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South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento January 21st 2013

Geo: -34.4771, -57.8386... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento January 6th 2013

Šiandien po senamiesti nutariu pavaikštinėti pėsčiomis, apžiūrėti netoli namų esančias apylinkes. Taigi pavaikštau po senamiestį ir einu link uosto, pakeliui prieinu traukinių stotį. Iš išorės atrodo apleista, visos durys ir langai uždaryti, ši stotis apleista ir neveikianti, nors kaip vėliau sužinojau ji uždaryta gal tik prieš 20 metų. Labai norėtūsi įlysti į vidų ir pašniukštinėti, bet visi įmanomi įėjimai uždaryti. Apeinu aplink visą stotį ir netrukus prieinu naująjį terminalą. Naujas ir modernus terminalas, nors ir labai nedidelis, tačiau traukiniai atrodo labai seni ir pavargę, nepanašu, kad būtų labai dažnai naudojami, o ir žmonių stotyje vos vienas kitas. Už naujosios stoties, didelis stiklinis dangoraižis. Eidamas toliau, pamatau didelį ir grąžų seną pastatą, nueinu jo apžiūrėti, panašu į kažkokį parlamentą. Šiandi... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento December 31st 2012

Uruguay - South America's Well Kept Secret ... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento December 24th 2012

First experience of Uruguay was a visit to the hot springs resort at Salto, for a relaxing back massage and a slow steam in the hot pools. Another long coach ride dropped us at the capital city of Montevideo, with its lively atmosphere but slightly tatty and frayed streets with graffiti-clad walls. A stormy day exploring the city with stops for tea and cake was followed by great food and giant bottles of local Pilsen beer (v good) in the pedestrianised centre. Final stop was the beautiful colonial town of Colonia del Sacramento - fought over by the Spanish and Portuguese. We ate ice cream and wandered through cobbled streets with old churches, and mountain biked to deserted beaches before watching a stunning sunset. Buenos Aires update to follow - wishing everyone back home a very ... read more
Me and big beer
Stormy Rio de la Plata
Montevideo graffiti

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento December 15th 2012

Colonia del Sacramento is one of the short trips recommended from Buenos Aires. I can hear you thinking "hey, is that also in Argentina then?? Coz I thought.." Yes, exactly, it´s in Uruguay! So the opportunity to see yet another country, without even needing to board a plane, was too good to pass up. A weekend in Uruguay it was! When I first checked ferry ticket prices at Buquebus, it was a bit of a shock though. Arrhg, that´s what you get for ´keeping things open and flexible´!! But after a bit more research I found there was another ferry company, Colonia Express, that offered much lower prices, at the times we wanted. The downside was that the boat was a bit smaller (so you feel the waves more, especially if the weather is bad) and ... read more
Typical street patio in Colonia
The infamous Colonia lighthouse in the late afternoon
Evenings in Colonia

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento October 5th 2012

Probably the title needs some explanation on my side. Why I wanted to visit Uruguay since like forever. It is not because we hear so much about beauty of this small country right? The reason will make you laugh for sure and I don’t expect you to understand but it is the way it is. Well, then I need to go back as far as ’90 and explain that during this time Poland and Easters Europe for that matter was bombarded with many Latin-American soap operas. As a child/teenager I was never curious about the reasons why but nevertheless the nation watched them. There was one soap opera in particular that I learnt to love and watched it probably 4-5 ... read more
charming street
old timer
collection of doors in Colonia

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento September 26th 2012

We left Buenos Aires by boat to cross the river into Uruguay. Our first stop is at Colonia Del Sacramento part of the old quarter is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site the town is lovely with wide streets lined with trees and not a lot of cars. We checked into our hostel where the staff were friendly and unpacked our few belongings into our locked wardrobe. This is our first experience of shared accomadtion a little nervous as what to expect, we were the only guests in the room for the time being. We explored the old part of the town most of the streets are centred from the Plaza Mayor lots of interesting shops selling colourful ethnic objects of art. Visited the Bastion del Carmen this was once a governors home but later converted ... read more
Bastion del Carmen

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento August 25th 2012

Another week-end...another opportunity to go discovering our surroundings. This time we headed North, by boat and bus, to Uruguay. And yes, this is already country 40 for Leslie... We spent our Saturday mainly in Colonia de Sacramento...and on the road and water... There are two main options to reach Colonia from Buenos Aires...the slow boat, or the fast boat. The first takes just over an hour, the second nearly three hours, and obviously, the second is the cheapest. We were not in a hurry, so I decided we would give a try to the slow boat. Why people do come to Colonia....because the place is do a visa visit the ATM...and to shop heavily in the duty free shop on the boat! Colonia is a pretty small place...a day is more than enough to ... read more
Colonia...nice saturday...winter time....
Nice lunch in Colonia...and no it's not only about the's about the smiles too!!!
Iglesia Matriz

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento June 30th 2012

Monday 14th May 2012 - Buenos Aires to Colonia, Uruguay We've been home over 2 weeks now and so it's well over a month since we made the ferry crossing across the Rio Del Plata. As expected I got slack towards the end but with 4 more weeks still to write about, the job's not finished yet. Maybe I'll have forgotten any of the bad bits and will write a cheery account or maybe the hum drum monosyllabic petty pace from day to day, to quote Macbeth, will bring me back to earth with a thud. Anyhow, enough of the crap, we bused it to near the port in BA which left us a nice 1 mile yomp along the mean streets with our 18kg back packs plus my 7kg book bag, which pleased Stacie greatly ... read more
Streets of Colonia
View from the lighthouse
Hotel Palacio Montevideo

The awesome impact of a plane landscape can be vastly underrated. People seek out mountains and valleys; majesty and splendour, but as the saying goes, sometimes you fail to see the forest for the trees. An early morning taxi and boat ride later and we found ourselves no longer in Buenos Aires but in Uruguay, an oft overlooked and predominantly rural country sandwiched between Brazil and Argentina. From the port in Colonia del Sacramento, we were careful to avoid any sight of the old town itself, preferring to leave that as a surprise for our eventual return to this little Portuguese settlement a few days later. Instead, we jumped aboard the first bus we could find headed for Montevideo, the capital city, where we would spend the following three nights. Our ride would only take just ... read more
Cars & Coffee

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