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Has anyone been sponsored to travel

looking for info or advice
10 years ago, July 27th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #116557  
Ok so the last few weeks i have been thinking of different ways i can travel and one that keeps popping up is sponsored travel. Has anyone here been sponsored in some way to travel, whether it means sponsored to travel to a 3rd world country in a volunteering situation, sponsored to teach English ect ect i would love to hear your stories, how you started ect.

One site i have been interested in is letmestayforaday.com which was started by a guy who was interested in traveling the world off the kindness of strangers. shows like Grahams world, Graham Hughes is traveling to every country in the world over a year to raise funds for the charity WaterAid.
Another show that inspired this question was an Amazing adventure of a Nobody where a guy traveled the US and Europe on $5 a day.

I have an interest in doing something similar for prostrate cancer awareness and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to get started, i don't want the TV fame or anything like that or freebies just for the hell of it, I also don't want to be a freeloader in any way. What i am after is a way to travel the world ( At my own cost) and be able to give back in one way or another.

Few ideas i had was Cycling or Walking/Hitchhiking and asking for sponsors for every mile or kilometer i traveled, Volunteering in each country i visited and proposing a sponsorship for each one.

I just don't know where to start, so what do you guys and gals think? All suggestions appreciated Reply to this

10 years ago, July 29th 2010 No: 2 Msg: #116733  
Hello Chris,

Personally I've never searched for sponsors during (or before) my journeys, neither to pay for the cost of them nor in order to raise funds for charities or NGOs. But since moved to Istanbul, I've already met several fellow cyclists who -while cycling to China, India or even Australia- were raising funds for charity. One of them (two brothers, in fact) had already got something like 25000$ (in 1.5 years on the road).

I guess your best bet would be first to decide what type of journey you want to do, second contact some specific NGO and get some agreement with them, and finally talk to firms dealing in products related with the kind of trip you're planning to undertake (i.e. Specialized if you cycle, Dolomite if you walk, etc...)

Good luck and enjoy both research and journey...

Marco Reply to this

10 years ago, September 2nd 2010 No: 3 Msg: #118595  
Ben Southall did. He had 'The Best Job in the World'.....I guess that might not be considered a sponsorship...but it is pretty nice.

If you forget, he got the chance to spend a year in the Whitsundays, Queensland. National Geographic just aired a tv series about the experience....looked pretty good (I only saw the 1st episode). Reply to this

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