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Having four weeks to travel

Having four weeks to travel. Any suggestions?
15 years ago, July 11th 2008 No: 1 Msg: #41583  
N Posts: 2
Hi guys,

Two of us are keen to see Malawi and wonder if four weeks is too much or most likely not enough?!

What is the common way to get there, travelling from london e.g.?

Many thanks,
Idan Reply to this

15 years ago, August 19th 2008 No: 2 Msg: #46068  
Hey Idan,

4 Weeks in Malawi will be enough. I'm not sure what exactly you'll be doing, but I stayed in Lilongwe (the capital) for several weeks. I was working on a documentary so I kept pretty busy, but on my off days we would often drive to Lake Malawi and spend some time there. Sangha Bay is absolutely gorgeous, we camped but there's also a resort option. The lake is stunning. You'll see your fair share of small villages and farms, but to be honest there are very few "national treasures" there. The great thing about Zambia is you get Vic Falls and what not, Malawi is very third world, with very few things for the average tourist to do. I would say Malawi is a beautiful place to and volunteer, but for the average backpacker - a week or two should be fine. You could spend more time in other countries.

As far as travel goes, I flew through Joburg but only because we shot in more countries then Malawi. Also, a great backpacking lodge in Lilongwe is "Mufasa's". The location is amazing, right next to a lot of markets; and the staff is very friendly and has great ideas for things to do. If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

-Michael Reply to this

14 years ago, July 14th 2009 No: 3 Msg: #79495  
Hi Idan,

I spent 7 weeks in Malawi this winter. I had a wonderful time, and was fortunate to have friends there who showed me a lot of nice places to go. Malawi is the only African country I've ever been to, but it really made an impression on me, and it's not called "the warm heart of Africa" for nothing. You'll meet friendly people everywhere. I'm going back again in September and will stay for two months this time, just visiting friends who work there, going to Lake of Stars (the festival) and hang out.

I'm Scandinavian, so I also travelled from London since I got the cheapest tickets from there. I went with Kenya Airways, but this time I found even cheaper tickets with Quatar Airways from Heathrow to Jo'burg (paid about 290 pounds) and will start there and go by bus to Malawi.

4 weeks is probably perfect. Places I would recommend visiting:

Likoma Island. A really nice island just outside Mozambique that still belongs to Malawi. You should stay at Mango Drift. There you'll meet a nice British couple (Becky and Josh) and you can stay in chalets at the beach. It's beautiful! I had a snake in my chalet the last time, so I hope they fixed the walls : )

Nkhata Bay. If you want to have some fun, stay at Mayoka Village. Really good food (compared to the average food in Malawi). Friendly staff, great chalets a few meters from the lake.

Cape Maclear. I had a lot of fun there. Stayed at Gecko Lounge and Gaia House. You should rent a kayak and bring some greens (carlsberg) out to the national park and enjoy the sunset. It's gorgeous!

Lilongwe. A strange capitol. It's scattered all over, and there's nothing much to see there. You should hook up with someone who knows the town. If you don't, you'll probably miss out on the good places to go.

Liwonde National Park. Lots of hippos. We stayed at Mvuu Camp. Great food, great staff and really nice.

Blantyre. Is ok, but not a place I want to go back to. Don't stay at Doogles... Extremely dirty place...

Mount Mulanje. I didn't go there, but will do it this time. It's supposed to be good hiking.

Marthe Reply to this

14 years ago, July 21st 2009 No: 4 Msg: #80419  
N Posts: 2
Hey all. thanks for the updates.

My buddy and i did go to Malawi and had a really great time. We liked the malawi people and liked the place a lot too.

To sum it up -- 4 weeks -- malawi only -- Sep/Oct 2008 -- arriving in Lilongwe:

- we tracked in the mid north. from the mountain back to the lake + "safari" which was great considering there were no barriers and we were maybe five of us at the camp at night. I think Mzuzu is on the way here at least on way?!

- Went to the lake of stars festival. Was a great experience (a little bit of stuff gone missing for a few people. shame). Look out for bilharzia or know the risk.

- down to mulanje for a 3-4 days track that we actually went on for four nights. we really had a good time there. Blantyre. Liwonde .

- Thats about 3 1/2 weeks. So you need to allow a day ahead your flight and at least a day to be stuck on the road somewhere.

- Beer was about a dollar or a pound. Some stuff was more dear. We liked the rice and beans diet plus some porridge

- Bought a cheap tent for the festival only. the rest was pretty casual..

- We got a bit short on cash a couple of times since we were far from an atm or stuff was a bit more dear in the remote rural -- accom and food

So ye. this is from memory. hope this helps. the tips above this are absolutely right.

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