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Haiti safety travel advice!

I'm traveling to Haiti in mid August. (Port-au-Prince area) I need to know if the situation down there is safe enough for a girl in her twenties to go alone for a few weeks!
15 years ago, July 16th 2006 No: 1 Msg: #6713  
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I have something of a travel safety question...
I'm planning a trip to Haiti... Port-au-Prince in mid August, and by planning I mean everything is in place, I'm just waiting for my departure date!
However, I just got word from a woman that I've traveled there with several times before that hostile situations in Port-au-Prince are escalating. Obviously I don't want to travel down there and put myself into danger, but I haven't heard anything to crazy in the news. I was just there in June and didn't see or hear of any bad situations... even in Cite Soliel things seemed to be relativly calm.
I was wondering if anyone had any info about the situation down there that would be helpful for me! I'm staying with a Haitian family right in the midst of the city for a few weeks and want to be as safe as possible while there.
Thanks in advance!
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