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South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago March 8th 1976

Geo: -33.3908, -71.2243We stopped for a day in Santiago, to unload our Washington apples and take on a load of Chilean apples. In Santiago, our bus was boarded by policemen carrying machine guns.My sister, age 11, wrote:At 9:30am we said Good-bye to the Gammons who were getting off. Then went on for thetour of Santiago. I slept most of the way there. We toured the city and then went to the top of San Cristobal and then half of the way back down to where we would eat lunch. We had some fish and thought we were done and then they brought chicken and dessert. I didn't finish. I slept on the way back. When we got to the ship we ate dinner then went to a show (magician and music) where we met the other ... read more

Geo: -33.0206, -71.5548My sister, age 11, wrote:At 10:30am I played shuffleboard and lost. Nothing happened for the rest of the day except we arrived Valparaiso and Mom and Dad went to the casino.... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago March 6th 1976

Geo: -44.1507, -77.4316My sister, age 11, wrote:At 11:00am, I played in the scrabble tournament and beat Grandpa. Next I had to play Jean Bagot. At 6:00pm there was a party for everyone. We got a Magellan Club certificate and a Penguin Club Certificate. Dinner was at 7:00pm. After dinner there was the hat parade. Mom won a platter. After the hat parade Ard and I did our tumbling show.... read more

South America » Chile March 5th 1976

Geo: -50.8198, -73.3008My sister, age 11, wrote:We entered the English narrows about 10:30am. At one point in them we had to make a hard left, right, left. For the next day we had to make a hat so we worked on that till lunch. After lunch we worked or tried to work on a tumbling show we had to do also Saturday for the Magellan Follies. After dinner we saw a movie called "Buena Sera Mrs. Campbell."... read more

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Punta Arenas March 4th 1976

Geo: -53.9518, -71.6185My sister, age 11, wrote:We entered the first part at 7:30am. A little while before lunch we saw some penguins in the water. At 3:00 we went to be penguins. While we were in the water Del and Lynn took some pictures of us that might be put in a Children's National Geographic magazine. Afterwards we had our hair dried and they took some more pictures. But this time it was with Captain Wallace. We found out that we were going to get to go through the English Narrows. (It usually doesn't happen.) We also saw seals and waterfalls, glaciers with deep blue ice and more.We stopped in Punta Arenas, to kiss the toe of Magellan.... read more

South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia March 3rd 1976

Geo: -52.3756, -68.4229My sister, age 11, wrote:At 2:00pm we saw a movie called "Cops and Robbers." After dinner there was a Bingo party. No one in our family except dad won $20. We couldn't go out on deck because during the night oil had gotten all over the place.She forgot to mention that the reason why oil was spilled on the deck was because we had been caught in a terrible storm, the load this freighter/passenger ship was carrying shifted, resulting in the slurry on the deck. I remeber sitting in the dining room, watching as the bow plunged deep into the green water of the sea. It was quite something!... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires March 2nd 1976

Geo: -45.6448, -61.2598My sister, age 11, wrote:Nothing much happened today except after dinner we saw a movie called "Star Spangled Girl."... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires March 1st 1976

Geo: -39.8423, -53.7891My sister, age 11, wrote:After breakfast we went to Rise and Shine Calisthenics and the dance class. Then we signed up for some of the tournaments they were gong to have. I signed up for shuffleboard and scrabble. At 3:00 we went to Spanish class where we learned how to say "la grabadora" - the tape recorder. At 5:30 there was a Happy Hour in Club Andes. After dinner they had horse races wooden horses on a marked tarp. For four of the races, I got to move some of the horses. In the "Filly Race" they picked six ladies among which was my mom. She didn't win.... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires February 29th 1976

Geo: -34.6118, -58.4173My sister, age 11, wrote:At 9:00 we took the shuttle bus back into town and then boarded the train to the Tigre. The round trip fare was only 17 pesos for 6-7 cents. It was a 50 minute ride out. When we got there we crossed the river by bridge and walked along the river a ways then turned around and went back. When we got back to Buenos Aires we were going to shop for a while. The men were going to buy some wine and we were looking for film. As we were walking back our bus started to pass us then sopped and backed up. We got in and told the driver that there were two more to get so Ard and I waited with the only other lady on the ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires February 28th 1976

Geo: -34.6118, -58.4173My sister, age 11, wrote:We did what little shopping we could. Dad bought a hand-tailored antelope jacket. We boarded the ship at 3:00 and Ard and I were assigned to room 132. Mom and Dad had room 101 and Grandma and Grandpa had room 15. We explored the ship for the rest of the day. After dinner, they had some dancers on board that were great!... read more

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