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South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento September 9th 2006

We got up (a bit later than we wanted to) to head down to the port. We had taken our big bags to the hostel we were staying at when we got back the night before so we only had our small bags. They were still really full as we had to have stuff for the three days. We had breakfast and walked to the port, wishing we had listened a bit more when the other girls from the hostel had told us the way! We found it though and it wasn´t too hard! When we went to buy tickets we were told we would have to buy first class as there was no space left in tourist class. Was only about 40 pesos more which is less than 8quid so we decided it was worth ... read more
Colonia del Sacremento
Marching band!
G and H at coast

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento September 7th 2006

Colonia - Colonia is a little town only a short ferry ride across the border from Buenos Aires (Argentina). Many people do it as a day trip and it is well worth it. It is a very picturesque little town, full of pretty streets, colonial cottages and cobbled streets. Around every corner is a picture postcard. Not much, actually nothing, was happening at night but this was part of the charm, and there were very few gringos to be seen. You can fill in the time visiting the harbour, walking along the beach or lingering over a coffee in a cafe. Carmello - I did this as a day trip from Colonia, but it was not really an inspiring little town and I would not recommend it being worth it if you are pushed for time. ... read more
Colonia de Sacremento 2
Colonia de Sacremento 3
Montevideo 1

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento August 6th 2006

Needing a break from Buenos Aires we decided to go to Uruguay for the day! We departed on the ferry early morning on an organised tour that included transport, lunch and a guide for Colonia. The ferry journey was fun - great views of the BA skyline and then nothing until we arrived in Colonia a few hours later. We were met by the guided and jumped onto the tour bus for the rest of the day. It started off very badly with lunch. It was probably the worst meal we had eaten during our whole trip! Not too good considering we had paid extra to have a better menu! The rest of the day was really good. Our guide was very knowledgable about Colonia, the oldest city in Uruguay, and we saw everything. There was ... read more
Colonia Church
On the way back to Argentina
Flower Pot

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento August 5th 2006

We had caught a ferry across to Uruguay for a few days but needed to be back in Buenos Aires for a football match. We left the capital, Montevideo by bus in the morning to go back to the port of Colonia & arrived early in the afternoon. Our hostel where we had stayed before was expecting us so we were perplexed by their puzzled looks when we turned up. It was as if we had just knocked on some random persons door & asked to stay. They asked our names & repeated Sam & Luke several times until saying 'Oh Sam & Luke'. All very odd but they had a room for us. Having seen nearly all of Colonia a few days previously we were at a loss for something to do, so we did ... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento August 2nd 2006

After a short (finally) two hour bus ride, we made it to Colonia where we will make our ferry ride to Buenos Aires tonight. We went to, yes you guessed it, more markets and yes we made more purchases (maybe even some presents??). Ate a lovely Chorizo sausage sandwich??!!, walked around some more, and yes ate some more!!! We found a little cafe called the El Drugstore, you all must go there when you are here!!!! Here is a little history lesson for you all!! Colonia was origianlly founded as a port so illegal goods could be smuggled in. The spanish wanted all goods to go through Lima which was obviously expensive. So Colonia was used to smuggled goods in, then to Buenos Aires. Wow are you all proud of us, we actually remembered to give ... read more
Not quite sure???
Yes Kate has another red hat!!!
Where is everyone??

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento July 30th 2006

Across the Río de la Plata from Buenos Aires lies Colonia del Sacramento, one of Uruguay's tourist spots. A ferry service links Argentina's capital city with Uruguay's oldest town. Step out of the UNESCO World Heritage Site historical centre and there's not a whole lot going on in Colonia, though this is what seems to appeal to the Porteños who visit the place for a bit of r&r. Beyond the barrio histórico's cobbled streets there's a practically abandoned amusement park featuring, amongst other things, a disused bull-ring. Underestimating the length of the walk there, however, we had to turn back in order not to miss the bus to Montevideo. The idea of a quick paddle was finally rejected given the increasingly chilly temperatures; by the time we got to Montevideo a couple of hours later it ... read more
Colonia II
Colonia IV
Montevideo III

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento July 21st 2006

Buenos Aires is separated from Uruguay by the Rio De La Plata (Plate River) and ferries run from the city to Uruguay's captial Montevideo and to the historic town of Colonia Del Sacramento. I had spent quite a lot of time in big cities recently so I decided to catch the ferry to Colonia for an afternoon. Colonia was founded by the Portuguese in 1680 and much of its Portuguese colonial architecture can still be seen. The town's fortified walls and drawbridged gateway remain, and there are old houses, a lighthouse that you can enter and climb to the top, a ruined convent, a church, a central plaza with palm trees and squawking parakeets, short narrow picturesque streets, several museums and handicraft shops. The whole historic town is unspoilt and great to wander around in the ... read more
Puerta Del Campo, entrance to the old town of Colonia
An old car with a tree growing out of it!
Iglesia Matriz

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento July 11th 2006

Well we finally made it to a second country! Take that Chile and your stupid snow... Linda and Ewan were heading downtown Buenos Aires so we even got a lift to our hostel. Not near as nice as Milhouse where we stayed when we first arrived, and the location was the pits. But we went for a long walk right down the waterfront through Puerto Madero past all the swanky restaurants and boats and things. Very nice walk. Got the boat dock and picked up our tickets to Uruguay, then trudged back to the hostel through the Florida shopping strip. It was craziness, people EVERYWHERE, people tangoing, singing, a million little shops. Full of life these Argentines are. The hostel we stayed in wasn´t in the best of neighbourhoods so we ventured across the street for ... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento June 28th 2006

Finally, for the sole reason of wanting another passport stamp, we took the ferry across the river to Colonia, Uruguay, with Martin and Corinna. We went to an animal reserve/Guiness World Record recipient. The owner of the animal farm just happened to be the owner of the world's largest key chain collection. Go figure! It is hard to believe that our trip is over. Thanks for all of your love and support as we journeyed into the unknown. Knowing that all of you were behind us made it very easy for us to leave our routine and jobs and try something new. We hope you enjoyed these blogs as much as we did sharing our travels with you. Love, Melia and Bryan ... read more
Wildlife Reserve
Martin with a goat
Melia and her Pony

I spent Saturday morning through Sunday evening in Colonia, Uruguay, an old town on an island off the coast of Uruguay in the Rio de la Plata. I very much enjoyed my time on this island who's stuck between the tides of colonial history and modern tourism. It is the summer home of many a Porteno and many of the stores and restaurants are even owned by Argentines, not Uruguyans. One of my proffessors, from Uruguay, came with us and his family and in the hotel he was known as "The Uruguayan," in his own country!! Saturday was rather gloomy, lots of clouds, lots of rain. We took a little tour of the island that made me realize just how fabulous our tours in Buenos Aires with a history professor at the University of Buenos Aires ... read more
Walking along the Water
Chilling with Mate and Yerb.

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