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South America » Suriname » Paramaribo December 22nd 2012

Day 428 Wednesday 12th December The lady must have called Frank the taxi driver because at 7.40am still no taxi and at 7.45am still no taxi, apparently he had to take his kids to school that’s OK we only need to catch a ferry. The lady quickly called another taxi and he turned up in within a few minutes and got us down the port which was only 5 minutes away. If we had missed the ferry it really was no problem because motorised canoes do the trip all day. This taxi dropped us right in front of the Federal Police building at the port where we were stamped out of French Guiana and we walked the few steps down to the car ferry which costs 4 euros each for the 15 minute journey to Suriname. ... read more
Nieuw Nickerie

South America » Suriname » Paramaribo August 31st 2012

Firstly we had to get there from Macapa, simples!! You’d think?? We had 2 seats booked for the 11 hour overnight trip to Oiapoque on the border. Unfortunately, we had been sold seats 46 and 47 on a 46 seater bus! Option 1, stay in Macapa and catch the bus the following morning (all at the bus company’s expense) or Option 2, stay on the bus, standing in the aisle for 11 hours and accept a refund as an apology? Bargain….we’ll take option number 2 please…. that was one tough journey!!! The trip was followed by a 2 hour wait for the striking Brazillian Police to open the Immigration office and a stunning taxi boat ride under the bridge which is built but is yet to open and finally, we arrived in French Guyana, Europe, strange…but ... read more
Control Room
Tour de Guyane
Bigi Pan Canal

South America » Suriname » Paramaribo January 5th 2012

Hello everyone, it has been a while since I wrote a blog! Some of you knew already, last October I won a return ticket of Insel Air. They organized a photo-competition on Facebook. I had a choice from each and every destination they fly to. Obviously I wasn't going to choose a nearby destination. I chose for Suriname, which is the furthest they fly to, after the USA. Since mid-2011 I started to think about Suriname again because last time I was there was in mid-2004 and I really wanted to go again. Surinam is a country in northeastern South America. It used to be part of the Dutch Kingdom, until 1975, therefore Curaçao still has ties with the country. It has around 500 000 people and it's capital is Paramaribo. It's sparsely populated, most people ... read more
Paramaribo (mosque left and synagogue right)
Parbo Beer!

South America » Suriname July 26th 2011

June 2011. It was time to wander. A month before, I had been reading about Columbia, thinking I wanted to go back to South America. Late one night, I was playing around with ideas in that part of the world. For some reason, I started reading about the capitol of Guyana, Georgetown. I thought for a minute. What did I know about this country? The answer was almost nothing. I did know a little. Most people have heard of the Jamestown cult murders in the 1970s. My father has an amazing hobby of hunting for and finding antique bottles in the mangroves where he lives in South Florida. He knows bottle dealers in a few places in the Caribbean, one guy he knows lives in Guyana. The bottles my father has bought from him come wrapped ... read more

South America » Suriname » Paramaribo May 21st 2011

"The same evening we went into town. Along the streets we see beautiful wooden houses and high palms. Remarkable is that they lack any glass in the windows. I have to adapt to the food. Only the papaja's (a kind of fruit) are very delicious. The beer (Parbo = Amstel) is sold in one liter bottles: Djogo's. Everywhere are whores. This night I will sleep for the first time under a mosquitonet." I write this in my diary on Friday 13th of december 1968. I was then 21 years old. Now I am 63 and I am again in Paramaribo. The beautiful wooden houses, the high palms and the djogo's are still there, but the whores have disappeared, together with the TRIS-(Troepenmacht in Suriname) soldiers, the boys who served in Suriname, which was a Dutch colony ... read more
Between soldiers
The Gravenstraat

South America » Suriname May 17th 2011

So here is the exciting story you've all been waiting for... The title gives it away a bit... It all starts on my first day in Georgetown. In fact, it started months earlier, when I'd e-mailed the Suriname embassy about getting a visa (the only country in Latin America I needed one for) and had received a reply saying I just needed to turn up at the embassy in Georgetown and they would do all the paperwork there and then. So on the afternoon I'd got to Georgetown, after my first shower in 3 days, I headed straight for the embassy. I figured civil servants are the same all over the world and they wouldn't be open too late, so I hurried and got there at 3.15pm. Upon arrival, I breathed a sigh of relief when ... read more
Leaving Albina
Leaving Albina
Leaving Albina

South America » Suriname May 4th 2011

We knew this would happen. I've been planning to put together and share some information and observations on our two weeks in Suriname. But once we got home, we got really busy, and it has been very hard to get to do the blog. To make up for the delay, we're delivering an extra load of photos with this blog entry. Suriname is on the South American continent, but belongs to the carribean by culture. The mix of cultures is amazing, and it frankly took a while to get used to everybody speaking dutch (although when the Surinamese speak English to you, they sound like they could be from Jamaica). We had the pleasure of staying with our friend Astrid MacDonald outside the capital city of Parimaribo. Astrid had this home built on a large lot, ... read more
Weekend House
Hammocks in the living room
Cooling off in the creek

South America » Suriname » Paramaribo April 28th 2011

Well perhaps not sweating to the oldies at the moment, but definitely sweating a lot. In addition to the very North American behavior of moving from air conditioned building to air conditioned building, we have adopted a few Surinamese practices for handling the heat. To Wit: two, or sometimes three showers per day to cool off, men going shirtless around the home in the evening (not particularly pretty, but effective), and women going, shall we say 'alfresco', under their summer dresses. Yesterday we used the pool at a downtown hotel for a few hours, and it saved us. Today, we stayed put and did a few things around Astrid's house in the morning and are checking out a mall with an internet cafe this afternoon. The Carnival of Wellness Later we are going to watch a ... read more
Twa Twa Birds

South America » Suriname » Paramaribo April 26th 2011

Today we went right into the heat of the day to get to an amazing butterfly garden near the city. This place breeds exotic butterflies for sale to butterfly gardens in the US and Eurpope. Pretty neat place. Unfortunately, I can't share photos of it because we just bought a new memory card for the camera, and the card with the photos is in Pauline's purse, and not here with me in the camera. (foiled again). The one photo we have on the new card is of the sign for an english bookstore. I am sharing it because it is going to be our saviour here. You see, Abbey ran out of english books to read some time ago, and she doesn't have a lot to do on her own when we're around Astrid's house in ... read more

South America » Suriname » Paramaribo April 24th 2011

Still touring around Parimaribo. Our host, Astrid must have pulled in a lot of favors, because everywhere we go, there is somebody who has been lined up to feed us. Yesterday her sister and brother in law took us to the pool at a local fitness club, then to a Javanese restaurant. Lovely. Abbey and their daughter Priscilla are cooking plans for a sleepover this week. Whoever called this the 'rainy season' was WAY OFF BASE. It has been hot, and muggy for four days, and at times opressive. It dipped down to 28 Celsius by 8:30 tonight, and that's about as bearable as it gets. We considered changing flights to come back a few days early but decided to just 'suck it up buttercup', and see all we can here before we leave. Am writing ... read more

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