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South America » Argentina July 26th 2011

Geo: -34.6118, -58.4173Time for another blog entry in Spanish. This time, something I wrote for my Spanish classes a while back...my personal A to Z of Argentinean culture, the good and the bad. If you want me to translate this into English, you have to go to the right hand side of this page and give me 5 stars. These stars are like Gummiberry juice, giving me more energy for blogging in these, my last ten days in Argentina.Es hora de escribir algo más en castellano en mi blog. Esta vez es algo que escribí para una de mis clases de castellano hace un tiempo (¡gracias, Gonzalo, por las clases muy interesantes!) Es mi guía personal a la cultura argentina, de A a Z, incluyendo cosas buenas y malas. Si querés que traduzca la lista en ... read more
Dulce de leche
Gauchito Gil

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Tigre July 24th 2011

Geo: -34.5843, -58.5251It all seemed so simple. After queuing for 40 minutes or so to get into the Parque de la Costa theme park in Tigre, Argentina, a big sign told us that there were three types of entrance ticket. There was a Passport Promo, a Passport Plus and a Gold Passport. The Passport Promo seemed to include nothing of interest, whereas the only extra included with the Gold Passport was the shows they laid on for little kiddies. We didn't want the shows, just the roller-coasters, so... Sebastián: "Two Passport Pluses, please". Levi: "Oh, wait, for just 30 pesos extra, I can upgrade my Passport Plus to a Winter Passport Plus, which means I can come back as many times as I like this winter. I might come back with a friend when she arrives ... read more
Parque de la Costa
The swirly roller-coaster we queued twice for
A damned good impression of The Simpsons

South America » Argentina July 18th 2011

Geo: -38, -57.58I am still not entirely sure how I went from sitting in my flat in Buenos Aires chatting on Facebook with no plans for the weekend to, 24 hours later, carrying a pantomime outfit, complete with a big spongy fake bosom, into a theatre in Mar del Plata…but therein lies something of the magic of Argentina.Everyone I meet here seems to do interesting things on the side. People I know “run a micro-business that makes and sells cupcakes”, “have a photography exhibition coming up”, “sing in a death metal band called Nave Astra”, “present a weekly radio show called Radio Kapow”, “have written and directed a play called 'I am not a Horse'. I don't know why it is, but people back home in the UK just don't seem to mention doing this sort ... read more
Mar del Plata
Cuenta Cuentos Cuento Vivo
Pedro, Sebastián and me, Mar del Plata

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento July 14th 2011

Geo: -34.4771, -57.8386Today (14th July), it is exactly a year to the day since I first arrived in Buenos Aires. Happy anniversary to me. I am also just over three weeks away from returning to the UK, with feelings as mixed as my hairstyles have been over the past twelve months. (The fact that the "News of the World" is no more makes me a little more inclined to come home, I have to say.)I had to renew my 90-day tourist visa one last time a couple of days ago, so I went across the river on another day trip to Colonia, in Uruguay…this time with a friend who was getting over the same flu that I was recovering from. We figured we wouldn´t be likely to cross-infect each other if it was the same flu. ... read more
Plaza de Toros, Colonia del Sacramento
A lovely little church
A lovely little church

South America » Argentina June 25th 2011

Geo: -42.77, -65.04The ash from the Puyehue volcano forced me to take a bus from Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn (that's in Patagonia, mum, not Antarctica) on the east coast of Argentina, as all flights to the region were cancelled. The final 5-hour stretch of the journey into Puerto Madryn bored and worried me in equal measure. Seeing nothing but a hypnotizingly flat and desolate landscape, greyer than usual as a result of the ash-fall, made me question why I was bothering and whether this place could really live up to the hype. But it did, with knobs on.I stayed in a B&B called Casa Patagónica, a fantastic choice (240 pesos/£36/U$D58 a night for a double room with ensuite). The place is run by Eugenia and Fran, although I saw more of Fran´s mother than I ... read more
The Welshness of Puerto Madryn
A desolate view through a very cracked windscreen
It says: "The bus is safe in the port, but...

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Este April 20th 2011

Geo: -34.9751, -54.943Text being drafted... read more

Geo: -34.8939, -56.1568Text currently being written... read more

South America » Argentina April 8th 2011

Geo: -34.6118, -58.4173After leaving a job in the UK higher education sector a year ago, and from my current vantage point in Argentina, I have been rather fascinated by the tuition fees announcements flowing from the @timeshighered Twitter feed. With my redundancy payment, I travelled to Buenos Aires for a while to learn Spanish. My Spanish might not be fluent but I am now very capable of following my usual "I worked in higher education" with a statement of how embarrassed I have since become by the English HE sector.It is a sector that seems to be blissfully unaware of how ridiculous it now looks to those outside it, with universities making cringe-worthy references to “student affordability” as part of their £9k (per annum) fees announcements. So warped is the new regime that it seems to ... read more

South America » Argentina March 29th 2011

Geo: -31.4, -64.19Had I read some of the reviews of the city of Córdoba on Travelpod before I decided to go there, I might not have bothered. I'm pleased I relied instead on the more positive review in Time Out, as, so far, Córdoba is my second favourite place in Argentina (after Buenos Aires, of course).I'm sure your view of Córdoba will be steered by your attitude as you head into it. If you go there expecting it to compete with the likes of Buenos Aires or Río de Janerio, you'll find the place a little sleepy. However, if you go in wanting a taste of city life outside of the huge metropolises of South America, Córdoba has everything you need. Home to many universities – including Argentina's earliest and South America's second university, created in ... read more
9. Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes Dr Genaro Pérez
8. Cineclub Municipal Hugo del Carril
7. Trip to La Cumbrecita

South America » Argentina March 25th 2011

Geo: -31.4, -64.19Yesterday, the 24th of March, in Argentina was 'el Día de la Memoría por la Verdad y la Justicia' (Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice), a national holiday marking the beginning of the country's last military dictatorship in 1976. A massive event took place last night in the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, although I decided to visit Córdoba, another city deeply affected by the events that took place in the seventies and eighties. In November 1975 in Córdoba, Marta Rosetti de Arquiola wrote the following: For 21 days, I was detained by the provincial police force's Department of Intelligence (D2), the first two days with my daughter Virginia. During this time, I suffered torture, humiliation, physical exhaustion and death threats against my d... read more
El Museo de la Memoria, Córdoba, Argentina
Office of Dept. of Intelligence (D2), Córdoba
Some of the 30,000 desaparacidos

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