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South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento April 15th 2011

hola amigos, well, it is Friday, so we thought we might as well pop over to Uruguay - as one does. from the decidedly frenetic and chaotic scenes of Buenos Aires, this is a trip back in time. Almost to, at a guess, I would say 1956 - possibly a Tuesday. The first rule about driving in Buenos Aires is that there are no rules. As a general guide, take all the drivers from Milan, Paris, Tokyo, New York and Wanstead, put them behind the wheel of a car, show them where the horn is and then blindfold them. Instruct them to drive as fast as they can in whatever direction they like, then you have down town BA. Without a word of a lie, we have seen buses, taxis and cars all going different directions ... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento March 26th 2011

I arrived in the afternoon after taking a 2 hour bus from Montevideo. The weather was gorgeous so I dumped my bag down and headed out to the main square and started to get my bearings. Colonia is a beautiful colonial town (suppose the clue is in the title!). It has cobbled stone streets and quaint restaurants and ice cream parlours...not much to do really except wander round, soaking up the atmosphere and ´taking it all in´. I did spot some dinosaur remains in the municipial museum, which apparently were found on the coast of Colonia 400 years ago. I decided to treat myself to some tea out so I found a nice restaurant and had some steak and wine as the sun was going down. I headed back to the hostel and made friends with ... read more
Beautiful Colonia
The Lighthouse
Cobbled streets and coastline

South America » Uruguay » West » Carmelo February 20th 2011

Last day in Uruguay. It was nice to sleep in today. We had planned to go kayaking, but cancelled in favor of sleep and shade, both of which are needed. We ate breakfast and headed to the pool. We are both pretty burnt from yesterday- the sun here is HOT - so we sat under umbrellas. I finally finished my book and Eric worked on the Big Short. The pool got hot so we went to the gym and packed up. Basically a day of GTL for those of you who are enamored with Jersey Shore. We grabbed a quick lunch and headed back to Colonia to catch the Buquebus Boat. I'm still not sure why its not called BuqueBoat instead of BuqueBus, but whatever. For such a pretty place, it is unfortunate that the water ... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Carmelo February 19th 2011

We woke up Saturday morning relatively well rested. Our room rate includes breakfast, so we head towards the restaurant for what we expect would be your standard continental breakfast. Nope. It was a massive spread of local meats, cheeses, Narbona yogurts, breads and pastries, cereal, fresh fruit, bacon, eggs, etc. Yum. We enjoyed it thoroughly and then caught a ride to La Tierra de Caballos for some horseback riding. Eric and I were the only two on the trail ride, which was led by an authentic-looking gaucho who tried earnestly to communicate with us. My horse had a mind of its own, generally ignoring my directions to stay in line and out of the thorny trees and bushes. Eric's horse had a, como se dice?, gas problem. We both laughed at that one... Thankfully my horse ... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Carmelo February 18th 2011

Today was a really long day. We got in to Santiago at about 2 am and tried to sleep a few hours in the airport before our 7 am flight to Buenos Aires. When we got there, we hopped in a cab with a very friendly can driver named Omar. He and Eric quickly got into a broken English/Spanish exchange about Argentinians in American sports. Omar drove us through what seemed to be the Bs As ghetto to the BuqueBus terminal where we would catch a ferry to Colonia, Uruguay. The ferry is huge, like a small cruise ship. It takes about an hour to get to Colonia, where we met our driver, Juan, who drove us to our hotel in Carmelo, a town of roughly 17,000 in the Uruguayan countryside. We splurged and stayed at ... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento December 23rd 2010

Geo: -34.4771, -57.8386"Wear sunscreen. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The long-term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists, whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience."I just spent three days in Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. Colonia is a smallish, waterside, switchy-off-and-relaxy kinda place, and I liked it. The souvenir shops were tacky, but I did come away with something – skin burned to buggery, as Nanny Pay would have said if she was still alive.Colonia is very easy to get to from Buenos Aires by ferry (, return trip for around 300 Argentinean pesos/U$S75/£50, less if you book well in advance). The end of December is the beginning of summer and averaged 32 or 33°C with ... read more
Don't cry, Mister Banknote Man
More pretty

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento December 19th 2010

December 16, 2010 We’ve been staying out really late with a few of Fernando’s friends these past two nights. As we sat on Buquebus boat to Uruguay, Kristen and I both felt exhausted. With all of the walking that we’ve been doing, exploring the city of Buenos Aires, it’s incredible how we can still stand. On Friday, December 16, a few of us ventured to one of many ‘disco’ clubs in Buenos Aires. Before we left, Fernando’s friends came by the house and drank bottles of beer for about 3 hours. One by one, each of them took turns and played their own favorite sets of Latin and American music using Fernando’s apple laptop as the loud beats filled the room. With the exception of Fernando, barely any of them spoke English. Kristen and I sat ... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento December 9th 2010

Old, well-preserved/restored colonial towns are some of my favorite places, and Colonia de Sacramento is a gem. The Barrio Histórico (historic neighborhood) is a UNESCO World Heritage site of small, charming, 17c buildings (now often museums or restaurants), rough, cobble-stone streets and a lighthouse tucked inside a ruined convent--all snuggled in a peninsula that juts into the wide, Rio de la Plata. Like the rest of the town, its streets are shaded by bowers of ancient, leafy sycamore trees, cooling me from the ever-increasing summer sun. Colonia enjoys a Mediterranean climate similar to Santa Barbara's, and my heart leaped to see familiar hanging wisteria, vibrant bougainvillea, fragrant oleander, purple jacaranda and lots more. I was in paradise and stayed days longer than the few hours needed to explore the tiny old town. Like many places I ... read more
lighthouse and ruins of a convent
the famous Street of Sighs
Spanish red-tiled roof

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento December 3rd 2010

Pretty sure the prime motivator for our visit to Uruguay was so my 3 amigos could make repeated Simpsonesque references to the name of the country (which they did). We were all surprised however at the beauty and charm of Colonia - not to mention the fun Wayne had burling around the streets in a golf buggy often on the wrong side of the road, going the wrong way around a round-about or the wrong way down one-way streets. Colonia is 1 hour ferry (or 3 hours if you prefer the cheaper slower option) from Buenos Aires and is a lovely day trip. The website was a nightmare so we decided to head down to the port area and try our luck. There were no tickets left for the morning so we booked for 12.30 ... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento November 8th 2010

This entry covers a couple of my weekend trips around Uruguay as well as some more pictures from Montevideo. On the weekends, I’ve tried to find a balance between hanging out in Montevideo and seeing things outside the city. Over the last couple weekends I went camping along the Rio Negro (in the center of Uruguay) and to Colonia Del Sacramento, which is an old colonial town established by the Portuguese in 1680. Last Sunday, I also had the chance to go watch a Candombe practice which is an experience that most tourists don’t get to see. Candombe is a type music that originated from Uruguayan slaves and has progressed into a traditional performance that is desplayed on the streets during Carnival and certain other holidays. There are 3 different types of drums that are used ... read more
Abandoned Car with a tree growing through it!
The "road" to the campsite

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