do you feel about using your e- readers or tablets in public? I've never been known to sit by myself without a book to read and have been known to stand outside and read a book but I wonder about the safety aspect. It occurs to me I might be better off using it in limited places, like airplanes, hotels, a nice restaurant or perhaps a bus. Even in my own city I went outside once for a break with my iPad but felt self conscious about reading a book on the iPad. What are your feelings?

I also have walls of book shelves - can't imagine the rooms without them. And no swapping is a definite drawback. Reply to this

4 years ago, March 10th 2012 No: 32 Msg: #152987  
We've got an ipad and use the kindle reader on it. We mostly get our books from amazon as they seem to have the best selection and cheapest. If you 'cloud' your ipad, iphones, ipod etc then you can also move the same apps, music, books etc between them....making it handy when both hubby and i have an iphone, we share the ipad and he has an ipod. Gee...when did we suddenly buy shares in apple lol!

My hubbie is a huge reader and loves it on the ipad...very easy to take anywhere... plus the price is a huge benefit compared to pretty much throwing away $15 on a book. He did download some magazines for me but it just wasnt the same...so i said dont bother with that. I have downloaded some reference books on it and i find that useful, but i think for relaxing reading i would prefer a real book....but i havent had a chance (or want) to read a novel since my 1st bub was born...shame 😞

tam Reply to this

4 years ago, March 10th 2012 No: 33 Msg: #152999  
Nothing will ever replace the look, feel, and smell of a real book. They is something cozy about sitting in a room with shelves of books surrounding you.

However, with that said--

Our our around the world trip in 2007 I started out with 14 books crammed into the nooks and crannies of our back packs. As you can imagine that added a lot of weight. The ability to have all those books in one light weight reader has been an enormous improvement when we travel.

In the old days when we traveled we would give the books away as we finished them so we would not have to continue to carry them around or as you have suggested trade them for something new to read. I do miss the trading aspect but there are trade offs. I'd prefer to have the lack of weight in my pack.

At this point we have gotten most of our books at amazon.
We have most of our books on our kindle because we got them before we got our ipad.

I think many people are now reading books in public on kindles and ipads. I don't think it will draw much attention. As far as safety goes-- you always need to have an awareness when traveling. Purse snatchers may expand to ipad snatching but I think in most places you will be safe.

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4 years ago, March 11th 2012 No: 34 Msg: #153012  
On our last trip to Bali my hubby and i actually commented on the number of people sitting around the pool with ipads/kindles/ereaders of some sort. Like maybe 20 people! It was also free wifi around the pool so people where surfing the net etc too. Reply to this

4 years ago, March 11th 2012 No: 35 Msg: #153033  
B Posts: 37
Thanks for your responses - I think I'll take a couple of paperbacks with me as well as the iPad. I found an app for currency exchange and that part thrills me - I manage calculating one change quite fine, it's the second or third country that screws me up. I plan on downloading some library books and have several free books I haven't read yet. And yesterday I found the adapter I need - I don't normally travel with anything electronic. I love the planning stages of a vacation. Reply to this

4 years ago, March 12th 2012 No: 36 Msg: #153086  
B Posts: 882
Because Kindle arent available in stores in Aus when I bought my IPad I asked for (and suprisingly got) a free Kobe E Reader - love it 😊 The kids to sometimes partner use it and im hoping to find a book for mum to read while we are travelling to install on it before we go.

From a committed technophobe i hate to admit im in love with both. I can use the IPad as an E Reader and check tides and flight times.

I will say that I will miss those find an awesome book in airport moments - i found the book of awesome and superfreakonomics at airports...its suprising when you find a great book that ''fits'' the trip. Reply to this

4 years ago, March 28th 2012 No: 37 Msg: #153849  
I'm glad I found this topic, I was about to ask a similar question. I am currently borrowing a friends kindle (we used to swap books, now I give her books and she lends me her kindle!) and thinking how much better it would be travelling with than a pile of books. But was wondering if the kindle is the one to go for. My local library loans e-books (free for two weeks then they self destruct) but not for kindles. I was wondering how many of the other free sites, or sites with free books, also dont support the kindle. Do I have to get books through Amazon? Along with Project Gutenberg, I also found a website that had free kids books (sorry, cant remember the url at the moment) so if we got something, I'd like one that was the most flexible. Sure an ipad or other tablet would be nice, but I was thinking more of an e-reader. I'm also not sure what our options would be here in NZ, usually they are limited! Reply to this

4 years ago, March 28th 2012 No: 38 Msg: #153861  
Hi Karen and Colin,

A book reader is the way to go and I have not found anyone who has a bad thing to say about theirs, no matter which brand they bought. We I was shopping for ours I learned that you could not download books while you were out of the country on the nook book. I do not know if that has changed but that would present problems for us as we are frequently out of the country. I do not know if it is still that way but I would check it out.

Amazon has hundreds of free books to offer.
We love our kindles. Reply to this

4 years ago, March 31st 2012 No: 39 Msg: #154001  
I am not a first adopter. I like technology to mature a bit before I buy (I still have VHS tapes!). But with Borders going bankrupt, I knew that it was time to get an e-reader. Last Christmas there was a big war between e-readers, and after doing all the research I told (asked) my kids to buy me a Kindle Fire. Amazon certainly are marketing geniuses; selling the reader below cost, and making it up in book sales...kind of like razors and blades or printers and ink cartridges. I have been pleased so far, and it will certainly come in handy by reducing weight on my trips.

However, I haven't learned the feature that allows me to flip back and forth through a book, if such a feature exists, so my Kindle will not replace my travel guide books where such flipping is absolutely essential. I've just got to get to the point where I will dismember my guide books so that I only take the sections that are relevant to my trip. Why is it so hard to rip up books? Reply to this

4 years ago, April 8th 2012 No: 40 Msg: #154338  
a very nice post
Thanks for posting it, and sharing your book reading torture with us.. Reply to this

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