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South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento February 2nd 2010

Geo: -34.4771, -57.8386 Everyone said we'd love Colonia. Everyone. Our slow, meandering bus ride from Frey Bentos took FOREVER, but we finally arrived and walked, dragging suitcases up beautiful bumpy broken tree lined streets, to our hotel. We loved the city immediately. But of course, everywhere we've been we've thought--how clean! how quiet! how lovely! Sounds like we didn't like Montevideo much, doesn't it? We were hot and sweaty by the time we'd had lunch and walked around the historic area, so we spent a good 2 hours in the pool, then back in the pool, then back in the pool again. Even Bob went swimming, so you KNOW it was hot. Our hotel is old, but cool. Kari, the hallways remind me of Chico 'cause they squeak when you walk on them, and they're wavy, ... read more
Don't You Just Want to BE There?
Stretching from One Riverbank to Another
Portuguese Streets Have No Sidewalks

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento January 31st 2010

I can honestly say that I never imagined myself going to Uruguay. Really, the name sounds like it would be a boring place or slightly ugly. Never judge a country based on its name, I can say that for sure! Such a beautiful and tranquil country!!! I went with 2 friends from school, and we stayed 2 nights in a hostel. It is neat because you can get to Uruguay via bus or boat. Clearly the boat is a much better way to travel! We just stayed in a small city and didn´t go to the capital or venture out to much. Colonia is really old and cute. Cobblestone streets and now it is just a place where people from the city go to relax for a weekend. It felt like I was in a movie ... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Fray Bentos January 31st 2010

Geo: -33.1394, -58.3043Remember all the cows of the gaucho years? Well, they're still a bunch of them around. Their history is integral to the history of the country and nowhere is that more apparent than in Fray Bentos.In 1863 a German engineer developed a system to process beef and, funny thing--discovered Uruguay at the same time. Beef--Uruguay, it works. Situated on the Uruguay River and thus with easy access to the outside, this sleepy port city became a giant producer of beef products that literally fed the world. They shipped a million cow's worth of beef to countries all over the world, much of it as OXO Cubes to troups in WWI and WWII. As the technology increased the ability to can beef safely increased as well. The main product was corned beef, the kind I ... read more
YUM, You Can Win a War With This One
Wow, That's Some Marketing
What Passes for English

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento January 16th 2010

How pretty you are, Colonia! How nice is your beach front! And oh, how expensive! One night, Colonia. One night of hot dogs for dinner and then we are outta here.... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento January 4th 2010

Its the holidays between Xmas and New Year so its not surprising that Iguazu waterfalls are pretty busy, however, they are large enough and spectacular enough to cope with lots of people. On the Brazilian side of the falls you can walk along the edge of the canyon and get spectacular views of the falls that stretch for nearly 3km. Its another case of believing that the views cant get any better then going round the next corner to find that they just have. On the Argentine side there are board-walks that let you get right up close and personal to the falls; in places they go right up to the bottom of the falls or right along the top edge to the point where the water plunges over the edge and disappears into the clouds ... read more
Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls - butterfly attack
Iguazu Falls - multi-coloured butterflies

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento November 14th 2009

We were up early for our transfer - not that we had much choice as the ibis nesting around the farm made far more noise than the cockerel, and driven into town, for a 4 hour bus ride to Montevideo. Doesn't look like a south american city - there are plane trees, and mixture of european architectural styles, (it's small, too). There is, of course lots of drab concrete, but it could be europe 10 years ago - especially with the types of cars on the streets. We went for a walk through the old town, to mercado del puerto - now full of parilla restaurants; think more than you can eat meat and you are on the right tracks. A walk was very necessary to ease the stomach, so I wandered all over the old ... read more
the parrilla
in the back streets
always room for ice cream

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento October 18th 2009

Originally we had planned to continue from Montevideo onwards to our next destination. For some reason we had thought it was a good idea to phone ahead and book accommodation, something that wasn’t a normal working practice for us. Good job we did as it seems the whole town was sold out! We took the time to go back to Mercado del Puerto and got lost in the best steaks in the world before finding ourselves accommodation for the night (it seems that Uruguay is popular tonight!). It didn’t bother us to stay longer in Montevideo, it’s a great city with a charming centre. It also gave us the opportunity to go to one of Montevideo’s original and traditional tango clubs. As this is Gardel country (yes he is Uruguayan, not Argentinean) it is an opportunity ... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento October 14th 2009

Nach gut 1 1/2 Wochen in Buenos Aires. Muss ich villeicht wieder einmal meine Meinung ueber Grossstaedte revidieren. Buenos Aires ist super nett. Die Stadt lebt und zieht einem einfach mit. Die Leute sind aeusserst freundlich und von der Arroganz die man den Porteños (Einwohner von BA) nachsagt, habe ich nicht viel gemerkt. BA hat nicht viele sensationelle Sehenswuerdigkeiten, aber es gibt immer wieder einmal etwas zu entdecken und durch die Stadt spazieren bringt viele spannende Erlebnisse mit sich. Wieder einmal empfand ich den botanischen Garten als eines der Highligths. Gestern waren wir dann noch fuer einen Tagesauflug in Colonia, Uruguay. Ich kann jetzt also aus Erfahrung sagen, der Argentinische Wein und das Argentinische Fleisch sind besser :-) Der Ausflug hat sich aber allemal gelohnt. In BA habe ich viele Freunde wieder getroffen und eine super ... read more
Caminito, la boca
...aber sehr touristisch

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento October 13th 2009

After spending sometime in Argentina we decided to hop on a boat and take a 1 hour ferry to the country of Uruguay. Our first stop was Colonia del Sacramento. This cozy town sits on the Rio Plata and still has its cobble stone streets and quaint houses. It wasnt a very big town but a nice break from the hussle and bustle of the Big City.... read more
Sun Set
The Stadium

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento October 4th 2009

Got up early (too early, Uruguay "sprung forward" last night for their DST) and went to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Colonia de Sacremento. It really feels like a town frozen in time. I had parilla today for lunch! Mmmmmm.... My cholesterol just went up a few notches. I left there on the fast ferry to Buenos Aries (back in Standard time, Argentina doesn't "spring forward" till October 18th) It was very cool to be on a big ship that clocks 50 kilometers per hour. See pics. Until tomorrow...... read more
Old Window w/ Lace Curtains

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