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South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento December 2nd 2005

Is my mother reading this? Hola MAMA! We went to this little town called Colonia in Uruguay. It was the original Buenos Aires in the 18th century and the major trade port for South America and Spain. So the entire old part of the city is surrounded by white-painted cement or stucco walls. The trees all bloom bright fuscia or purple flowers and we stayed at this little Bed and Breakfast called Postada de las Naranjos (Hotel of the Oranges-and there really were orange trees) so you can imagine how beautiful the whole place was. there's nothing much to do here. Everyone seriously carries around thermoses full of hot water and little gourds for drinking Mate. Which is this strong tea from Brazil. Seriously...EVERYONE carries this stuff their purse. The old Portuguese Museum I went ... read more
Uruguay is Beautiful! and so are the people!
Colonia is old school.
Colonia is old school.

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento December 2nd 2005

And in this section we cross the Foz, ride thru´a bit of don´t-cry-for-me-land, have a run-in with the cops, and win!, make the easiest frontier yet, discover another hidden treasure in Uraguay, choose the Devil over Eden, and more.... I was riding along this morning just contemplating some of the perfect pear-shaped bottoms I´d seen in Copercobana and Ipanema, in fact on nearly all the beaches, but in Brasil they are special....and I was wondering who was the unimaginative jerk, locked in some dingy office, riding his overneat desk thru´his boring life and came up with the sicko idea of describing something that has failed as Pear-shaped!...unbelievable...why not brick-shaped, or cuboid or flat or passionfruit-shaped..pears are so perfect, and in relation to body parts, absolutely perfect...if I was working on a project and it turned pear-shaped ... read more
Outboard Powered Ferry
Finally found the turn-off
House Boat?

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento November 30th 2005

Didn´t get time to load the Uruguay pics yesterday, so here goes...... read more
pigeon in ruin wall
ruin wall
old Spanish fort gate

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento November 18th 2005

Hello everyone! We´re in Colonia, Uruguay at the moment, having spent 2 great days in Buenos Aires. Great food, cheap wine, sunny & hot, and Jane´s fluency in Spanish is second to none! We´re off to Montevideo, Uruguay tomorrow for a couple of days, then back to Buenos Aires for more sightseeing and steaks. Not quite sure of our plans after that. Depends whether CHRIS FRY comes and joins us or not. (He´d be mad not to with beer at 40p a pint and fine wine at about a pound a bottle). This is our test Travelblog entry - not sure whether it works or is any good, so feedback would be great. Having a brilliant time but obviously missing you all. Love Mr & Mrs W xxxxxx... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento October 20th 2005

Having spent almost a week in busy Buenos Aires , we decided to 'pop over'to Uruguay for a day for some fresh air. This meant a boat trip to Colonia del Sacremento, which by fast boat took one hour and cost 100 pesos, but by slow took three hours and cost 50 pesos. Now seeing as the fast boat left 2 hours after the slow boat... (duh!) the decision was simple! Colonia was a nice little town with cobbled streets (painful on my ankle!), various dinky museums, a little harbour for the local yachting fraternity, and some nice beaches. Unfortunately not having brought our Driving licence on the day, we couldn´t hire a moped to get to the Bullring, but seeing as neither of us had driven one before, probably a good thing! On the way ... read more
Colonia Lighthouse
Colonia Sculpture
The Buquebus

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento October 19th 2005

Escaped busy BA for calm Colonia! Pretty little old town here, although strangely seems to have very few current residents. Unfortunately it's a bit like a ghost town but with restaurants and shops dotted around for the tourists. Doesn't detract from pretty views out over the Delta though and could just make out lights of BA across the water at nighttime from the restaurant terrace! Don't really need more than a day here so am moving on to Montevideo tomorrow, which is meant to have a young, hip vibe. Will be staying with Maria, who used to work at Christie's, so it'll be great to see it from a local point of view.... read more
Cafe in Colonia
Cobbled Colonia street

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento September 16th 2005

After two days in Buenos Aires (of which more later) we boarded a high speed ferry to cross the Rio del Plata which is some 45 km wide (!!) to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. Colonia is a historic Portuguese / Spanish style old town preserved as it was 2 hundred years ago (UNESCO heritage site). Narrow cobbled streets with cafes & restaurants in white-painted colonial style buildings under blue sky, spring sunshine, oranges & lemons on the trees, parakeets squawking overhead in the palm trees - what have we done to deserve this?! Today we visited Conchillas - some 50km away - with a Spanish speaking taxi driver to investigate the site of Pete's dad's birth & early childhood. We found the "English houses" and stone-cutting plant there preserved as a museum. (Pete's paternal grandfather ... read more
Colonia, Uruguay ... cobbled streets, etc
Conchillas, Uruguay ... here we are
Conchillas, Uruguay ... Remember & us!

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento March 18th 2005

We decided we needed a weekend away from the busy life of Buenos Aires and so Mel, Tracy and I decided to head towards Colonia on el Buque (ferry). We were going to go to Punta del Este to go to the beach, but when we got to Colonia we decided to stay a day and check out the city. It's a nice small city. It's pretty old with some gorgeous views. There isn't really a lot to do there, but it is definitely gorgeous. There is a beach there, but we decided to stay in the old city and enjoy the views. The second day we decided to head to Montevideo to check out another capital. It was very different from Buenos Aires. There is only 3 million people in Uruguay and 1.5 live in ... read more
Colonia, Uruguay
Montevideo, Uruguay

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento March 10th 2005

And so on to Colonia del Sacramento. It is a listed Patrimonial Site by the UNESCO as the most complete illustration of Colonial Architecture in South America. It is pretty. The moment we got there we felt we were back on the tourist trail as we saw back packers the moment we arrived! There were lots of locals also between the station and town offering us accommodation etc. We headed to one of the recommended hotels, got ourselves installed and headed off to see Colonia. It is pretty, it really is. You can tell I was inspired by the number of photos I ended up taking! There are lots of little squares and cobbled streets with the sea as a backdrop in the distance. This meant sauntering from one plaza to the other and soaking in ... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento December 28th 2004

To ease our return to regular backpacking we decided to stop off in Colonia on our way back to Buenos Aires. We got a late bus from Punta del Este and checked in to a little hotel on the outskirts of Colonia for the night. Exploring Colonia Next day we set off to explore Colonia. It is a really pretty little place with tree-lined cobbled streets and colonial buildings. It was founded by the Portuguese in 1680 but lost to the Spanish a century later. We visited the local tourist information office where we got a walking tour of the town. This started at the local church and led us to a drawbridge entrance through the old wall of the town. Inside, the old town is full of pretty colonial buildings with red tiled roofs. The ... read more
El Faro (The Lighthouse)
View from the lighthouse
Cobbled streets of Colonia

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