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Criminal conviction restrictions?

Did you or anyone you know travel while they had a criminal record? If so, which countries did you go to? Did you expericence any problems with getting a passport, visas, entering countries, working abroad..... because of your criminal record?
7 years ago, March 19th 2012 No: 81 Msg: #153401  
I done a quick google search and found the webiste - http://www.zambiaimmigration.gov.zm/ and found the Application for Residence Permit for a person aged sixteen years and above and in there it does ask if you have been convicted under any law in Zambia or outside of Zambia.
Thanks for your help Reply to this

7 years ago, March 19th 2012 No: 82 Msg: #153417  
Glad to be of assistance!

A resident permit usually has stricter conditions than a tourist visa, but on that link you found, even the visitor visa (Form 16) mentions, "Have you been convicted of an offence under any law within or outside Zambia?" Reply to this

7 years ago, March 26th 2012 No: 83 Msg: #153768  
Hi Have been reading all the blogs on this post as came up in a search on criminal records and travel, I do not have a criminal record that im aware of however i was arrested and cautioned in 2001 in England, for letting the tyres down on neighbors car who was stalking me at the time. I moved to ireland and have been here happily for the last 11yrs however i have married and had more kids since this horrible time in my life have been of great behaviour and excellent morals since. My husband wants to emmirgrate to australia for work and I myself traveled to oz in 89 on a working holiday. The problem is i have to get a 10yr background check for visas etc and i hold a british and irish passports. I was also told at time of the caution that this would only remain on record for 5yrs. The laws changed in 2006 which is right on the nose of the 5yrs. I have also held a security job at dublin airport since this and the vetting sevice done the checks to the uk back in 2005. The problem being even spent cautions can now show up on an immergration police check. Do I have to get the police report from the uk to go through the process or just the police report from Ireland. I have been putting in search after search and can not find answer im looking for. The Australian government office for emmirgration to australia is in London they also process checks for irish residents wishing to emmirgrate and i dont want to lie on any forms as this may go against us actually being able to make a better life for ourselves and our children. Anyone who has info to help please post. Thank you. P.S I have not contacted the police in the uk yet to findout if caution is still on record. Reply to this

7 years ago, April 2nd 2012 No: 84 Msg: #154099  
Hi, I really need some help. I'm traveling to America in June and was wondering about the finger print scanners. I did something around 2008, that I am not proud of! And the police could possible have my finger prints. I haven't being convicted of anything so when they scan my finger prints will anything happen? Also why do they scan your fingers in the first place? Thanks for the answers I really need some help 😞 Reply to this

7 years ago, April 2nd 2012 No: 85 Msg: #154101  
@Ellie - I am unsure of the answer to this, but I suspect that you would be over the 10 year period, and it was a caution in 2001 not a conviction. Visa questions usually ask for convictions not cautions.

@Jasmine - This again in really determined by whether you were convicted, and you say that you were not. I suspect that the fingerprinting is to catch people such as drug traffickers or people on terrorist watch lists.

As I've mentioned previously, I am no expert on this area - I don't have legal training in this field, so this information is really an educated guess rather than anything to rely upon 100%. Reply to this

7 years ago, April 2nd 2012 No: 86 Msg: #154118  
I would like to take to trip to India this Aug. Im a lil hesitant due to getting through customs. About two years ago, in Toronto Canada, I had issues returning to CA. I apparently have a couple of driving violations, no appearance, one Ihave taken care of and bad checks from about 15 years ago, not sure how to get this taken care of. Any suggestions, and/or how difficult is India's Customs?
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7 years ago, April 2nd 2012 No: 87 Msg: #154123  
Hello Love to Travel - I would strongly doubt that a driving violation (assuming it didn't involve injury or worse to another party) would cause any problems in India. I entered India with two speeding fines (over a period of 25 years) and there was no problems at all. Reply to this

7 years ago, April 15th 2012 No: 88 Msg: #154725  
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Hey guys, I am wanting to travel to the US this year from Australia but my past is worrying me because i have been charged with shoplifting a few times in the last 5 years and had to go to court for a couple of them... I am not sure if I have a criminal record, I was never told by the judge or police that I did. Will I be denied entry in the US and what are my options if I am denied? Any help or information would be appreciated. Thanks Reply to this

7 years ago, April 24th 2012 No: 89 Msg: #155214  
Just wanna remark on few general things, The website design and style is perfect, the content is very wonderful. “Art for art’s sake makes no more sense than gin for gin’s sake.” by W. Somerset Maugham. Reply to this

7 years ago, July 18th 2012 No: 90 Msg: #158897  
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In response to: Msg #79945
I know one,me! I am 55 years old, married w/4 grown kids. Got arrested 37 years ago with a stolen battery in my car. $100.00 fine. I was pulled into the "yellow room" at Toronto Int. 45 minutes later and lots of humiliating interigation I got to go to Grand Rapids. I was told then to get a conviction summary before crossing again. This takes 8 weeks in Canada. Then when I got the papers saying I had ordered one the Border agents in Edmonton where I wanted to cross 11 days later said no I needed a waiver to cross. Goodbye trip tp Laughlin to see Huey Lewis and Joe Cocker plus my friends that were going. I am not happy!! I do buisness across the border and have been there at least 20 times in the last little while. Reply to this

7 years ago, July 18th 2012 No: 91 Msg: #158898  
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In response to: Msg #130362

Yes you can! Canadians are not like the US border Reply to this

4 years ago, July 24th 2015 No: 92 Msg: #192160  
Hey. Does anyone have a known list of countries I could visit with five minor cannabis convictions spanning 37 years?
None of my convictions are for supply, just possession and cultivation. I am from, and still live in New Zealand. Reply to this

4 years ago, November 14th 2015 No: 93 Msg: #194005  
I have 3 prescription fraud misdemeanors and was offered a job as a physician assistant in Egypt. The medical director said the convictions "would be no problem" and on their side they would just "push it through" as there is a shortage etc. Does anyone know if this is true re drug convictions, even misdemeanors in Egypt??? Im supposed to leave in 2 months. Is there a way to fill out the security form online? To know for sure beforehand? Thanks for any response Reply to this

4 years ago, December 23rd 2015 No: 94 Msg: #194586  
In response to: Msg #79938

It would be better for you friend that he should contact an expungement attorney. he will help in clearing all your criminal records. But, the criminal records can only be cleared if the case has been solved or the person has completed his term in jail, in case of crime seriousness. I know criminal attorney firm: <snip>. They have resolved so many cases.
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