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South America » Peru » Puno » Puno August 16th 2014

Our Arrival Our bus from Cusco arrived at the terminal in Puno, on the waterfront at 3:50pm. From the terminal we stayed at a Hospedaje on the next street up. Where We Stayed Hospedaje Dulces Suenos - S/20 for a double room with private bathroom. The room was newly done but not in the main building and got freezing at night. No wifi. Where We Ate There was a massive market over several streets when we were there on a Saturday. We got lunch in a restaurant opposite for S/3 each. Positive Bar - just off the main square on Peel St. We needed wifi so got a couple of 650ml beers for S/8. Cozy place. Where We Went Next We used Puno purely as a stopping point to get to Copacabana in Bolivia. We had ... read more
Our bus to Copacabana
Peru Migration
Walking into Bolivia

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno August 7th 2014

This morning we set off to visit Puno in Peru. We crossed the border in the morning, headed out through all the traffic and made it to Puno just before lunch. Puno is a really nice little town that is on Lake Titicaca. We then went out on a boat to Uros Island. It's not really an island, but a small village built on reeds that float above the water. They also have houses and boats that are also made out of reeds. It is so amazing to see!!!! It is one of my favourite places so far. Then the people on the island welcomed us into their homes and showed us the stuff they were making. After that we tried on their traditional clothing and took funny pictures! We went back to the mainland and ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Uros Island July 21st 2014

We finally left La Paz and headed to Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca. In Copacabana we walked past the cathedral and saw a religious procession where they make pretty designs on the ground using petals for the procession to travel over. Later in the day we bumped into some friends from Sucre so spent the afternoon watching the football world cup (a recurring theme) with them. Just before sunset we walked up cerro Calvario for great views over Copacabana and Lake Titicaca. The next morning we were up early to catch a boat to Isla de Sol (Sun Island). We bumped into another couple of friends from the ride and river trip in the line for the boat so spent the day with them. The boat ride was a couple of hours each way, ... read more
Uros Floating islands
Sunset at the top of Pachatata
Taquile island

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca June 10th 2014

Lake Titicaca- funny name right? however in the indigenous language it means Puma which if you look at an ariel picture of the lake it is in the shape of a puma eating a rabbit. How do people see these things? Pumas condors and snakes played an important part of the pre Inca religions many moons ago and it is represented in the art textiles and buildings in many of the things we saw here . First we boated to the reed islands- islands made entirely of reeds. First they layered more reeds on top of the roots of the live reeds and it made it strong enough to builds homes and fires for cooking. Walking on it was a weird experience soft spongy and a overwhelming feeling of being tangled up in it. These civilizations ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island May 28th 2014

We arrived in Cusco the night before after an incredibly full day, in heart, mind and body. Aba took us out for supper and we repacked for the move to Puno. Bed came late. In the morning, we waited for our ride to the tour bus, but it didn't come. With a bit of confusion and rearrangements we still made a bus. The bus took us to a number of archaeological and religious sites on the way to Puno. As you move along the mountain range south, the landscape changes again. Here, the mountains get dryer, the grasses coarse, and grain and llama are king. Alpaca and Llama interspersed with cattle and sheep are everywhere. They are cobbled, or hemmed in by rock walls stacked without mortar or mud. The roadside markets become filled with alpaca ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island May 27th 2014

My last stop in Peru - Puno! Not the most beautiful cities but I wasn´t here to see the city, I was here to see Lake Titikaka. I travelled from Cusco to Puno on the overnight bus the very same day that I trekked Machu Picchu and woke up with very stiff legs! I arrived at my hostel around 5am and didn´t get my room until 10am! Safe to say, I was extremely tired that day and was not in the mood to do anything strenuous! I talked with some people staying in my hostel and they had told me they had booked at 2day/1 night tour to the island on Lake Titikaka through the hostel. It seemed good so I decided to book, leaving at 730 the next morning. When am I going to get ... read more
Uros - floating island
Reed boat
The local I stayed with

South America » Peru » Puno May 18th 2014

Packing and repacking our bags each day has been a challenge. Today we are leaving the Andes behind us so we are able to get all of our stuff in one duffel and leave the other behind -- much easier! We had a leisurely morning enjoying breakfast and taking pictures on the lawn of the hotel of the llamas and Lake Titicaca. We met a Canadian family with four girls who had just been to the Amazon and loved it! Let the adventure begin! Maria and driver picked us up from our hotel at 10:15 to catch a flight out of Juliaca at 1:15. Although it was only an hour ride, this guide with Kontiki Tours was excellent. We learned a lot about the conflict of the pre-Incas and the black market activity in Juliaca which ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno May 17th 2014

Woke up and all the laundry we washed in the bathtub was dry -- yeah! We had a traditional breakfast buffet and the best part was the great views of Lake Titicaca and the hillside above Puno. And, there were several llamas and alpacas grazing on the lawn. The views were almost as good as the lit hillsides the night before at dinner. Ruben picked us up and took us to the launch area and we bought water for ourselves and chocolate and rice for our hosts on the island of Amantani. The boat had a capacity of 25 and we ended up with 20 passengers. There was a seating area on the roof and in the stern that could accommodate six at one time. Our first leg was about 30 minutes to the floating reed ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno May 17th 2014

Freddy met us at the hotel and we had a cup of coffee together as we discussed the rest of our trip. He said he would be "following" us until we got to Iquitos. He took us to our tourist bus and we left Cusco behind. Our tour guide, Coco, spent the first 30 minutes telling us about what we would see and then would break-in along the way adding tidbits as we passed villages or landmarks. This would be a 9-1/2 hour luxury bus with five scheduled stops. A short distance from Cusco, we passed through the small town of Chuta, famous for its one-foot round loaves of bread. Tanya, our hostess, gave all of us a sample which was slightly sweet and very good. There were many women selling these along the roadside. Our ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island May 11th 2014

Hello followers! How's it all going in the sunburnt country these days? Sorry that it has taken a while for me to bring you all up to date. Very hard to catch up a week when everything is still busy. Really want to thank you for reading my blogs too :)! It is great to see the stats and know that I won't have to repeat myself a 100 times when I get home LOL! But seriously, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you are on this journey with me - from kids, to relatives, friends, teamies, workmates & I guess the occasional boss too! So let's get down to the business of telling you all about the Puno region. Ummm... Puno the city itself is nothing really amazing. It has a slightly ... read more
Floating island....
Loving the boat ride!
One of the floating islands

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